CCW Turmoil Unleashed



*Camera opens to the Bloodline locker room where Smythe,Wesley,Mad Mike are all sat round a table,the three of them are playing cards,*

Wesley-GO FISH! *wesley jumps to his feet and starts to smugly brush off his shoulder*Yeah baby!..thats how the wonderful one that suckers!

Mad Mike-Smythe,you wanna tell him or shall I?

Smythe-Yet again, I got this one Mike...Wesley...for the 4th game in a row, we are playin POKER! not go fish!

*Just as Wesley is about to answer Smythe,there is a knock at the door, Mike goes over and answers the door,and he picks up a jiffy bag off the floor*

Mad Mike-Hmm..I wonder what this is? * he tears open the bag and tips the contents into his hand*
Mad Mike-Its a dvd, there's a note on it that says 'play me'.

*Morrison pops it in the dvd player and sits back down at the table*

*After a few seconds, a figure appears on the screen, lying in a hammock, wearing a hawian style shirt,with a woman stood next to him in a grass skirt fanning him with a palm tree leaf*

Smythe-Is that? that parker?

*The camera zooms into Parker's face as he begins to speak*

Parker-If your watching this tape..then i'm already dead!

*The 3 of them look at each other with open mouths*

Parker-Ha ha..nah guys, just kidding...if your watching this then it means only 1 thing,the reign has come to an end,and Sensation has made good on his threat and fired me.

Parker-It also means Valmont has become the hardcore champion,so I alologize for letting you guys down,fear not Smythe, plans are already in motion to deal with that little problem.
This is not the end for us boys,not by a long shot,think of this

Parker-The Madmen adventures will continue,but with less chair shots......I'll see you boys real soon.

*The dvd clicks off as a ucalele can be heard in the background*

Smythe-Dam..Pee Stee took this harder than I thought he was gonna take it,did you see that shirt!

Wesley-To hell with the shirt, why is he still wearing his facepaint!!??

Morrison-That's why they call him Mad Mike...oh...wait.....

*The camera fades out as Wesley is seen heading for the locker room door*

Warschau, Poland

Live from the National Stadium in Warschau




Wesley pulls a mic out of his pocket, and slowly paces the ring. Visibly upset look on his face, instead of the usual cocky smirk or grin

Wesley: I can't believe this....this tragedy.

The crowd's boos echo through the arena, as Wesley shakes his head in what seems to be disappointment

Wesley: 2 nights ago at Black Sunday a mistake happened. The kinda mistake that should've never been allowed to happen, but it did and I blame Nate. Only a PPV called Black Sunday and controlled by Nate Ortiz would be so insulting!

The once loud boos start to calm down. Wesley throws the tag title over his shoulder, takes off his shades and places them into his pocket

Wesley: I thought I would take off the shades, so you idiots could see the seriousness upon my eyes. I'm a champion among OCW....I'm one half of the best tag team in OCW history...Da Wonders! I'm also the unofficial, uncrowned Ex-Champ!

Boos start to erupt yet again, as Wesley rubs his face in frustration

Wesley: For these last few days since the PPV, I've been in serious mode since that bell rung and that ref counted to 3. It was a simple mistake that could've been prevented so easily if only I gotten what I deserve...

Wesley: ...Another rematch for my title!

Wesley raises the tag title in the air, and tilts his head at the camera

Wesley: All of you fans sitting at home watching, every wrestler who's not got the last name Wonder, or all of you losers who paid money for this show tonight. I want all of you to take witness at this view. I'm one half of the tag team champions, and I want my respect! It annoys me to be called all of these nickames such as lil wonder, mini-SDW, or even loudmouth #2...

Wesley: I'm the youngest champion in OCW at 19! Already I'm a champion in my career, and I havn't even reached my 20s yet! Now compare that to any of those other losers backstage and you'll get nothing....nothing, but speechless. I respect only 3 men in my life. Myself, my cousin Smythe, and the guy who writes my paychecks.

Wesley grins, and leaves the ring to walk up the rampway to the stage. All eyes are upon Wesley, as he paces back and forth on the stage

Wesley: Before I leave to go backstage to prepare for my tag match later tonight with my big cuz. I got one last thing to get off my chest...

