Live From The Ohio Expo Center


***Vincent Valmont is seen entering his locker room with his gym bag strapped over his shoulder. He is changing out of his street clothes and into his wrestling gear.  Vincent is getting prepared for his match against Trix Richards....Just as he starts to walk down and turn around the corner, he sees Nathan Gaines exiting from his locker room as well***

Vincent:"Hey, Nathan!"

Nathan:"Hello Vince.  How are you doing?

Vincent:"Pretty good, I'm just getting ready for my match against Trix Richard."

Nathan:"Very nice.  Stay focused and you'll do fine. You did quiet a number on Andre Simmons last week. 

Vincent:I appriciate that. I wanted to apologize for not being around 2 weeks ago.  I want you to know though that whoever was in that car and tried to run you down, is going to have hell to pay. I want you to know that im back and better than ever and with that said, I just want you to know that you going to have an extra friend watching your back!"

Nathan:Thanks, I appriciate the offer Vincent, but right now I can't trust anyone.  Dont' take this the wrong way, but everyone is the enemy in my mind.  This is my problem and I'll be my own problem solver. 

***Just as both men finish up their conversation, David Jackson comes lurking up on the two with a big smirk on his face***

D-Jack:"Nathan, I think I have a lead on who tried to run you over!"

Vincent:"What the hell do you want, D-Jack??"

D-Jack:"Oh, nothing in general..I was just so happen to be walking the halls and come across the likes of you two!"

Nathan:"D-jack I dont' give a rat's ass right now to anything you have to say!"

D-Jack:"As you wish, but before I leave...I just want to let you in on some information...Its sorta a old saying that im sure you have heard plenty of times in the past.....It's, keep your friends close and your enemies closer!!"

***As David Jackson walks off laughing, a angry Vincent Valmont and a confused Nathan Gaines is left standing in the hallway***

Vincent:"Oh, screw him! He is all talk and no walk, ya know?"

***Nathan hesitates for a second or two and then stares Vincent down and leaves***


The Camera pans through the small soldout crowd as another high impact edition of Tuesday Night Turmoil begins!

Rivers:Welcome everybody to Turmoil, we have a fantastic card for you tonight which features that unstoppable Samoan Force known as Malu Polamalu taking on Scott Hanlon. By my side is my broadcast partner Double S.

Double S: Hello everyone as Rivers has said we have a tremendous show for you tonight, and wait just a darn minute!

The C-Tron Begins to play

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The crowd explodes in adulation as Mr.Sensation makes his way to the ring!

Mr.Sensation: SURPRISE!!!

The Crowd Laughs

Mr.Sensation: Now some of you may know me, I am the Chairman of the Board the Owner and founder of Online Championship Wrestling!

The Crowd Boos!, Mr.Sensation is taken aback.

Mr.Sensation: Well that was odd, I am also the owner and founder of Cyber Championship Wrestling as well!

The Crowd Marks!

Mr.Sensation: I happend to be in the neighborhood, so being that I am a hands on kind of CEO, I figure what the hell, I just not last week GM'd OCW Animosity to rave reviews, might as well try my hand at CCW Turmoil and see where things go! So tonight, Derick Winters has the night off!

Mr.Sensation begins to pace back and forth.

Mr.Sensation: You see ladies and gents thats the kind of Owner, nay the kind of person I am, I am a take charge kind of guy, when the chips are down I will be there to carry things upon my massively built and well capable shoulders!, I took OCW from literally nothing to the E-Wrestling Juggernaut it is today, and I plan to take CCW and do the same. I will never run away from my obligations, I will never leave my work for others to do, and let it manifest itself to such a size that those people buckle under the sheer pressure and mass of things. And why because I am a man of integrity, Why because I am a man of honor, why because I am no man's coward. So rest assured fine people of Ohio, that Mr.Sensation, no matter if its CCW no matter if its OCW, will never lead you astray.

Mr.Sensation: Because if there is something Mr.Sensation hates to see, its wasted potential, and wasted talent. With that said I am going to shutup because you guys and gals paid to see some cutting edge action, not me flapping my gums.

Mr.Sensation steps out of the ring and unto the announce section.

Double S: Your going to make one of us leave arent you?

Mr.Sensation: Nah, I dont know you guys well enough to treat you like trash, I will however ask that one of you either A Stand up or B grab a milk carton or something because CEO's dont stand while commentating.

