CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Phoenix, Arizona

Live from the University of Phoenx Stadium


Fausto: “Brokethehobocode.”

The scene fades in as Fausto is seen opening random things, looking inside them. These things include sound crates, breadboxes, and Vic Vimes’ pockets.

“How the hell would I keep a barrel in there? It’s a pocket, not a portal to another dimension.”

Fausto raises an eyebrow.

Fausto: “Youknowofem. Damngovernmentcoverup.”

Fausto then turns searches the potato salad at catering for his barrel.

Fausto: “Brokethehobocode. Hobosdonttakeotherhobosbarrels.”

Vimes: “Maybe because he’s not a hobo?”

Fausto looks at Vimes and places his finger to his nose.

Fausto: “Thenoseknows.”

Vimes: “You can actually smell something past your own stench? And that smell off Parker is just his breath.”

Fausto: “Hehobo. Breakhobocode. Hepayforbreakingsacredcode.”

Vimes: “Nothing is sacred when you live in a television box.”

Fausto: “Refrigeratorboxexpensive.”

Vimes: “The rent of thirty cents is robbing you blind, clearly. Listen, discussing hobo economics is a fine way to spend an evening, but we have a problem here, my dear Guybrush.”

Fausto: “Ihavenobarrel.”

Vimes: “Yeah, I suppose me not having to deal with the sound of metal scraping across the floor everywhere I go is a problem. But you know the old guy you chinlocked two weeks ago?”

Fausto: “Ichinlockalotofoldpeople.”

Vimes: “This is why we can’t go near nursing homes anymore. Anyway, this particular old guy is pissed. So you have to go and fight three matches tonight.”

Fausto: “Hobofight?”

Vimes: “No, no. That comes later.”

Fausto: “Dontwannafight.”

Vimes: “You have to.”

Fausto: “Dontwanna.”

Vimes sighs, and face palms himself.

Vimes: “Ok, you don’t have to then. But you know, there’s some tasty, tasty wood out there. This asshole is saying you can’t have any. Also, he said tables don’t taste good.”

Fausto: “Tablesdotastegood!”

Vimes: “Tell that to him.”

Vimes produces a picture of Anthony Martin. Fausto growls, and walks off towards guerrilla position.

Vimes: “I knew buying OCW: The Flashcards would pay off.”

Guy already preparing for his match it seems.

Yeah one off three matches our General Manager put the Hobo in this week. Bum Fights gotta love them.

His Tables match against Amart might be just that! Welcome ladies and Gentlemen too Wednesday Night Turmoil. Yes, Wednesday. We had some issues with the authorities of Phoenix that now have been solved.

Phoenix!? Phoenix? Wasn't he an OCW Champion once?

Ofcourse AJ Phoenix was, but unfortunately he isn't with the company anymore.

I smell a return!

I don't! Only Hobo Guy Fausto who after his first match faces Justin Rox and Flem in a Handicap match.

Yeah Flem and Rox have a handicap. One likes rock the other rap. Bullcrap both of them!

Then what music do you like?

I like naked ladies singing.

Is that a music genre?

It is for me! Got all the DVD's of "I wanna be a Porn Idol"

I bet you do! In the last match of Guy Fausto. The Hobo will face a mystery opponent in a falls count anywhere match..


A mystery it is. As who will win these matches!

Not for me! Our General Manager Regan is a winner in all three of these matches!

Right! Well in our Main Event ladies and gentlemen we have Deano teaming up with Aries too face the team of Ortiz and Trance.

I'm rooting for Nate this time!


So is he!

Well ladies and gentlemen we'll begin our show with ....

A generation's coming up!


***The Crowd is going crazy as all of I-Gen make there entrance and go stand in the ring acknowledging the generous cheers from the crowd. Deano and Cruz go to settle the crowd down as Nathan goes over to the side of the ring to grab a microphone from the ring announcer***

Gaines: Well well well if it hasn't been a damn long time since we've all come out here as a group to address you guys. Look I-Gen will be the first to tell you all, that it's been a stressful couple of weeks recently. We've had Deano battling Nate Ortiz, we've had Kang trying to get back in the swing of things, and I've been doing my damndest, to try and keep things in order. As our resident champion stated, Vincent Valmont and I-Gen have decided to part ways. Valmont needed to focus on Leon as well as his hardcore title, and both parties felt it was mutually beneficial to separate. However, Leonheart also said something else that bothered me. He said that I-Gen was dead.

