CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Sydney, Australia

Live from the Sydney Stadium in Sydney


The camera pans backstage, Frank Smith is walking towards the stage with a look of confidence and he begins singing a Rolling Stones classic.

Frank Smith: Tiiiiime is on my side, yes it is

Frank Smith continues to walk through the hallway towards the stage, passing locker rooms on the way.

Frank Smith: Tiiiime is on my side, oh yes it is..

With the stage in an eye distance, Frank Smith is seen walking passed a door and is still singing.

Frank Smith: cause I got the real…

A loud yell erupts from the room that Frank Smith just passed.


Frank Smith turns slightly towards the door with a smirk on his face for a quick second, turns back towards the stage, and begins to sing even louder.

Frank Smith: Yes time, time, time is on my side, yes it is!
Time, time, time is on my side, yes it is!
Oh, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is!

Frank Smith’s entrance music begins to play and Frank Smith disappears through the stage entrance darkness.


  VFM and Jodie sit at the announcer desk, as the pyro's go off, and the crowd explodes for the beginning of Turmoil.

What's good OCW?! I've decided to go ahead and take over commentary for this evening so my mother from Jodie can have herself a nice ringside seat.

This is too close, I could be injured.

Not on my

Oh you.

So, according to these chickenscratch notes, I'm supposed to go through the card with you all. **sigh** Fine. We have Trips and returning Judas Hallows, going 1 on 1 in a submission match. But, to make things interesting, following that, we have Frank Smith facing off against Wonderful Wesley. These will be timed submission matches, so the winner wins....**reads closer** ten thousand...noooo noo no. That's enough of that. The winner gets bragging rights, and maybe I'll sign a bar napkin for them or something.

You're so sweet to people.

You know what's sweet Jodie?


Sugar, revenge and you.

Oh stop it I'm blushing.

I'll make you blush.

What's that dear?

Next match! Peter Parker Stevens steps into the ring with Justin Rox. What can you say about 2 hard working guys facing off in the ring? Let's just hope the hands don't get loose and Rox ends up making his homemade porn before he even learns how to play guitar. Can't trust a mime...or a guy named Justin. Any Justin really, it's not just Rox. Time, Incredible, Timberlake, they're all just schemers.

Oh, I like that Justin Timberlake.

I'm sure you borrowed all of Blade's albums.

I had to burn them, he's very protective.

Were any of the cases kinda...'glued shut'?

What dear?

Nothing. You want a coffee?

Sure dear.

Ok, I'll get the cameraguy to get you one during commercials. But finally, the main event of the evening, Leonheart with Regan as his manager, facing off against Hobo Guy Fausto, and his manager, Blade.

My son...a manager?

He requested it because he hates this city, and refused to wrestle tonight. He was an animal, he threatened Tiffany Ortiz with a butterknife.

Oh dear.

Oh dear is right. I'll make sure you don't have to see the underhanded things that I'm sure Blade has up his sleeve for that match. So we'll get out of here before any of that happens.

Thank you dear.

Welcome cupcake. Now, let's get everyone to the action!


Beat The Clock Submission Match One

Frank Smith vs Wonderful Wesley




Let's see here, the time on that...minus the 8 minute entrances. **pulls out a calculator and types in some stuff, looks at Jodie** Hey check this out. **flips over the calculator and shows Jodie that it spells out 'BOOBIES'**

Oh, you're such a silly-Billy.
Sure am. Either way, the time to beat...9:41. Let's get onto the next matchup.




*The camera pans to the same corridor we seen Frank Smith in just before his match. Trips walks towards the stage entrance in his ring gear stretching out his arms. Frank Smith can be seen walking the other way after his match.*

Trips: Good job out there, took you long enough I was getting bored back here.

Frank: Well I'd like to see you do better.

Trips: It would be my pleasure. Be back in a second, don't blink.

*Trips brushes past Frank as he continues to stretch out his arms.*


Beat The Clock Submission Match Two

Trips vs Judas Hallows




That was a bit more than 9:41, but a great, GREAT match regardless. You know Jodie, as VP of this great company, I take pride when my wrestlers put on such a great showing.



The camera goes backstage to Fleminem with Matt Lamonika right beside him getting ready to interview Fleminem

Matt Lamonika: Hey Fleminem, First off how's it feel to be back

Fleminem: It feel good dogg, it feel good

Matt Lamonika: Im going to get straight to what everyone wants to know. As it seems appearent you were the one behind all the embaressment,tricks,kidnapping,and sausge fetish that occured to Justin Rox. Everyone wants to know though why?

Fleminem: yo dogg wut'chu say, You got'a be blind wigga. This nappy headed mofo cumin into ocdub on his first week this mutha comes swaggerin up da ramp after winning a numba one countdership dogg. A number one damn countdiship on this kucka's first week i know some hoes that'd worked der hold carrer round dat shit and he gets handed the shiz on first dman week ya feelin me dogg

Matt Lamonika: That takes some nerve to do something like that don't you think that this will have some reprocations?

Fleminem: look white boy you dont evnin kno duh half of dis shit ya hearin meh. Der's sumin yo ugly mutha lookin hoes dont kno bout dis dyke'ie as hoe. Theres more than just dat as to why I gave rox all this shit. Look listin hear yo. Be like dis see Rox...










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