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Vivant de Paris France c'est l'Agitation

Bonjour et bonsoir sports fans we're coming to you live from Paris, France the second stop on the European Turmoil Tour.

And now we're out of here and going to the bar.

Vindicator is seen in the locker room getting ready for his match. Wesley Adams Poe walks into the frame. Vindicator stands up from his chair, as Poe stands face to face to him. Both of them have a determined look on their face.

Vindicator: Tonight two paths will cross, only one will remain standing and that will be the soul standing before you.

Crowd pop

Poe:Well of course, because the septic leaking out of your mandible is frankly unstandable.

Crowd pops again this time in laughter

Vindicator: After tonight CCW will know what the truth is. They will all know who the future of this organization is.

Poe: Thanks for the reassurance, I thought I was the only one who recognized my role in all of this.

Vindicator: I will see you in the ring. My punishment on you will follow.

Vindicator leaves the frame but bumps Poe with a shoulder as he walks past him. Vindicator turns back as he walks away. Poe smirks but never takes his eyes off of him as the scene fades to black.

As the camera comes into focus, a man is seen walking down the hallway leading to the Gorilla position as he’s affixing what seems to be a mask…a mask that resembles CCW Champion RD Money. The man mutters to himself…

Unknown Man: This thing better work. No one needs to know I’m here.

As the man approaches the Gorilla position, he grabs one of the run sheets for the night’s show and quickly scans it.

Unknown Man: (to himself) OK, they are booked tonight. Let’s just see how long I can stay back here before someone starts noticing me.

The man puts the run sheet back on the table and starts to looking for a dark corner to hang out in when a stagehand comes up to him.

Stagehand: Can I help you Champ?

The unknown man sighs and mutters “Here we go…”, then he turns around and confronts the stagehand using his best RD Money impersonation.

Unknown Man: Listen here mutt, get out of my face or I’ll permanently rearrange yours!

Stagehand: (clearly startled at what the man said) I’m sorry Champ, I’m sorry. I’m a ghost.

The stagehand quickly walks away from the man, as the man hangs his head and sighs again.

Unknown Man: Friggin’ wonderful… (he starts heading to the dark corner that he spotted earlier) Man I hope I can be inconspicuous until those guys are done with their match.

The man gets to the corner and sits on a crate that’s half in the dark, which conceals his identity. He looks around and realizes this, so he takes off the RD Money mask and pulls the hood on his hoodie over his head.

Vindicator Vs. Wesley Adams Poe


As Wesley Adams Poe comes through the curtain back to the Gorilla position after his match with Vindicator, the man that was sitting on the crate in the dark corner stands up and calls to Poe to come over to him. Poe ponders it for a moment, then heads over to the man.

Wesley Adams Poe: Hark! Man from the shadows, man of the dark. What is it you inquire?

Unknown Man: Well kid, I’ve been watching you on broadcasts for a few weeks now, and I see a lot of potential in you.

Wesley Adams Poe: Well thanks, but if that is all I'll bid you farewell, but there must be more and I require you to tell!

Unknown Man: Man, you’re long winded. Alright, here’s the deal…I think you can beat that Vindicator guy, you’ve got the talent. However, the talent you have is raw, it needs to be harnessed…and I can do that for you. I’m a wealth of information and I’m offering you a chance for me to share that with you. What do you think?

Wesley Adams Poe: Whats your angle? I know I can defeat the Vindicator, but why should I let you become entangled?

Unknown Man: Well, when you get to be my age, you know you still have it, but you also realize that without the new blood stepping up, when us old-schoolers retire, there wont be a wrestling business left when we’re gone. It’s called giving back to the business. However, if you don’t want my help, I can always go talk to your opponent, Vindicator, and offer my help to him…the choice is yours.

Wesley Adams Poe: Your motives are still blurry, but I can't decline help when it comes to this monster, but man of the dark , show me who you are?

Unknown Man: I’ll tell you my name when I feel it‘s necessary. Anyway, I need to get going. But before I go, I’ll give you the first lesson…don’t talk like a dead poet. I’ll be in contact with you soon.

The unknown man and Wesley Adams Poe shake hands. Then the unknown man picks up the RD Money mask, discretely puts it on and starts to walk away from the Gorilla position down the hallways from where he came earlier. Wesley Adams Poe just stands there with a very confused look his face.

Wesley Adams Poe: What the hell did I just agree to?





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