**Nathan puts his two fingers up checking his pulse**

Gaines: Last time I checked I'm still tickin'.

Kang takes the mic from Gaines and Kang look’s at Gaines with a disgusted look while he scan’s his eyes up and down on him. Gaines spreads his arm’s out softly and without the mic says

Nathan Gaines: What? {You could only slightly hear it since the mic was still a little near him}

Kang put’s the mic near his mouth while he is still looking at Gaines like he is pissed off at him

Kang James: Why the hell did Kang get you in I-Gen? {Gaines is about to open his mouth to answer but he is interrupted by Kang} No, No… That wasn’t a question you’re allowed to answer. {Kang walk’s and turn’s his back on Gaines, Kang is softly chuckling with the mic still to his mouth as he looks at the fan’s on the left as he starts to mimic Gaines} Last time I checked we’re still tickin’ {Kang looks over at Gaines and just gives out a soft smirk and turns to look back at the fan’s} Anyways Kang came out here to put all these kids in there place, every single one of you kids. First off if you haven’t noticed Kang is back in full effect, back when Kang was putting Legends in there place… yea, that Kang. {Kang looks around at the crowd after saying that as the crowd gives out a nice loud pop} Been a while since Kang has heard that, anyways let’s get this over with. You see Kang can’t help but notice that the uncharismatic, wish he was a good champ is constantly talking about I-Gen. So Kang’s gotta ask champ, did you enjoy sucking Kang and Deano off that much that you can’t get the taste outta your mouth kid?
{Kang gets a soft chuckle, it’s a chuckle that show’s that he isn’t meaning to laugh but it was so damn good he couldn’t help it} I mean in retrospect kid, your I-Gen’s bitch. You run over Kang and Kang doesn’t even recognize you, Kang doesn’t even bother with your boring I’ll put people to sleep when I come out to talk ass but yet your still here talking about I-Gen. {Kang looks back at the other 2 members of I-Gen as he turns to another side of the arena walking softly}So here is what Kang will say to you, my man Deano here. He hasn’t been blown in a good month or so he say’s so you come on down and Kang won’t molly whoop your ass, what he’ll do is let you get that refreshing taste that you seem to like so much back in your mouth. ‘Cause god only knows we don’t want the champ to shut the hell up about I-Gen.

Deano pulls the mic to his mouth while Kang is still holding it to get a few word’s in

Deano Horse: Hell yeah baby! You’ll be the first man to know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Deano pop!

Kang gives out a soft chuckle as Deano let’s go and allows Kang to bring the mic back to Kang’s mouth

Kang James: As for all you other kid’s that seem to think it’s funny to call I-Gen… I-Fail. Including The Uncharismatic One, first off you kid’s need to come up with new stuff. One thing Kang will tell you is if you keep saying the same shit over and over, The Kang’s fans will tend to get bored by that shit. But, as Kang was saying… Little boy’s, I-Gen’s held The World Title, The International Title, The Pride Title and The Hardcore Title. Also at one point we’ve held three of those titles all at one point in time, you could call us God and God would sit there and say… I got nothing on these kid’s.

Gaines: Ya see I-Gen is just as healthy as ever. It doesn't matter if it's a little bitch world champion, or a former legend. You want an example of I-Gen's strength? Go look at Riot where I stepped toe to toe with Nate Ortiz because he questioned I-Gen's loyalty to Deano Horse. In case ya forgot Nate{Nathan points over to Deano and back to himself} you're looking at the sexiest tag team team of all time. Sexually Erectifying Xchange. I don't care if I'm taking on an army, I'd take a bullet for Deano. That goes for the leader of the Generation Kang James just as well. We're not Theater of Pain, we're not Revolution Inc., and we're sure as hell not Bloodline. We're the Innovation Generation, and that spells trouble for a whole boatload of people.

