CCW Turmoil Unleashed



San Jose, California

Live from the Sharks Stadium in San Jose


*The show opens up with The R - For Regan limousine is just pulling up at the San Jose arena. The driver gets out of his door and makes his way to the back door as he is shoved out the way and onto the floor. A man in a hooded jacket then nails a punt to the driver as he then takes of his hood.*

Leonheart: Me and your boss have some talking to do.

*Leonheart goes to the back door and tries to open it but it is locked. Leon begins to smack on the window.*

Leonheart: Regan you open this door right now.

*The window begins to open as Regan takes of his glasses and looks directly at the OCW Champion.*

Regan: Who in the hell do you think you are? and why is my driver on the floor?

*Leonheart puts his hands onto the window and gets right into Regans face.*


*Leonheart begins to punch the back of the limo with his hand.*

Leonheart: Did you not see what HAPPEND TO ME ON RIOT? I was screwed out of the OCW pride title by three very selfish individuals. Then i was attacked by a guy straight after it as the show went of the air. NOW YOU ARE PUTTING ME INTO A CAGE MATCH? I am in no shape to compete TONIGHT.

*Regans laughs right in Leons face as Regans laugh turns into a face filled with rage.*

Regan: I dont care.

*Leon puts his face right into Regans as he breathes in loudly.*

listen you old coot you don't want to do this. You are really making...

*Cuts off* You left me last week and i ended up getting chinlocked for you. Lucky for me the guy that beat your ass on Riot last week came to my aid.

*Leonheart loses it as he begins to kick the wheel of regans Limo in rage. Leon soon regrets it as he really hurts his foot.*

Leonheart: You should have never made that match to begin with. Now i am not going to ask you again sir. YOU WILL CALL OF THIS MATCH NOW or else...

Regan: Or else what?

*Leonheart begins to smirk while looking at Regan.*

Leonheart: Trust me you don't want to know that.

Regan: The match is on tonight Leon, i personally hope Blade beats your ass. Also the next time you damage my limo and kick my drivers in the face you will be fired without pay and stripped of your OCW title.

Leonheart: You can't do that too me, i have more power than you.

You have nothing, you are a wrestler just like everyone else. Speaking of which Tiffany told me to inform you that at Road 2 Glory you will be defending the title against the man you took out of action not too long ago. There will be a contract signing this week on Riot too.

*Leonheart just stands there looking at Regan gob smacked.*

Regan: Now get out of my face before i fire you.


Welcome too what we expect another action packed episode of Tuesday Night Turmoil.

Woo! Finally back in the USA baby!

Indeed we are broadcasting from San Jose, California and do we got some matches for you.

Well I would beg too differ. Some matches aren't worth seeing.

Quiet before Regan hears you!

I won't be denied anymore. Same old people doing the same old stuff. Where are the new breed the new rookies? The new Smythe Dawonder?

Well ladies and gentlemen he may not enjoy it tonight, but I'm sure you all will.

Bullocks! If they enjoy this they haven't got a brain just like you.

At least I can enjoy watching it!

Your the only one.

Well with Mr. Negative here having his period, today. I'll do the breakdown of the four matches we got tonight. The Madmen will team up for the very first time against Seth Irving and Mayhem. Boy is this going too be a match too look out for. The major question probably on everyone's mind is will the team of Mayhem/Irving overcome there differences for one match and actually try too win the match or will it be a blatant squash win for the Madmen?

You really want me too answer that?

I think better not! Also tonight we got a no.1 contendorship ladder match for the EX Title. Aries faces off against Wonderful Wesley. No matter who wins? Jacob Trance will have a hell of a job to do if he wants too retain his OCW EX Title.

I hope there fragile bodies will be destroyed by falling of the ladder at least one thing too look forward too.

Did I hear positivism?

Did I hear Mr. Positive get jerked off by Gary Anthony Young again?

Now! Now! Double S were PG rated!


PG Rated?

Yeah, PG Rated what?

Thirteen ofcourse!

In three days your going too be the unluckiest man for a day.

Righto there's a believer for you. Anyway on with the matches. As Main event we have Blade facing off against Leonheart in a cage match. This match was made by General Manager Ronald Regan when after last week's main event Leonheart walked out and refused too battle Hobo Guy Fausto. This resulted in our General Manager getting chinlocked by the Hobo. Instead of taking his frustrations out this week on the Hobo, General Manager Ronald Regan blamed OCW Champion Leonheart, but that's not all. When Leonheart walked out of the match. Guy Fausto's manager for one night Blade followed him and Revolutionized the OCW Champion. So will it be payback for Leonheart tonight? Or will Blade Revolutionize the Game? In any case our General Manager get's his way. Since the only way too escape the cage is going over the top. And that is always a hard battle!

Bah! Again these two! When will the booking stop?

When will you stop whining?

When will you stop sucking?

Stop sucking what?

Our GM's d...!

And I think it's time for us too get along with the show opener. Trips faces off against Vindicator. Let Justice prevail!


Trips vs Vindicator




That didn't took Justice too long!

A valiant effort nonetheless!
Oh, just stop it!




(As Turmoil comes returns from comerrcial K.D. stands in the back with some of the event crew)

K.D:How is it going guys?

Crew member 1:Hey it's K.D good to see you back.You on the card tonight?

Crew member 2:Him card ?(starts laughing)You must be joking!

Crew member 3:Hey give him a break.

K.D:Naw it's cool I'll be back and wrecking some of these guys up.

Crew member 1:No thats not cool ,he shouldn't throw shots like that .Yeah kid you'll get a shot at the show again.Sorry to hear about you and April and that misunderstanding between you and your trainer.

Crew member 2:Misunderstanding!?He bloodied the guy and threw a towel on him.

(K.D. grabs the crew member around the neck and pushes him into the wall)

K.D:Yes it was a misunderstanding you got it!

(Other crew members try pulling K.D. away )

K.D:Sorry you fellows enjoy the show.

Crew member 3:Yeah you do the same.








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