CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Houston, Texas

Live from the Astrodome in Houston


Scene opens up in the basement of the arena. It’s very dingy, dark and warm. The sound of the boiler can be heard from the camera. The camera starts to pan around the boiler room to where Vindicator is occupying. He is sitting up against the wall with his knees up and arms draped over them while his head is looking down. The camera is positioned at a low angle and zooms in close to him as he raises his head and looks into the camera. He begins to speak.

Vindicator: For more than one month now I have come back to OCW and it has been filled with deception.

Vindicator pulls his black dreadlocks back from his face as he continues.

Vindicator: The souls who exist in it are corrupt and disguise themselves behind deceit. It is no different from the reality of society and the law.

He starts to rise from his seated position as the camera follows.

Vindicator: This deception can not go on forever. Veracity will prevail and that will be Justice.

He picks up a steel pipe that was laying beside him and starts to gnash his teeth.

Vindicator: Justice can only revive OCW. For the innocent search for true veracity and covet for a redeemer, a soul who’s one true purpose is to inflict order and justice where there is none. And without that, OCW will perish.

Vindicator takes the piece of steel in one hand and hits it against his palm a couple of times. He then takes the steel pipe and swings it against the boiler that was next to him as the gasket pops open and steam comes shooting out. He throws the pipe down as it makes a loud sound and continues talking.

Vindicator: I am the Mitgator of Circumstance and the guilty will concede to Justice one way or another.

He walks closer to the camera, grabs it with both hands and looks dead into it as the view starts to shake.

Vindicator: This Sunday Road 2 Glory will arise and it will be the milieu where those who conceal themselves will be brought to light. It will be the preface of the first of many roads traveled on the path of Justice!

Vindicator pushes the camera on to the concrete floor as the screen goes static. Camera fades out.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are live from the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

Indeed we are and it's an actionpacked episode this week!

It sure is. Cause we don't have four matches, not five, neither six, but seven matches tonight.

Seven! My poor voice!

Seven is a lucky number! So this is bound too be good.

Allright mr. Vegas what matches we got lined up?

Tonight we have K. Dangelo vs Vindicator. Two rookies that have been trying hard too get noticed.

Who? And What?

Seems someone has been sleeping on the job.

Yeah, stop doing that!

Right! Furthermore we have Alex Cooper defending his WWE Title against got knows who?

It won't matter against who he defends it too.

I tend too agree with you there. Also up Parker Stevens vs Seth Irving. This should be an interesting match. Both men are strong competitors.

Seth will be dead soon, when Mayhem get his hands on him!

Indeed one has too think if there will be any altercations during this match. Will a Hobo invade or will a Monster attend?

I hope for the Monster. Less smelly then a Hobo in the ring.

I hope Guy Fausto doesn't hear you, otherwise your chin may not survive.

Don't worry it's not like he has enough money too buy a tv.


So you we're talking about seven matches! What's more too come?

Two as of yet unannounced matches which we will reveill later in the show.

God! Do we really need this suspense?

Ofcourse we do! It draws ratings as will our main event. When No.1 contendor for the OCW title Vincent Valmont faces against the man in gold Adrian Boldberg.

By god! Regan really wants Valmont dead doesn't he?

I wouldn't say that I think this is going too be an interesting match too watch and we'll witness a Valmont in top form.

Keep dreaming? Boldberg is the future of this company.

For four months may'be.

That's enough time!

Enough time too job, yeah! Let's begin with our opening match when Wesley Adams Poe faces against I-gen's Carlos Cruz..


Wesley Adams Poe vs Carlos Cruz





That must have been his words after that match!




*Scene opens with Sean, K.D. and figure standing in the door*

*Sean paces back and forth*

Sean: I knew we shouldn't have taken that match!

Unknown: Calm down it's done, we just have to move on.

*K.D. sits with his head down*

Sean: I know, I know and here are the videos we have on Vindicator.

*Hands vids to unknown figure*

Unknown: Good we don't have that much time. We need to get on this quick. Friday should have been a good wake up call for you.

*K.D. lifts his head with a look of disgust on his face*

Sean: I know it could have been a quick and easy way to steal the spotlight but sometimes air time is what's best.

*The unknown guy puts his hand on K.D.'s shoulder*

Unknown: Look you have got a great opportunity to put on a great show or be just another jobber and I don't waste time with jobbers! So I need you to mess this guy up!

Sean: Hurt him bad!

Unknown: Look K.D you don't have this all-star career but now you are getting chance make the most of it. I'll be in the back watching.

K.D: I gotcha.

*Sean turns on the t.v and puts the movie in*

Unknown: Now lets see what strengths this guy has.

*K.D. and Sean turn with a look of confusion on their face*

Unknown: Yeah guys I did say strengths. Take out what a guy is good at and he has nothing.

*K.D. and Sean both look at each other nodding their heads in agreement *

Sean: Aight lets get to it.

*Scene ends with all 3 watching the video on Vindicator*










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