CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Fausto walks backstage carrying an arms full of wood.

Fausto: “Ithankmylordxenuforthisbountifulbounty.”

Vimes walks up.

Vimes: “Well, that’s a nice armfull of wood you go there. How do you plan on cooking it?”

Fausto begins to tearup, and drops his wood on the ground.

Fausto: “Imissmybarrel.”

Vimes: “You know who completely doesn’t? I’d like to say me, but I don’t want to be on your bad side. But these two...”

Vimes once again uses OCW: The Flashcards to pull out pictures of Fleminem and Justin Rox.

Vimes: “Said they were totally happy Parker stole your barrel. They said such a wonderful barrel should go to a good hobo like Parker.”

Fausto: “Ikingofthehobos. Igetbestbarrel.”

Vimes: “They also said you can’t sing.”

Fausto: “Isinglikangelswherearethey?”

Vimes: “They’re in the ring.”

Fausto mumbles incoherently. Well, more incoherently than usual, then turns around and
goes back towards the ring.




OCW camera's cut to the parking lot. A Black BMW Z4 Coupe pulls up. The camera zooms in on the registration plate... SXC1. The door swings open and Deano Horse steps out of the car. He grabs his gym bag, locks the car and walks towards the entrance.

As Deano nears the wrestler entrance a few fans clutching backstage passes are being held back by security. As Deano approaches 2 young girls (18+ I assume) start screamin in excitement holding out autograph books, Deano pulls a pen out of his pocket and signs the fans autograph books then poses for a few pictures.

Girl: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Deano signed my book!!!

A few windows almost crack.

Deano: Hell of a set of lungs on you there!

Girl: Deano spoke to me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

The 2 girls then run off. The security guard looks at Deano and shakes his head.

Deano carries on signing autographs for the dozen or so boys still stood. He notices one of the kids wearing a Nate Ortiz t-shirt.

Deano: Nice t-shirt kid, what's your name?

Nate fan: My name's John. Nate's my favourite wrestler ever!

Deano: He is huh? {Deano pulls out a handfull of I-Gen t-shirts from his gym bag and hands them out to the children} There you go boys. Enjoy the show.

John: Wow, thanks Deano. Can I ask some questions?

Deano: Sure, go ahead.

John: How come Parker Stevens wears make-up?

Deano: Because, underneath, he's horribly disfigured.

John: Ewww, how did Vincent Valmont get so big?

Deano: Jungle Juice. But it makes him get hair in weird places, stay away from it.

John: Oh, why does Kip Conrad keep kissing Smythe?

Deano: Because Smythe likes it. Enjoy the show kids, tell your mommies to come and see me after the show... but only if they are hot.

All of the kids run off admiring their new I-Gen merchandise. Deano walks passed the security guards.

Security Guard: What's up Deano.

Deano: How you doing guys.

Deano walks through the corridors of the OCW arena. The cheers of the crowd can be heard even in the back. Deano heads towards the I-Gen lockeroom but is cut off by Tiffany Ortiz.

Tiffany: Deano can I talk to you?

Without giving him a chance to answer Tiff turns around and leads Deano to her lockeroom.

Tiffany sits at her desk and Deano takes a seat on the other side.

Tiffany: Tonight Deano, you are scheduled to fight Nate and Jacob Trance, in a tag match. Your partner will be Aries.

Deano: Well I can't say I'm over the moon but hey the Excellence of Sexcellence needs to get out there and strut his stuff.

Tiffany: Well there has been a slight change of plans. Due to my Fathers pure hatred for Nate he thought that it would be more entertaining for the fans.... but more so himself to put you two into a tag match on the same team. So tonight instead of you going against Nate, it will be you fighting alongside Nate.

Deano: The way I see it, this thing between Nate and myself is done. Nate and Smythe pulled a fast one and screwed me out of a victory. Last week I pinned Nate 1, 2, 3 So we are all square.

Nate who had silently walked ito the office midway through Deano's sentence cuts him off.

Nate: I don't take kindly to being humilated Deano so, this whole thing we have going on, it's far from over. Infact it's not even begun.

Deano stands up and both men stand toe to toe.

Deano: Well Nate I'm used to long sessions so if you want to carry on going I have the stamina. Some people call me the Duracell Bunny.

Nate: Because you're annoying and have large teeth?

Tiffany: Enough! Stop it both of you. Deano you can leave now. Get ready for your match later on tonight.

Deano walks out of the office, Nate never takes his eye off of him.

Nate and Tiffany begin to talk as the scene cuts back to the commentators box.




In a Loser's match

Hobo Guy Fausto vs Justin Rox




Ouch! That must have hurt!

Indeed it must have!



*The opens in the locker room as we see the back of Trips raiding through the attire trunk looking for some gear for tonight's match.*

: No, no, no. These all suck.

*He pulls out a black leather catsuit. He stares at it for a few seconds and gives the camera a funny look.*

Trips: Why does Jim Black keep leaving his nightwear lying around.

*He goes back into the trunk and raids about some more. A hand pats him hard on the back. The hand is covered with fingerless gloves. Trips spins around and as the shot widens we see Frank Smith.*

Frank: How you doing there Trips? Feeling a little low after your loss on Riot perhaps? That would explain your little scotch fest. I think I'm beginning to win this little competition we have going here. And speaking of that I still need to announce the stipulation for our next match.

*Trips looks at the floor for a second. He takes of his sunglasses and look at Frank with squinted eyes.*

Trips: Is that you? Is it who I think it is?

Frank: Yes it's Frank Smith, future of....

Trips: I can see who you are QUEERBATE! What I fail to see however is why you're in my face when I'm clearly not wanting to talk or hear at the moment.

Frank: Well you enjoy raiding that little chest of goodies there and pulling on some old used attire which I chill out back here and watch Nate and Deano go to town on you. In fact I might not even need to face you again, you'll be broken enough by the time I talk to you again.

Trips: I shall humour this for a second and ask you why?

Frank: Well think about it. You got handed your first loss since your world title match on Riot. Tonight you're going to need help for some devine power if you want to beat Nate and Deano. And then on Riot you're in that ring with Bold again.

*Trips puts his glasses on again and turns back to the chest*

Frank: Where's your tough guy response?

Trips: There isn't one this time. Now please if there's any amount of respect left between us that means this whole thing is just competition then you'll leave me to look for this attire in peace.

Frank: I'll make my announcement soon of the stipulation and you wont want to miss it.

*Frank leaves the shot as Trips looks up from the chest with a worried look on his face.*



Fausto: “Wheretheotherone...”

Fausto returns backstage. Vimes awaits.

“Nope, you just turn around and go right back out there. You’re not done yet.”


Vimes: “I’m out of excuses to get you out there. Mystery opponent. Don’t have a flashcard for mystery opponent. Go deal with it. Go on with it, I’m not an excuse factory.”

Fausto: “Butidontwanna...”

“You don’t wanna do a lot of things. But get your ass back out there.”

Fausto puts his head down and turns and heads right back out to the ring.

Fausto: “Meanmidgetmakingmedothingallthetimeillshowhimeven tuallyillshowthemall.”




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