"I tried, she wouldn't fuck me" edition


Live From Milan , Italia!

The camera cuts to ringside where Ed Reed and Sean Strider are sitting in the front row. Chole Taylor walks up to them and asks them some questions.

Chole: So what brings the Best Damn Tag Team Period to CCW this week?

Strider: Well if you don’t know we sent out a letter to all the boys in the back. Ed if you will…

Reed: Dear OCW/CCW,

At Chill Faktor 2007 the Best Damn Tag Team Period issued a call out to all of you boys in the back to step up and help us make something out of, much like the EX division, has become a laughing stock here in OCW. But with the new year much to our dismay our call out has not been heard. Everyone has focused on their singles aspirations or sadly nothing at all. And it has left us sitting back waiting for worthy contenders. Now some of the blame goes on us and we accept it because we have not been the model tag team champions. But the change starts this week. We see that we can’t wait for contenders to step out from the pack. Much like we did with the Best Damn Tag Team tournament we are going to have to make our own contenders. And that is exactly what we are going to do.


The Best Damn Tag Team Period (TBDTTP)

Strider: So we are here tonight to scout the talent here at CCW and see if any two people deserve a chance at these World Tag Championships.

Chole: Well our superstars here on CCW defiantly have what it takes. Speaking of our CCW superstars, Ed Reed do you feel comfortable being here knowing Chris Ryder wants to bash your head in?

Reed: Chris Ryder knows if he comes within thirty feet of me he will go to jail. And I know he isn’t stupid enough to try the law. I may be giving him too much credit, but I don’t know. Tonight we are here to see if we can make some contenders for our belts, that’s it that’s all.

Chole: Thank you for your time, back to you Rivers.

Rivers Well... Guests a plenty here Live tonight, from Milan, Italy, and we're rolling into a TV Title defense later tonight... Excited?

Excited? How can I be excited? I haven't been home for 2 weeks and i can't eat any of the food - I'm terrified

Alex Cooper is seen standing backstage with Chloe Taylor.

Chloe: "Last week you were viciously attacked from behind from a man you were trying to save..."

Cooper: "That's where your wrong Chloe. I wasn't trying to save anyone. Richard Blood is a big boy and can handle his own problems. I came out to silence Mongo's complaining."

Chloe: "I take it you still aren't angry?"

Cooper: "Why should I be? He wants another match, he's got one. I'll vent my frustrations there."

Chloe looks around. It's difficult to get an interview out of one who doesn't go on some raging tangent. She looks at the strange ink blot on Cooper's left arm.

Chloe: "So...I noticed you got a new tatoo."

Cooper: "Yep. Got it this past Friday."

Chloe squints at it.

Chloe: "Er...what is it?"

Cooper: "What do you think it looks like?"

Chloe stares.

Chloe: "It looks like...hmm....A can of Campbell's tomato soup?"

Cooper rubs his chin.

Cooper: "Hmm...Interesting."

Chloe: "What is it suppose to be?"

Cooper: "Nothing, nothing."

As the conversation begins to wind down, as Malu Polamalu and Richard Blood walk onto the scene. Cooper looks at them and raises an eyebrow, but doesn't break his usual cheerful demeanor.

Cooper: "Mongo. Dick."

Blood: "How creative. Shortening my name to Dick."

Cooper: "Wasn't saying your name. Was just calling you a dick."

Blood scowls.

Cooper: "What do you want, Mongo?"

Blood: "Tubbs here has just brought me along to inform you that your two's rematch will be taking place at Road To Glory. This time, however, there will be no ropes to save you."

Cooper: "Oh really?"

Blood: "Yes, by order of Mr. Sensation, you two fatasses will beat the bloody hell out of eachother. Somewhat barbaric in my opinion, but who I am I to say..."

Malu: "Last Man Standing."

Crowd roars a bit. Cooper just shrugs.

Cooper: "It is what it is. No point in fighting something so meaningless. You have to tell me though, why does he need to drag around the mouthy British prick to do his talking for him."

Blood: "You'd know as much as I would. Think he doesn't like talking because that might burn too many damned calories for his fat ass."

Malu glares at Blood.

Blood: "Don't look at me like that."

Cooper: "You two are suppose to be on the same side?"

Blood: "Just because I have to cooperate with him doesn't mean I have to like him."

Cooper rolls his eyes.

Cooper: "I must have alot to fear from such a fierce, unified force."

Blood: "Laugh all you please. Just because Tubbs here isn't the sharpest tool in the shed..."

Malu seemingly takes offense to all that.

Blood: "Doesn't mean you can walk over the lot of us. I could break you in two with complete ease if I so wished it. I don't care if you are twice my size. I've taken out lardasses before."

Malu, from behind Blood scowls and makes a false swing that looks like he'll decapitate Blood himself.

Cooper: "Well why don't you try to see if your ass can cash those checks your mouth's been writing."

Blood: "Been waiting for you to say something like that. I'm sure Mr. Sensation will gladly comply to see the jolly green giant battered and beaten. I'll be seeing you in the ring, Big Kev."

Blood haughtily walks away, Cooper watching him as he leaves.

Cooper: "Did he just call me Kevin Nash?"

Malu steps towards Cooper.

Malu: "Just between me and you...kick his ass."

Cooper's right eyebrow shoots up.

"But after that....you're mine."

Malu walks off, leaving Cooper scratching his own head.



Blood Vs Cooper




A rather impromtu match there, but hey, was worth watching?

Ofcourse, Blood is as boring as ever, and Cooper is tall, it has all the ingredients for a brilliant match.







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