Deano: Nate Ortiz I hope your sat in the back now thinking long and hard over who you're becoming. You've lost what it was inside of you that made you a great in this business, you are no longer the true legend of this industry, you are a broken shell of the man who's photograph hangs in the hall of fame. You want to know why I came out here a couple of weeks ago, looked you in the eyes and slapped you across the face? Because I have the balls to look you in the face and tell you you're an asshole.

Deano begins to get fired up and steps up onto the second rope of the turnbuckle.

Deano: Nathan's right, we aren't like Bloodline. We aren't greedy or selfish. We're not, Theater of Pain, motivated by violence or money. The thing that drives I-Gen is in here {Deano slaps his right hand on the left side of his chest} and its here {Deano waves his hand towards the fans} in everyone sat here cheering for I-Gen....

Deano gets cut off as the arena explodes in cheers and I-Gen chants. All 3 men look at each other and smile as they play to the crowd.

Deano: So Nate you think your playing the numbers game by joining Bloodline well there are 3 I-Gen members in this ring, 1 mowing a lawn somewhere and 70,000 members of I-Gen all around me chanting our names!

Gaines: So by all accounts, the band is back together!!!!

I-Gen's Music hits as the three members of I-Gen play to the crowd which is red hot as the show for Turmoil gets under way. The Scene pans back to the announce crew as I-Gen starts to clear the ring


Table's match

Amart vs Guy Fausto




Tables broken!
Bodies too!




The scene opens in a locker room where Justin Rox is lacing up his boots for his upcoming match. Jim Black enters the scene with a piece of paper in hand.

Jim Black: Hey Rox, this note came for you.

Rox stops lacing his boots and looks toward Black.

Justin Rox:
Oh great, more with the notes again... what's it say this time?

Black unfolds the note and begins reading it.

Jim Black: 'Rox, Sorry I won't be able to make it for tonight's match, unlike you, I have a music career to uphold. You can't seem to beat me, but I'm sure you could at least defeat a hobo. -Flem'

Rox smirks and goes back to lacing up his boots.

Justin Rox: That's fine by me, I don't need him screwing me over again. I'm better off alone.

Justin Rox: Matter of fact, let me see that note.

Rox snatches the note from Black and looks at it.

Justin Rox: I don't get it, how does someone who completely misuses the English language write this well?

Rox wads up the note and tosses it aside. He finishes lacing up his boots, stands to his feet and looks at Black.

Justin Rox:
At least this Rock Star can have a night of peace without that cRap Star around for a change.

Jim Black: Don't know how peaceful it will be when you're facing Guy Fausto. It was made a handicap match for a reason.

Rox smirks and grabs his jacket out of his locker. He exits the scene, ignoring Black's previous statement.

Jim Black
{in Rox's general direction}: You're the one that's handicapped now Rox! The smell alone will defeat you!




*Scene opens with Sean, K.D's trainer, and K.D sitting in crowd as Stacy Clark walks to them at a commercial break*

*K.D signals to the hot dog guy as he notices Stacy*

K.D: Hi there Stacy.

Stacy: Hi guys, strange seeing you two here with the fans and especially after what happened the other day.

*Sean put his hand up to hush K.D.*

Sean: C'mon Stacy no need to bring up things from the past K.D called me and apologized, after talking with one of the greatest O.C.W wrestlers.

Stacy: Oh my, so there is someone in the back now helping out K.D, who is it?

*K.D and Sean both look at each other grin*

K.D:(looking at Sean) May I?

*Sean gives him the nod*

K.D: Well Stace when the time is right he will be the one to let you know.

Stacy: What brings you guys out here tonight then?

Sean: Well Stacy wrestlers have to be entertainers to add with all the action. Good or bad, heel or face you have to know what sells. Jay or Regan won't put you on unless you can make them money.

Stacy: That's true. I assume that was your first lesson from this great OCW wrestler?

Sean: Certainly. And there will be more to come. My boy K.D is on the rise. And next week he doesn't want to be here in the crowd about ten feet away from the ring.

Stacy: No?

Sean: Indeed not. He wants to be in that ring next week live on Turmoil. So if Regan can hear me now I ask you to put my client in a match against anyone in the back next week on Turmoil.

Stacy:Well I hear that. Goodluck guys, wish you the best.

*K.D tips his cup to Stacy while Sean shakes her hand, they both watch her as she switches away then they both look at each other and start laughing*








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