Double S: Well...

Rivers: Hmmm

Mr.Sensation: Dont make me choose now.

Both Rivers and Double S stand, Mr.Sensation snatches a chair and Rivers quickly sits back down leaving Double S, with no chair.

Double S: awwwwww

Mr.Sensation: Dont worry its not so bad the cables are extra long so you can plug in your headset now have a seat, and lets get this thing underway.

Double S sits on the floor as Mr.Sensation passes him his headset and moves 1 of the mini TV's down to Double S's eye level.

Rivers: Without further ado lets get the 1st match underway

Mr.Sensation: I am excited as the prom queen lets go!


Trix Richard vs Vincent Valmont

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Rivers: Wow what a commanding win!

Double S: He never had a chance!

Mr.Sensation: Ah yes the return of vague post match commentary, I feel right at home, yes a commanding win, and no he had no chance that man was on all cyclinders tonight!


***Vincent Valmont is seen holding his right arm while making his way out of the ring and into the backstage area....Vincent picked up an impressive win, but at what costs? As he continues to hold his right arm, he walks over to the backstage CCW medic who is on standby***


Vincent:"Hi...I just got done with a match and I need my right arm to be looked at!"

Medic:"Ooh, I see..Well, just follow me and we'll see what I can do for ya!"

***After following the medic down the corridor and into the medical room, Vincent sees a nurse and a doctor...The doctor looks like a complete psycho as he has a big happy smile on his face for no apparent reason and says in a nice upper voice as if he would be talking to a little child***

Doctor:"What seems to be the problem, young man?"

Vincent:"Its my right arm, I think I hurt it pretty badly during my match."

Doctor:"I see...Well, where in your arm does it hurt?"

***The doctor grabs Vincent's arm and starts to feel and check on it...After a few minutes, he finally finds out what the problem is***

Doctor:"Well, looks like nothing's wrong, except for a bad bruise around the elbow!"

Vincent:"You sure?"

Doctor:"Im a doctor, of course im right!"

***They both laugh, but Vincent cautiously stops laughing as he has a somewhat of a nervous look on his face***

Doctor:"Well, aside from the jokes..Your lucky you didnt hurt it as badly as you could have! I suggest laying off them flying elbow drops for the time being, haha!"

Vincent:"Yea, I think so too!"

***As Vincent is about to head out the door, the doctor stops him for a brief second and says in a friendly, but creepy way***

Doctor:"Hey, want a free sucker??? I got a bunch of different colors!!!"

***The crowd erupts in laughs as Vincent just stands there with his left hand on the door knob as he gives the doctor a strange look and walks out the door quickly while shaking his head***



*Justin Time is in the locker room prepping for his match with Deano Horse coming up. He is sporting a shorter haircut and in a very relaxed concentrated state. The door then opens and a CCW backstage worker walks in holding a box.

Worker: Hello Justin. Sorry to bother you, but I just got this package and it says it is for you. The name on it is "Matt Sydal".

Justin: Ah yes. I was expecting this. Thank you *looking at the worker's name-tag* Larry.

Justin Time then signs for the package and the worker leaves. Justin opens the package and he takes out some ring attire. It includes black tights with white and blue designs, new elbow pads, and white and blue shin guards. Justin also pulls out a note. It reads:

Dear Justin Time,
      I heard you were a fan of mine and this package is to tell you good luck on your quest to becoming one of the greatest in the wrestling business, starting from Cyber Championship Wrestling. This here is a custom made attire that I specially ordered for you. I hope it brings you luck today in the ring against Deano Horse, and even greater luck becoming the first ever CCW Champion.

-Matt Sydal

*Justin puts the note down, and smiles. He continues stretching and pacing in the lockeroom as the camera pans out.

Rivers: A gift from a new friend, perhaps a new look and haircut will change things!

Mr.Sensation: As if that ever worked!

Double S: Hey didnt you grow your hair out and get a bunch of tatooes started coming to the ring and started coming to the ring in Casual street cloths at 1 point, then started to kick ass and take names and turn OCW Around?

Rivers: Yes!

Mr.Sensation: (looking down at the floor sitting Double S) Dam you guys are good, I still have the Tattoos (rolls up his sleeve to show a quite impressive array of Ink) Ok ok your right new look can change things continue!