Wesley: I don't care if it's Jacob Trance....O.D....or whoever. I'm the mayor of Wonderland, the un-crowned prince of the new generation of superstar, and the ex-division. If anyone thinks otherwise.....come at me and i'll wonder slap your ass back down the ranks!

Wesley drops the mic on the stage, and walks backstage to the sound of loud boos



Braddock vs Jacob Trance






As soon as the match is over and the bell rings, Trance scurries out of the ring and snaps up his title belt from the ring announcer, taking along with it a microphone. Braddock remains in the ring, wanting even more of the self proclaimed messiah of the EX Division.

Trance however is having nothing to do with it and flee's up the ramp, keeping his eyes on the fuming Braddock. Then, finally, the cocky arrogant smirk re-emerges on Jacob's face, now that he's safe and the microphone is raised.

Trance: Ok then Haddock, or whatever it is your name is... I couldn't help but notice you are from Mother Russia, yet you have some Japanese symbols on those illegally attained arms of yours.

Trance: Now, that's rather humorous in its nature, because I know for a fact that asians are losers. Look at Mugen, I had someone big and scary take him out, as for Omega Dragon... I personally ripped apart his precious title reign. That's what you have in common, he's Asian and you have Asians squiggles on your arm, thus, you are a проигравший. And for the benefit of those who don't speak Russian, he is a loser.

Trance laughs again and continues backing up the ramp, holding the championship belt aloft.

Trance: And as for losers... Chris Ry-

The fans laugh and Trance screws up his face, looking at the ground.

Trance: He's behind me, isn't he.

The microphone gets ripped out of the EX-Champions hand and Ryder smiles.

Ryder: You rang?

Jacob turns, being met with a Chris Ryder fist and the pair begin to trade blows on the stage, taking it back and forth. The battle escalates as they both get each other by the back of the neck and begin hammering away with solid forearm shots to the face before stumbling through the curtain and out of sight, presumedly still brawling.

And by the now, the rather bemused Braddock has exited the ring and makes his way up the ramp, heading to the backstage area.





*Cameras open up in The Ronin locker room with OD and Black Dragon walking in.*

*Black Dragon tossing his back on a chair and OD goes to sit.*

OD: I can't believe I lost to that guy, I'm better than him.

BD: i admit it, i was just surprised as you were. you are the better wrestler and we both know it, he was just better that night and we have to deal with that. but look at it this way, with you not having to worry about the Extremist title, that leaves us to pursue other gold.

*OD looks at Black Dragon.*

OD: Well we do have the tag tourney.

OD: So that should be good but if some way I get my hands on the EX title again just adds more prestige to the Ronin.

BD: indeed, wait... arent you facing ryder tonight?

OD: Yeah, I have no idea what this means but I'm hoping it's for
another chance at the EX title and Trance.

OD: I know Ryder doesn't like me but I know he respect the in ring competitor that I am.

OD:He has to be the toughest person I have faced without the exceptions, honestly I think he has one up on me beating Trance last Friday.

BD: Don't doubt yourself what is that shit for, that leads to downfall, and the last thing we need you in is a slump. i know you can beat him, hell you've done it before!

OD: Yeah, Well tonight the Ronin will prevail, screw what everyone has been saying. Within only 2 months of my career I captured gold in OCW. Not one Ex wrestler can say that.

OD: I've about had it, if people want to see me lose my shit & flip out and go on a rampage than so be it.

BD: yeah, let them bitch and moan, it wont change a damn thing. just take your aggression out on ryder tonight. Show that the loss you suffered sunday was a fluke by beating the man, who beat the man, who beat you.

*OD looks at Black Dragon oddly for a minute.*

BD: Hell ryders in the tag tourney as well right?

OD: Yeah, possibly tonight is a night to soften him up and take him out for the tag tourney.

*Omega looking at the floor then stand out of his chair.*

BD: What?

*Omega looks at Black Dragon.*

OD: You know we need to stop playing this nice crap all the time.

OD: I think soon we are going to have start taking what we want, or ask the hard way.'

BD: agreed, being a goody two shoes gets you nowhere. I admit it, I have gotten a bit soft since coming here....

OD: There are other ways to make these blood thirsty Americans cheer for us, perhaps we should give them what they want.

OD: Besides it's about time to show them what can happen when you mess with a Ronin.

*Black Dragon and OD both show a sadistic smerk upon thier face as cameras fade out.*









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