CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Sheffield, England

Live from the National Stadium in Warschau


(Kip Conrad makes his way to the stage as the crowd boos. Kip in his over-sized sunglasses and designer robe walks back and forth with mic in one hand. A Jamba Juice smoothie in the other)



The longest reigning Pride Champion feels very awkward today. I feel on one hand like I am missing something. But on the other hand I feel as if i am moving on. Moving up, Moving ahead. Mace is the pride champ and well so be it. To be honest I was tired of being held down by the weight of my own success. I am Main event and that title just kept me in the mid-card section for far to long. Now Mace can enjoy his rule of the low-life scum of OCW as i set my sight son bigger and better things.

(The crowd boos more as Kip slides his sunglasses over his head.)

Kip: This week you will see me all over OCW shows. HOLLYWOOD INVADES OCW! Tonight I will face Chris Mania as well as take part in the 4 way for a chance at #1 contender match for the tag titles. Ryder informed VIA a Facebook message that he was stuck in London. So the Sunset Strip will be taking place in this match. Double Duty on turmoil You know you all love it!

(The crowd chants Douchebag! Douchebag! Kip leans in and pulls a huge gulp from his smoothie straw as loud as he can over the mic.)


Kip: Sorry I missed that?

(The crowd chants Douchebag again! Kip ignores them.)

Kip: My goal is to win that 4 way, and face Death Row. Why? Easy I want to show my boot down Mace's throat and take away any chance he may have at another title in OCW. Not only that but if I win tonight, Riot will be a double dose of Kip as well as I face off against Leonheart and a possible tag tam match for a chance at Bloodline. Kip is here in OCW and Kip is going to show you this week why I am all Hollywood and Why not only am I the biggest asset in OCW today but that I am going to take what I deserve. Next stop tag gold on my way to International gold.

(The crowd is still booing!)

Kip: Easy now! I'll be in that ring soon enough and well see how Mania feels when I shove his own CFC down his throat!

(Kip slides his sunglasses down and strikes a pose on the stage.)

Kip: Later Peeps! ***SLUUUUUURRRPPP***

(Kip exits the stage)

Welcome everyone, to Steel City, Pittsburgh P....

WHAT?! Didn't we discuss that we're not in Pittsburgh, we're in England. Sheffield, England. It's the Steel City, but not the Steel City of the US.

There's only 1 steel city in my heart, and that's Hanna Montana.

That's not a city. That's an annoying little, teeny bopper.


Ooohhh kay, moving on...Tonight we come from Steel City, home of the Sheffield Wednesday...Sheffield Eng...

The Sheffield what?


Really? That's their football club?

Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Well, their team's named after a friggin day of the week. The guys naming that must have been near a calendar. I just wish they were next to a Penthouse Forum mag. The names are endless...

Let's not delve into that one.

Let's!! The Sheffield Double Penetrations! The Sheffield Leg Up...behind the head...OH GOD I'M GONNA C...

And onto the matches! Tonight, the tag team chaos continues, as 3 people attempt to pull together and put on a triple threat, and prove that Smythe is somewhat compitent...
Rivers and Double S:


Good one.

Black Dragon, Kip Conrad, and our own GM, Regan, step into the squared circle to get one step closer to a tag title shot against the Bloodline, at Chill Faktor.

Next up, we have second helping of Kip Conrad, as he goes 1 on 1 against the SPOON Man himself, Chris Mania! That's a battle of old vs new. You know who wins with that one?

The fans?

No, me. I got some inside information, and put down 20 large on it.

You're officially the Pete Rose of OCW now.

Except I still get to go in the hall of fame.

For what?!

Dealing with your crap week in and week out. Next up, we have Smythe "The Organizer /sarcasm" DaWonder, Aries and Death Row inmate, Mace, in a triple threat. Triple threats are really hit or miss, but I have faith in these boys to put on a show. least Mace.

That's cold.

Like your wifes vag...

Finally, for the fans, a great match starring the #1 contender for the OCW title, and the #1 candidate for Herpes go 1 on 1. Leonheart and Deano Horse is our main event of the evening. So without any further ado let's...

The Sheffield Filthy Sanchez's!!

Onto the action!



Vega vs Jacob Trance





Need too say it different!

