The camara is locked on the parking lot doors, they fly open showing Chris Ryder in his blue jeans and gray hoodie that reads "Cleveland Browns" across the front, a few cheers can be heard because of this. Chris is also wearing a black cap, and is carrying his bag over his shoulder. Chris looks really tired, but at the same time focused on his match with Ryu later tonight.

He walks down the hall, past a few doors. When a women pops her head round the corner, with a microphone.

Female Interviewer - "Heeey Chris Ryder right?"

Before Chris can answer, she continues.

Female Interviewer - "My name is Becky, and i'd like to talk to you about your winning streak here in CWW an...."

Ryder - "Hang on......."

Chris with a look of confusion on his face; is about to say somthing. He them smiles, and stops.

Ryder - "You know what, nevermind. Carry on Becky"

Becky - "Thank yoooou. Now i've been told that you've been hit by hard times, with your family friend Frank err......

Becky gets a card out of her jeans pocket, and tries to read it out.

err......Da.....Do....whats-his-name, was hit by a heart attack. Will this a....af....affact your performance tonight?"

Ryder - "You can say performance......but you can't say effect?"

Becky - "Well i've learnt that word a lot, my old boyfriend used to say after we..."

Ryder - "Wooooaaah there little missy, I think I get it. But anyway. I don't feel it'll effect my performance tonight at all, I believe it'll force me to fight better and fight for my friend. He wants me to prove myself out there, and i'm not going to let him down"

Chris turns and looks at the camara to his left. He looks a little angry, and you can tell he's not slept much.

Ryder - "Ryu Dixon, tonight I am going to give it my all, I am going to use up every ounce of my energy. And i'm gonig to show these people that I DO have what it takes and at the same time earn there respect, because I am Chris Ryder......The Unforgivable Saint.....now i'm sorry but I have to get ready"

Chris walks off screen, as Becky continues to read the cards.

Becky - "Af....Eff.....Eff....oh he's gone?. Well er' back you boys"

She smiles at the screen as it fades out.


Rivers: Looks like he is pumped and ready for action.

Double S: But can he take on Ryu!

Mr.Sensation:We will find out right after this commercial break!

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Double S: Speak of the devil!

Mr.Sensation: D Graves??????

Double S: I ment that figurativly not literally.

Mr.Sensation: Look dont get snippy with me, I dont know you guys well enough but that doesnt mean I wont bitch slap you right here right now!

Double S: Sorry about that.

Mr.Sensation: As well you should be!, and now unto our next matchup!


Ryu Dixon vs Chris Ryder

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Rivers: ...............................................


Double S: I dont get it how can a guy who is that built, be so weak?

Rivers: Poor Diet?

Mr.Sensation: Drugs?

Rivers: Depression?


Double S: Regardless one of the more intresting matches in CCW History.

Mr.Sensation: What is everyone's facisnation in this company with Parachute pants and Parachut pant accesories!


Chris is walking back through the curtain from the ramp, he grabs a drink off the table and pops the lid open. As he begins to drink it as he makes his way to his lockeroom. On his way there a member of the CCW staff walking past, taps him on the shoulder.

Staff - "Hey good job out there tonight Chris, look foward to seeing more from you"

Ryder - "Thanks man"

Chris gets to the CCW lockeroom, he opens the door to find his phone has a few messages. He flips it open and begins to read it. After a few seconds, Ryders face goes motionless. He just stands there staring at the mobile phone, then he throws it on the floor and rushs to get ready. He notices the camara at the door.

Ryder - "Look can you please leave, I need to be somewhere right now!"

Chris pushs the camara out of the doorway, and slams it shut as the camara fades out.