Live at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Its Tuesday Night Turmoil! February 13th.

Chris is in the CCW lockeroom, he's sat down with his gear bag next to him. He's getting his gear out of the bag, when is mobile phone begins to ring.

Ryder - "Yello.........hey dad whats...............what?, what kind of accident? he alright?...................where are you now?.......because I wanna be there...................but dad I............. DAD HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FOCUS ON MY MATCH!......................fine, but as soon as i'm done here i'm heading over there.......let me know if anything happens.....later dad"

Chris flips the phone closed, he puts it down on the bench as his face looks worried about somthing. He sits up and kicks the door in frustration.

Ryder - "Why now......why?!"

Chris notices the camara to his right.

Ryder - "Look i've got things on my mind at the moment, so if you don't mind"

The camara fades out as Chris is walknig around his lockeroom with his hands on his head.


Johanthan Rivers: I wonder who Ryder was talking to?

Double S: I wonder when we are going to start the show?

Rivers: Your right and what a show we got tonight. The main event for this evening is well what the main event was going to be last week. Malu vs Tony Crass vs Nathan Gaines.

Double S: Old.

Rivers: We also have Chirs Ryder taking on Scott Hanlon and Gavin Slade vs Deano Horse.

Double S : Pink!

Rivers: But first up is- Wait a minute it looks like Mr. Gaines is going to come down the the ring.

**As Nathan makes his way into the ring, he has a serious, stern look on his face.  He does not display his usual showmanship, and is obviously upset.  Nathan walks over to the side of the ring, and receives a microphone from the ring announcer.  He walks back to the center of the ring looks down and then begins to speak**

Nathan:  Last week was of the most trying, and confusing times of my life.  At the beginning of Turmoil last week, someone tried to run me down, and effectively end my tenure in CCW, as well as my life.  That night, despite the state I was in, I came out and engaged in a bloody brawl with a man who tried to use me to send a message. After I put it all out on the line, getting ready to unleash the anger I have been able to control, I was pulled aside by a friend.  A respected mentor, and veteran leader.  David Jackson; a man who has seen it all and done it all.  He knows the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows.  As soon as I turn my back though, he’s gets set to try and take me out with a steel chair?  What’s up with that? I’m tired of it all.  Every right turn is left, up becomes down, and friends become enemies.  My own ignorance, and my willingness to trust is what has lead me to this point.  Is it David Jackson? Is it Tony Crass? Maybe there’s someone in the back who hasn’t shown their face?  Someone from my past?  I come out here with so man questions, and truth be told I don’t have the answers. 

My past has been scarred, I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve made change.  I’ve controlled hostility and hate, and I’ve forgiven those who have sinned.  I’ve been saved, I’m not the person who was once considered a lose cannon.  I’ve got a family at home, and a son on the way.  All of that goes out the when though, when someone threatens my family, and attempts to take me out. It becomes personal.  No longer can I be the one to forgive.  In this life I’ve learned that when you have questions, you fight for the answers. James R. Howards once said, "I became a virtuoso of deceit. It wasn't pleasure I was after, it was knowledge. I consulted the strictest moralists to learn how to appear, philosophers to find out what to think and novelists to see what I could get away with. And, in the end, I distilled everything down to one wonderfully simple principle: win or die"  If that's how its gonna go, the game just got a whole lot more interesting.  Answers will come, and the end result won't be pretty.

**”Themata” by Karnivool hits and Nathan spikes his microphone.  He exits the ring as the crowd is still left in shock at the stunningly harsh words from Gaines.  Some are cheering, as others are just left to wonder what is next for the Extreme Enigma**


Rivers: Gaines wants anwsers and he has the right to them after what happen last week.

Double S: Who cares lets get the first match on with.

Andre Simmons vs Vincent Valmont

Download Here!

Rivers: Wow what a match!

Double S: I have to say that was a great way to kick off the show. Im now in a good mood. That could have gone either way.


**Nathan Gaines is walking backstage, still showing his anger from a few moments ago when he was in the ring.  He walks past some of the Arena's attendings, and they try to stop and talk to Gaines.  He makes the gesture to politely back off, and he continues down the hallway.  Nathan has his head down, and is walking down the hall when all of a sudden he looks up.  His face expression changes to pure hatred.  All of a sudden the body of Malu is present, and the crowd expression realizes some "Ooohs" and "Boos" for Malu**

Malu: You're still alive?  Eh, thought Crass would have been able to do the job.  Guess he just couldn't handle it.  How bout D-Jack almost taking you out with the chair?  I was thinking that maybe I was gonna have to take you out myself,  but it looks like those two goons are gonna do the dirty work for me.  By the way which one of them couldn't get the job done with the car?  Sad thing isn't it

**Malu laughs, and beings to walk away, when all of a sudden Nathan grabs him and turns him around. Malu looks down at Nathan's hand then looks directly back up at Nathan, dead in the eye almost as if he's ready to attack**

Nathan: Listen here, Malu.  Quiet Frankly I can't stand you.  One of these days, and boy its gonna be a great day, I'm gonna get you in the ring and rip you from corner to corner. Until then, I've got to figure out which bastard in the back tried to end my life.  Forgive me if I'm not up to my usual kindness, but right now I have neither the time nor the inclination to stand here and listen to your crap.  I suggest you avoid for as long as you can Malu because right now I'd hate to take my pent up anger out on you.  I've got to kick Jackson and Crass's ass before I lay my hands on you.  Tonight however, just might be the night I snap and decide to take it out on you.

**Nathan lets go of Malu and both just stare at one another.  They are face to face both with the look of absolute hatred upon their mugs.  The scene fades back to the announcers as the scene goes to black**


Top Five

1. Nathan Gaines

2. Tony Crass

3. Chris Ryder

4. Malu

5. Scott Hanlon