What Ye....

That will be enough!




**The Scene Opens up in General Manager Regan's Office. As he is going through paper work he here's a knock on the door**

Regan: I'm paying him that much to just sit at an announcer's table? Come in

**Just then Nathan Gaines walks into the office looing absolutely pissed off, and fired up after the attack at the hands of Regan last week. As Gaines comes into the office, Regan smirks and remains seated at his desk. Regan points to the seat in front of the desk, but Gaines remains standing.**

Regan: Good to see you're still standing after last week's attack. I'd hate for you to go down so easily and miss out on all the fun.

Gaines: You've got three seconds to explain why you called me in here before I jump over that desk and kick your ass all the way back to the 1980s.

Regan: First of all that's NO way to take tone with your employer. Let's not forget who's the boss here. The reason I called you in here is because I want to explain to you just that. Since I am your boss, the one who keeps you from joining the rising unemployment line, I've decided to enforce a new policy pertaining to my "favorite" employee. You see Nathan starting this week if you so happen to lay a finger on me, you will be banned from OCW, and I-Gen will be disbanned. Speaking of I-Gen, that's the other reason I have summoned you in here. I've found someone you might want to have a word with.

**Just than Kang James appears from the back room of Regan's office. Kang walks over to Gaines and the two just stare each other down.**

Gaines: Where in the hell have you been? Christine has been worried sick about you, the PR department has been up my ass cause you keep missing signing, and not to mention you've got some explaining to do after the stunt you pulled before the Pay-Per-View.

Kang: Kang doesn't need to say a word to anyone. What makes you think Kang is gonna tell Midget man where he was. The only reason I'm here is because I want to ensure I get my hands on Aries and get back the only thing I really care title

Gaines: Only thing you care about? James what the hell is wrong with you. You sound like an egomanical fool. Come to think of it you sound like Leon.

**Kang goes and gets in Gaines face, nose to nose with him.**

Kang: DO NOT call me or compare me to Leonheart. I will never be him. All I'm saying is Gold isn't the type of thing that will turn on you or sell you out. If you know what I mean

{Slaps Kang}: Look boy I dont' know what the hell you're trying to imply, but last time I checked you have three other brothers in that Innovation Generation Locker Room who have followed you wherever you've lead. They haven't sold out or turned on you, and they're still standing by you, even when you're acting like this. Get it together Kang cause you've got to find out what side you're on. You're either with us or against us.

Regan: I hate to break up this love fest but{Regan looks at his watch} its about time that we keep this thing moving. Guards

**Just then Security comes in and surrounds Gaines.**

Regan: Please escort Mr. Gaines off of my premises, as I've had enough of this degenerate .

Gaines: Bite me bastard

Regan: Oop what was that? I believe that's resisting arrest. Guards feel free to handle this unruly criminal.

**With this one guard attempts to hit Gaines. Gaines dodges the punch and hit's the security guard. As he spins to hit another, one security guard hits him with mace(not eddie) and another hits him with a night stick. As Gaines is laying on the ground screaming in pain, the remaining guards slap on handcuffs, and dig their knee into Nathan's back. As Nathan looks up from the ground he sees Kang James standing there, just looking at all that has transpired. Gaines, looking for help, for anything from his partner, just stares in amazment, as Kang James slowly backs out of the office.**

Regan: Like I said you're life is going to become a living hell. Have a good night son

**With that the scene fades to the announce team**





**Blade’s R8 pulls into the loading bay, entrance where the new OCW chief of security and vice security chief are stood by the door, Burt Shakira Tongoose and Obediah T Dranger**

Burt: ohhh goody our first trouble maker!

Obediah: You handle him baby...

**Blade steps out slams the door and locks the car and walks towards the arena with a purpose..**

Burt: Stop...VFM orders you are not allowed into any OCW show until Chill Faktor.

**Blade does not respond...**

Obediah: Hey stop!

**Blade begins to run at the two guards**

Burt: What is he doing?

Obediah: I SAID STO...

**Blade for the second time punts a midget, this time landing in a nearby garbage dumpster**


**Blade hits Burt with a Revoltionizer, Burt hits the concrete hard. Blade continues walking with no concern for the two downed guards as we fade out**









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