CCW Turmoil Unleashed




The Bloodline are all in the Bloodline office putting together a TV scene of some sort. Wesley is holding a camcorder, Malu holding the snack plate, which he is also eating out of. Smythe walks into the scene excited.

Ok so we have everything ready do we???

Sasha: Well, camcorder?

Wesley: Check and double check.

Sasha: Food

Malu nods with his mouth full of food.

cue cards?

The camera cuts to Morrison and Pee Stee. They're holding a slew of bristol boards with writing on them as there's a knock at the door.

I'll get it.

Smythe: This is gonna be great... start recording Wesley.

Wesley: I'm on it cuz. You want me to take some snap pics while were at it. get that look of shock.

Smythe: Whatever!!!

Into the room walks Nate Ortiz with his wife Tiffany. They both look around then turn directly to Smythe.

Ok, I'm here. What exactly do you want.

Tiffany: He's right I don't have all day. There's alot of work to be done.

Morrison: And you definitly are the "hardest" working woman in OCW.

Tiffany looks at Mike uneasy, as usual.

What is that supposed to mean?

Stevens: Nothing. Just keep up the "Hard Work"

Morrison: Cause were all watching.

Stevens: Yeah, watching stiff, like rocks.

Wesley and Malu burst out laughing as Nate shoots a glare at the MadMen.

That's enough.

Madmen: what?

Morrison and Pee Stee shrug their shoulders at each other.

really tho, I wanted you to meet my new squeeze. Sasha Starks.

Sasha walks into the camera view and paces around Nate. Looking him up and down. poking at him.

he's tall, muscular, mysterious. Tiffany, how do you keep this hunk of a man to yourself?

Tiffany: I satisfy him.

Smythe: But does he satisfy you??? cause I'm all about the satisfaction... infact WE... points at Sasha are all about satisfaction...

Nate: How does she let you talk like that...

Smythe: 3's a party Nate... I'd say you should know that... but you problably don't...

Tiffany: Well if that was it, then we'll be on our way now.

Nate: Unless you want to let me know why you really called us down here.

Smythe: Ok, ok positions guys.

everyone starts running around getting ready to tape Nate's thank you to Smythe for Beating Deano. Smythe grabs Nate and pulls him into position infront of Wesleys camcorder.

OK Nate... on Riot last week I hit "da wonderful dream" on your new nemisis Deano Horse and put him to sleep for the 1,2,3... something you didn't do on Turmoil the week before... which marks the first time that Smythe Dawonder had your back since well... since I saved you from Deano that time on Turmoil...

Now I know your not very good with words like myself... infact, you are terrible with words... your like a big, ugly, ogrish mute at times... which I don't understand... anyway... I have taken the time to prepare a statement for you to make thanking me for helping you... so if you just focus your attention on the madmen and read what the cue cards say...

The camera pans to the MadMen who are holding a huge cue card which reads
"Smythe you are the gretest ally a guy can have, you finished the job that I Failed to do, and you did it with style and class. I am forever in your debt for the gratatude you have shown me and I bow to a wrestling prowess far greter than my own."

I'm not reading that..

The Madmen look at Smythe shrugging their shoulders.

not even a line of it is true.

Smythe: Not even the best ally a guy can have bit???

Nate: No, you've stabbed every ally you've ever had int eh back.

Smythe: Well I mean... look at them... Leon... Majin and those guys.. you at Road to Glory...

Nate gives Smythe an evil look. While the Madmen nod in agreement.

I think we'll agree to disagree and we'll also agree that you thank me for having your back Nate.

Sasha jumps in and throws onearm around Tiffany and the other around Nate.

I can tell that we're all gonna be good friends.

She turns to Nate and winks.

Really good friends!!!

Nate softly shrugs Sasha of of him and takes Tiffany by the hand.

Smythe, get he off of me. You two are insane. I have things to do. we'll talk later Smythe.

Nate and Tiffany leave the office in a hurry to do something.

I got all of it, but that fool didn;t say what was on the cue cards at all.

Malu: Nowone ever said Nate could read.

Morrison: Very true. The big dummy could be illiterate.

Stevens: Did anyone check if the Frachize could read???

They all look at each other with blank faces.

meh, just when you think you know a guy huh... big dumb Nate can't read a cue card... and ruined my glory moment...

