CCW Turmoil nothing funny to say.


The camera pans the backstage area where Poe and Vindicator have met once again long after their match. They are seen jawing at each other while heading to Owen's office.

Poe: Honestly you would be in the infirmary had that match lasted any longer.

Vindicator: The truth is: Serving justice in itself takes longer than 7 minutes. As I said time and time again I will not stop until the evil that has been plaguing OCW is punished and punishment is what you'll receive Poe.

They finally reach Owen's office and bust in uninvited only to find Owen's eyes pealed, looking at the new issue of OCW 2008 Diva Special.

Arena Crowd Pops which is faintly heard

Owen: God dam- haven’t you heard of knocking!!!

Poe and Vindicator in unison declare: WE NEED ANOTHER MATCH.

Owen: Well maybe next Turmoil I can-

Vindicator cuts Owen off before he can finish his sentence

Vindicator: Or maybe you make a match for Road 2 Glory, unless you want a fate of darkness.

Owen: You rookies never learn. You come in barging in here demanding matches…..Fine! Whatever will get you two rookies out of my office for once. Your match will be one fall, and it will end when it ends. No time restraints.

Vindicator has a twisted grin on his face. Poe with a pleased look on his.

Poe: So continues the story at Road to Glory. No bells to save you Goliath, the fate you wish for, I shalt defy it. As with David and his sling and stone. I will not walk into our next battle alone. The surprise on your face and the crowd's reaction will be epic, and the only justice served will be Simply POEtic.

Poe has a pompous guffaw while Vindicator and Owen look at each other riddled. Vindicator regains his stoic composure.

Vindicator: I don’t know if you’re a bad rapper or a terrible Batman villain. But at Road to Glory you can bring whatever or whoever you wish, it will be just more ass whipping for me to dish! Choke on that rhyme.

Poe leaves the room laughing at his foe's attempt at poetry, while The Vindicator doesn’t take his eyes off him. Vindicator then stares back at Owen behind his desk while making his own exit. The Camera fades back to the arena where the fans await the next match.

Malu Vs. Alex Cooper


Malu picks up the mic and begins to address the Cooper and the crowd.

Malu: You like what you see hear?

Boos ring through the arena.

Malu: This is only a sample of what will happen on Sunday. You here that Alex it is only a sample.

Cooper tries to rise but Malu puts his foot on Coops back.

Malu: Sunday their will be no rope breaks to save you. No referees to disqualify me for using weapons. Just a fight with the win not coming by pin fall or submission but by one man laying his opponent out for the count of ten.

Malu beats his chest.

Malu: Alex you got the best of me at The Clash. But Sunday you are in the way of my Road to Glory and I promise you the outcome will be just like it was tonight, with me standing tall, and you Alex unable to respond to the count of ten.

Malu drops the mic and heads to the back as the scene fades.

Scene opens to a shot of Coop, sitting on a living room table, reading "Calming The Savage Samoan." As the camera pans around, we see Versus and Spoon sitting on the couch, hitting and passing a "Cigarette" back and forth between them.

Vs: A stoner tag team...(takes a hit)...what a novel idea! Here (takes another quick hit) its still cherried, hit it. (passes)

Mania: (takes a hit) Cheers butt, we don't have the best luck in tag matches though... remember 4/20?

Vs: Remember? Hahahahahaha! Memory isn't my strongest suit. Plus, a loss is a loss man, it happens. Water off a ducks...water under the....I dunno, sumn about bridges and ducks. Pass that.

Mania: (passes) We'll turn our luck around this week, wanted to get back into the ring with Money since Clash. So what crazy attire you got cooked up for tonight?

Vs: A tribute to our forefathers. (passes) Our digital representations of what a wrestler should be. **opens his bag and shows Spoon**

Mania: (eyes open widely, gets a typical stoner smirk) That's brilliant man. (passes)

Vs: I'm just hoping people get it. I mean, references from the mid 80's don't go over too well here. Eh, ducks and bridges man, ducks and bridges. **Vs looks at the diminishing "cigarette"** I think we're gonna need roach clips dude. This is starting to burn my fingers.

**Mania looks around the room**

Mania: What the hell is that?

Vs: That my friend, is Nates attempt at CSI: OCW. It's "Nates board of Teh Bad Nateses." You know that fake Nate that's been going around...that's put together by Nate to find out who it is.

*Mania walks over to the board**

Mania: Damn man, he's really in over drive with this stuff. What's with all the pictures? Who are these people? Why does he have a picture of The Hoff on there?

Vs: Hoff's always a suspect, ever since Nate saw the whole 'hamburger' video, he's tossed him in every suspect list there is. Even blamed him for killing Nicole and Ron Goldman for a while. Anyway, let's see what we got here. *makes his way over to the board as well.* Well, here's Nathan Gaines when he was in his "I wanna change my name to Gaines-Ortiz" stage. That picture of AA is from Octoberfest, so that should explain the vomit stains and handful of restraining orders. Um lets see..there's Jay...there's Geo....

**Mania leans in...reads to himself. "Puerto Rico 'Summer of Heat '86'"

Mania: Sweet shirt, I can see why he's on the board. *takes out the pin holding up Jay's picture, the picture drops to the floor* Speaking of Nate where is he anyway?

