*A camera cuts to the rear entrance of the Arena. A black Porsche pulls up into a parking spot and Deano climbs out of the drivers side. He goes to the trunk and pulls out a large gym bag.*

He walks to the rear entrance where a small group of CCW fans have gathered waiting for the arrival of the superstars. One of the fans spots Deano, drawing the attention of the group.

Fan: "Deano, Deano. Can I have an autograph please?"

The other children start asking for autographs and holding pens up.

Deano: "Sure, anything for my young Hunkamaniacs..."

Deano pulls some T-Shirts out of his gym bag and begins to sign them and hand them out, security begin to usher the children away from the back of the arena.

Justin Time can be seen walking in the background Deano and Justin lock eyes as Justin approaches the entrance.

Deano: "Hey Justin, whats up dude. Good luck in our match tonight."

Justin: "Its you who needs the luck Deano. Tonight its time, its Justin Time."

Deano: "Ok but lets make it a good one for the fans."

Deano extends his hand. Justin replies and they shake hands firmly, they continue to lock eyes untill Justin has entered the Arena through the big double doors.

*Camera Fades*


Rivers: Up next the pink Hunk vs The Man on Time!

Mr.Sensation: What kind of name is Justin Time, I mean really what does it mean. and is pink the new black or something!

Double S: Sound it out

Mr.Sensation proceeds to sound it out in his head.

Mr.Sensation:ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, thats clever!

Double S: Glad I could help

Mr.Sensation: Here is a treat!

Mr.Sensation tosses some of his popcorn down to Double S!

Double S: Yum chock full of popcorny goodness!

Deano Horse vs Justin Time

Download Here!


Double S:What?

Mr.Sensation: Im sorry what?

Rivers:.......A great match from 2 great competitors, it looks like he is reinvigorated.

Mr.Sensation: Hey who does the Human Resources at CCW?

Rivers: That would be Carl Winslow.

Mr.Sensation: CARL WINSLOW!!!!!

Mr.Sensation Seems excited at the prospect of Carl Winslow as the Human Resources person for CCW

Double S: Not that Carl Winslow

Mr.Sensation is quickly crushed, in a cascasding sea of sadness

Mr.Sensation: awwwwwww, well remind me to fire him, matter fact.

Mr.Sensation begins to write fire Carl Winslow on a post it note he took out of his pocket, while Double S, and Rivers Stand flabbergasted at the CEO's desire to terminate someones job.

Rivers: But why?

Mr.Sensation: Anyone who hires a fat, referee who wears high tops and parachut pants to the ring, deserves to be fired.

Mr.Sensation: I GOT IT, Carl Winslow is Gay! It all makes sense!

Rivers:Its not that Carl Winslow

Mr.Sensation:Shutup Cunt!

Rivers, Mr.Sensation, and Double S, all sit in awkward silence.


* The shot opens in Jose P. Liddel's locker room; Jose is sitting at a desk going through some papers.  The shot zooms in and we see that Jose is looking through application forms from people interested in becoming his trainer. *

Jose: Nope….nope…nope.

* Jose pauses for a second and begins to laugh, he invites the camera to view the letter. The camera focuses on it. *

Mr Liddel after watching TNT I wish to apply for the position of trainer, I have previous experience with wrestlers and have coached greats such as Danny Williams.

I hope to hear from you soon.

* Jose laughs again. *

Jose: Hell no.

* He continues to go through the letters and pauses at one, which is very well written and appears to catch his eye. *

Jose: This one is very interesting, please do read.

* The camera zooms in. *

Dear Mr Liddel,

It has come to my attention that you are seeking a personal trainer, I wish to apply for this position and as I do not have any previous experience will be willing to work on a percentage basis, say 10%.  I hope to hear back from you soon.

Sincerely, Heather Mclearn.

* The camera switches back to Jose *

Jose: I think I'll give her a call.

* He picks up the phone as the shot fades to black*