Sasha: Don't worry baby, I've give you a glory moment in a bit.

The camera fades out of the Bloodline locker room as they continue to chatter about.



Fausto: “Yougottadime?”

The scene fades in as Guy Fausto is seen scratching himself, standing outside the arena, talking to the security guard.

Guard: “I’ve given you all of my dimes?”

Fausto: “Yougottadime?”

Guard: “You’re not even doing anything with them. You’re letting them fall on the ground and then asking me for another.”

Fausto: “Yougottadime?”

Guard: “No, I don’t. Why do you keep asking that?”

Fausto: “Causeyougottadime.”

Guard: “You’re Guy Fausto. Hall of Famer. Former World Champion. You make millions every year on merchandise alone, why do you need my dimes?”

Fausto: “Gottaeat.”

Guard: “Use your own damn money!”

Fausto: “Gotno. Badtime. Vietnammademethisway.”

“Will you slow down? I can’t understand you when you’re running your words together.”

The door to the arena opens and out walks Vic Vimes.

Vimes: “There you are.”

Fausto: “Hegotnodime.”

Vimes: “You know I get 99.9% of the money you beg from people anyway. Speaking of which...”

Vimes bends over and picks up all the dimes Fausto like drop on the ground.

Vimes: “Now that I’m seventy cents richer, I believe it’s time to increase your stock my good man, Guybrush.”

Fausto: “Donthavenostock. Marketcrashruinme. Keepmoneyundermatress.”

Guard: “He just told me he doesn’t have any money.”

Vimes: “Doesn’t have a mattress either and he wasn’t around in 1929. “

Fausto looks back to the security guard.

Fausto: “Yougottadime?”

Vimes: “Now, now, Guybrush, let’s leave this poor man alone and talk about making me more money.”

Fausto looks to Vimes.

Fausto: “Yougottadime?”

Vimes has a fist full of dimes.

Vimes: “No, I do not.”

Fausto: “Aw.”

Vimes: “Keep your mind on the prize Guy. Now you know you have that psychopathic mime after you.”

Fausto: “Hegottadime?”

Vimes: “He does, but he’s not going to give them to you.”

Fausto: “Aw.”

Vimes: “Now, he won the Pride Championship last week on Riot...”

Fausto: “Soundslikecookie.”

“Champions make more money Guybrush, and so do people who win lots of them. We need to increase your stock, you’re going to be OCW’s next Pride Champion.”

Fausto: “Cookietasty?”

Vimes: “It’s not a cookie. It’s a championship belt.”

Fausto: “Donwan.”

“You get more money to buy cookies.”


“You’ll get a dime for having it.”

Fausto: “Gimmeadime.”

Vimes: “When you have the Pride championship. And there’s the fact it’s going to be difficult if you keep things going as they are. Keep letting Parker destroy you. You can’t do that. You need to fight back.”

Fausto: “Heneverdoanythingtome.”

Vimes: “Besides beat the ever living crap out of you?”

Fausto: “Hobofight.”

Vimes: “He’s not a hobo, he’s a mime.”

Fausto: “Samethin.”

Vimes: “You need to hurt him back. Maybe you’ll get a dime for it. You like dimes don’t you?”

Fausto: “Dime!”

Vimes: “That’s the spirit. Keep this up and they’ll be more dimes in your future, Guybrush, and many more Benjamins for me. It’s a fair trade, isn’t it?”

Fausto: “Dime!”

Vimes: “Yes, yes, Dime.”

Fausto goes back to the security guard.

Fausto: “Yougottadime?”

“Call him off, please.”

Vimes: “Nope, I had my pep talk with him. He’s your problem.”


“I hate my life...”

Fausto: “Gimmickinfringmentyougottadime?”


Glad I'm not that Guard?

Your a great student you know that! I'm sure your going too enjoy this Main Event too.

Allright! Allright! I'll go see it then.




Main Event: Cage match

Blade vs Leonheart




A lot going on in that match?

I'm speechless. That was great!

Road 2 Glory will be great!

Only a little then two weeks away!

Well this was Turmoil for tonight! We hope too see you all next week!

I'm proud of you! Till next week ladies and gentlemen for a new Tuesday Night Turmoil!


That's all or is it?






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