Vs: Nate? **Versus takes the pin off of Mania and makes a roach clip out of it, as they both continue to smoke.** He's off, makin the toilet job. (passes)

Mania: Ah the 3rd version of the Ortiz Express (passes)

Vs: AND The most deadly!

**Flusssshhhh. Nate walks out**

Nate: I heard that.

Mania: I heard that too.

Vs: And we all SMELL IT! GAT DAAAYUM NATE! Lysol man, Lysol!!

Nate: **smiling a bit** Job to my scent!! JOB I SAY! **Smile disappears** Wait somethings not right, where's Jay?

Mania: What Jay?

*Vs holds up the roach*

Vs: This one? It's almost out. But I'm sure we can roll another one if you wanna smoke. (passes)

Nate: NO, not that kind of Jay...**approaching the board hastily, picking up the picture of Jay**...Puerto Rico 'Summer of Heat' 86, Jay.

**Nate goes to put the picture back on the board, but notices the red pin used to hold up Jays picture is missing.**

Nate: Where is it? Where's the pin?

Mania: **hiding the makeshift roachclip and roach behind his back.** What roach cli...what joint hold.....PIN! What pin?

Nate: The red pin I used to hold up Jay's picture. See, there are 8 different levels of suspects. Blue means great chance, magenta means slight possibility, mauve means....

Mania: *cuts Nate off* OK! Relax Monk! Now, do you remember where you last seen the pin?

Vs: Ohh jeez...Ed, you better start organizing the pint glasses by size now, before Monk Ortiz gets his hands on it. He'll be there all day.

Nate: Sure, sure, its pick on the Chize day. You're just lucky you don't have some guy dressing like you, going around hurting people.

Vs: OHHH speaking of that. Nate, check out my attire for tonight....**Shows Nate attire in his bag**

Nate: Helllloooo 1987! Nice, I like it.

Mania: So Nate we're about to watch Superbad, care to join us?

Nate: I'll catch some of it, I gotta get another red pin.

Vs: Mania, I ever tell you about when me Nate and Blade were younger?

Nope, please, do tell.

Vs: Okie doke. Well, we were in high school, and planning on going to this party. Of course, you know us, our plans always get screwed up somehow. So, Blade ends up trying to get some booze with a fake ID. Some guy runs in and clocks Blade in the jaw, knocking him out cold! So these cops come in and see Blades fake ID from UK, and instead of arresting him, they take him out to show him that American cops can be cool! Leaving Nate and I to fend for ourselves.

Mania: I'm pretty sure that...

Vs: So anyway, I end up getting smacked by this car backing up with this skeezy guy driving. I ask him for money so I can get some booze, and instead he convinces Nate and I to go to this party. We get to this party, and I'm lookin to grab some booze and bounce, right? So, this chick comes up to me, and starts dancin all over me. Turns out she...

Mania: Had her period on your leg?!

Vs: Um.....yeah! How'd you know that?

Mania: Because that's Superbad!

Vs: Oh, oh....right....ok, so yeah, let's watch this.

**Suddenly, the door opens and Blade walks in**

Blade: What are you f*ckheads up to?

Vs: Blade, language! The children Blade, the children.

Blade: Sorry, still a little tossed about last week.

Last week?

After your match with was a setup. I'm sure of it. And I'm sure Seth was in on it! How could he just stand there?

I don't trust that guy, not one bit.

Blade: See! Spoons got the right attitude.

Vs: I just think the Sensational NAMBLAs saw an opening and took it. Of was pretty wierd how Seth just stood there.

Mania: Hey, remember a couple weeks back when Casey was talking about an Alliance member here on CCW?

Blade: That's right!!

Vs: Think it can all be that simple?

Blade: I think it's more than obvious who it is! If it were any trustworthy person, they would have at least attempted to help you out. But watched. It was a setup.

Mania: Think about it V, the guy would do anything to get a Title shot... Who's to say he wouldn't sell out and take Jay up on his offer.

Vs: You guys do have your valid points. But seriously, its ducks and bridges man. It happened, I'm over it. Ducks and bridges.

Blade: Do you have any bloody idea what he's saying?

Mania: Beats me, he was pretty baked when I walked in here...

Nate: Hey...wasn't Casey in Seth's locker room last week?

Blade: Yes!! Yet another piece of evidence! I knew it! I can't stand this 'everyone works for the Alliance' crap! That's it, I've had enough.

**Blade storms out.**

Nate: I can't find any red pins anywhere. I'm off to the store, you guys want anything?

Vs: Yeah...get some sour cream and onion chips, with some dip, man. Some beef jerky. Some peanut butter, get some Haagen Dazs ice cream bars. A whole lotta them. Some popcorn. Bread. Popcorn, and graham crackers with the marshmallows, the little marshmallows and little chocolate bars, we can make some SMORES, man!

Mania: That's what I'm sayin!

Vs: Also, celery, grape jelly, Captain Crunch with the little crunchberries. Pizzas!! We need 2 BIG PIZZAS with everything on em. Water. A whole lot of water, and...Funyuns. Yeah!

Mania: Yeah man!

Nate: Anything else?

Vs: Nah, that should be good. Good lookin out though!! Thanks bud!

**Nate walks out shaking his head.**

Vs: You think he caught all of that?

Mania: All I care about is that he heard "Pizzas".

Vs: Yeahhh! **Vs takes the last hit and puts it out in the ashtray.**.**





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