CCW Turmoil Unleashed




The camera opens up in the VP office in the arena, VFM and Jodie are sat on the couch

VFM:....and thats when the dog sat up!

Jodie: *laughing* oh Johnny your so funny

VFM: I know, I know. You know Jodie, I'm so sorry you had to hear Blade gloating earlier.

Jodie: Thats alright, I know now that my baby isn't the same boy that I once raised. Its just a shame that the TV broke just before the young lady was going to ask him the last question.

VFM: Yes I feel terrible about that, but I don't think that you would of wanted for you to hear what he had to say anymore. I'll tell you what why dont you take this....

VFM reaches into his pocket and hands Jodie a credit card, kissing her on the head as he leans over to give her the card

VFM: Why don't you wiggle on off to get something nice for yourself from, oh I don't know, Why don't you try Victoria's Secret.

Jodie: Oh thank you Johnny, I'll go look now

VFM: The catalog is in the limo.

Jodie gets up and leaves the room, after the door has been shut for a couple seconds VFM starts to laugh

VFM: Ah it's funny isn't it Bladey Boy. You know, your Mom is becoming quite the little follower, loyal, intelligent......loving...heh

VFM gets up form the couch and walks around to his desk and sits behind it, he stares right into the camera now

VFM: I'm growing tired of you, you seem to be getting cocky with a freak win, in a tag match. Although I am confident in Leon breaking you tonight, but I want the sweet pleasure of taking you out perminantly, So at Road To Glory, It will be my sexy, glorious self and my enforcer.....

Coop walks into shot

Coop: Sup

VFM:.....5 goon points for the entrance....

Coop: Score...

VFM: We will face you and a partner of your choosing.

VFM smirks

VFM: Oh, one more thing, If any of the guys in the back decided to take up the position of your tag partner, they will be fired before the bell rings.....Happy Hunting....

The camera cuts to Blade, now in his ring attire watching in his locker room, shaking with rage, puts his head in his hands before throwing the TV accross the room as we go off to commercial




After a while of Kang’s match with Valmont he is walking back to the locker room and it show’s us this on the screen and Kang is walking down narrow hall. When he reaches I-Gen’s locker he stops and Stacy Clark is standing there with her back turned to the locker room door. Kang stand’s there next to the I-Gen door right before he is about to speak.

Kang James: If it isn’t OCW’s very own Stacy Clark.

Stacy turns around and gives a soft smile to Kang but she doesn’t walk towards him and Kang continues to stand at the entrance of the I-Gen locker room.

Stacy Clark: Hi.. Hi Kang or King. I actually haven’t talked to you since your return to OCW so I wanted to.

Kang just gives out a soft smirk as he walks into the I-Gen locker room and the camera man follows him.

Kang James: It’s Kang, I’ve thought about changing it and did but everyone and there mother is still saying Kang, wanting Kang. {Kang gives a soft shrug} So the people have spoken and it stay’s Kang.

Kang walks over to the couch of the I-Gen locker room and slowly takes a seat down on it as he holds his ribs after fighting Valmont and giving a sight sound showing that he is in a little pain. Stacy walks over to the other side of the couch and stands there.

Stacy Clark: Are, are you ok?

Kang James: {Kang nod’s his head softly} Yea, Kang’s all right. He’s getting sick of fighting members from his own stable all the damn time but he’s all right.

Stacy Clark takes a seat on the other side of the couch and looks at Kang.

Stacy Clark: I’m… I’m sorry to hear that.

Kang James: {Still holding his own ribs and squinting a little shakes his head softly in a no motion} Nah, don’t be… you didn’t do ****. It’s all these kid’s that think it’s getting to me, think because I’m always going up against my own stable mates it’s going to effect our moral. I mean we’ve had our up’s and down’s but in the end we are still standing and I’ll still stand up for the fan’s of OCW and the decent guys that ask me to have there back even if there not in I-Gen.

Stacy gives out a soft smile as she looks at Kang up and down.

Stacy Clark: I’m glad your back Kang and I’m glad you never turned into that corrupt person that seemed like he was giving into what the corrupt people of OCW wanted.

Stacy gets up from the couch as Kang sits there looking up at her and he chuckles a bit while she stay’s standing up there.

Kang James: You know, it’s funny. You’re the first person to tell Kang that there glad he never kept that corrupt motive before Kang got injured. {Kang changes his position on the couch} It’s almost as if everyone else wouldn’t really care if Kang changed, if Kang only looked out for himself and no one else.

Stacy walks over to the exit of the locker room but doesn’t walk out and turns around to look at Kang on the couch.

Stacy Clark: If they do or don’t in the end they are happy. You’ve been the guy a lot of people know they can count on your whole career. So even if they don’t show it in the end they are just as happy as me.

Stacy Clark turns around and walks out of the I-Gen locker room after that and the camera zooms fully on Kang who is still holding his rib’s slightly.

Kang James: Let’s hope so ‘cause Kang is starting to get sick of baby sitting.

The screen then slowly fades back to black.





No.1 Contendor Ladder match for the OCW EX Title

Aries vs Wonderful Wesley




Well at least someone fell of the ladder?

See you can do it?

Do what?

Be positive! Congrats too the new no.1 contendor.


*The camera pans backstage where we see Regan getting ready for an interview with the lovely Stacy Clark.*

Stacy: Regan thanks for joining me tonight I...

*Stacy is cut of as OCW Champion Leonheart grabs her mic and looks at her.*

Leonheart: Stacy i want you to KINDLY get out of here now.

Regan: She isnt going anyway.

*Leonheart again walks closer towards Stacy as she back off and get next to Regan.*

Leonheart: Oh she will do before she ends up like Valmont out there.

Go on Stacy ill catch up with you later.

*Stacy makes a quick leave as Leon and regan have a stare of.*

Who do you think you are?Didnt i already tell you once if you get in my face like this again i will have you fired on the spot?

*Leon begins to laugh as he back of from Regan and begins to walk up and down.*

I am your OCW Champion and you will start showing me some damn respect. You saw me yet again just take out Val Job. So now i want you to tell that bitch Tiffany that who is she going to throw at me next? Because you and everyone else can do what the hell you like but i am sick and tired of trying to be nice and it all end tonight. When i beat Blade up and leave him in a bloody mess.

*Leonheart takes his leave as Regan looks really annoyed. The Camera pans away.*




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