CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Barcelona, Spain

Turmoil opens up with the CCW Champion standing in the ring. To the displeasure of the crowd, you can see that RD is happy for some reason. He directs a stage hand to give him a mic. The stage hand complies, and gives RD the mic while he begins to speak.

RD Money: "Thank you, Thank you, please hold your kind applauses. You mutts are just too good to me. "

Crowd continues to boo

RD Money: " I know I sound like a broken record, but you people don't seem to get it! I told all of you slime that I'd go into R2G champion and I told you that I'd walk out champion. You see, no one in CCW has the tools to beat such a Great champion like myself. I have single handedly taken this company to new heights."

A member of the crowd is yelling so loud that RD hears him say 'BS'.

RD Money: "BS you say? See mutts, this is why I put garbage in their place. Do you not know who I am, boy? No one in this place has beaten me, no one! Each clown in the back know that thet ought not to test my Greatness. As they know that defeat would be assured. I showed Bauer why this is a mans' world. I showed him why he should be going for the womans' championship. He and everyone else are not in the same league as me. You're boy Scamchize found that out aswell last Sunday."

Chants of You suck begins in the arena

RD Money: "Doesn't matter if I suck or not silly mutts, you know why? Because I will always be the CCW Heavyweight champion of the world. No one can save you from my Greatness that you cannot comprehend or understand. Case in point why I am going to show Trips why even an act of god couldn't save him from what he's going to recieve later tonight. I've seen enough of your faces, Say goodbye to the bad guy as their is no one Greater than I.

RD slams the mic down and stand on a TB while waving the CCW title in the air. Cameras pan to the ringside announcers as RD then leaves.

Gary O'Dea Vs. Parker Stevens



As the camera fades in, we see Wesley Adams Poe warming up for his upcoming match against Aries in the rookie locker room. After a few seconds, Steve Jones enters the locker room and spots Poe stretching out. Jones heads over to a bench and sits down near where Poe is stretching. Poe stops warming up and is about to sit down as well, but Jones stops him.

Steve Jones: You don't need to stop. You can listen and stretch at the same time, right?

Poe lets out a sigh and starts to stretch again.

Steve Jones: Alright, here's the game plan. It's real simple…stay aggressive. You're not going to have to out-technique this guy. You stay on top of him, he's gonna fold faster than a guy with a 2-7 off suit in the hole.

Wesley Adams Poe: 2-7 off suit? Not a term I recall, but I understand what you mean, I too doubt he'd have the gall.

Steve Jones: (looking a little surprised) How do you not know poker? Anyway, that's all you have to worry about…stay on him like stink on s**t. (Jones pauses for a second.) So, have you been watching those tapes I gave to you to study?

Wesley Adams Poe: I've study them each once or twice, I've noticed you don't play very nice. The way of the business I suppose, anything for these hungry spectators out for blood, much like crows.

Steve Jones: It's not about being nice, kid. It's about one thing…winning. You have to be willing to do just about anything in order to achieve victory. Another thing, hearing the roar of the crowd can be a rush, but you need to be able to block all that out when that bell rings. Your only focus should be on your opponent, and defeating him. Now, against Aries, I want you to use some of the things you studied in those tapes. Are you sure you watched them?

Wesley Adams Poe: The tapes were in fact burned in my gaze. I understand your plan but I suggest we move on to the next phase.

Steve Jones: (looking slightly confused) Phase? What phase?

Wesley Adams Poe: First the 2-7 suit and now you don't get the catch. Sir don't show you're age, and please don't forget I have a match.

Steve Jones: Ha ha…the rook is now a comedian. You do realize that at the next training session, I'm gonna make you do squat thrusts until you puke, right? Anyway, you know what to do tonight. You finish warming up and I'll meet you at the Gorilla position just before your match. Remember…aggressive.

Jones stands up from sitting on the bench and exit's the locker room while Poe continues to warm up.


Bauer stands in awe of 15,000 screaming fans. Barcelona is louder than loud. The pop is deafening. Combine the ratings of Road To Glory with the fact that Spain gets its very first dose of Turmoil, magic is in the air. Bauer waits a few more seconds for the noise to come down some.

Bauer: Road To Glory...

The crowd roars loud again, Bauer has to wait for them to settle.

Bauer: Road To Glory was indeed a night that made OCW and CCW history. Never in my wildest dreams, did I imagine that I would have the opportunity to leave Indianapolis, Indiana as the Undisputed Champion of the WORLD!!!

Crowd POP

Bauer: As much as I would give to stand before you, live on Television...the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, I think I may have left Road To Glory with something even more valuable. Value that can only be taught in the form of a lesson. I've been humbled. Humbled before millions of people, globally. Humility does alot for a man.

Bauer looks up at the Wrestlution Logo high atop the rafters.

Bauer: I will not be Wrestling in the Main Event at Wrestlution, for the OCW, or the CCW Championships.

The crowd Boos. Brad lowers his head as if he's disappointed, but then looks back up at the Logo.

Bauer: But you better believe Tiffany Ortiz's sweet ass that Brad Bauer is still going to Wrestlution!!!!

Crowd POP

Bauer: I'm not wearing this Sweet Wrestlution Baseball jersey for no good reason. You can pick up your official Wrestlution 3 baseball jersey at any of the merchandise stands in the arena...or you can buy them from Pick up the jersey of your favorite superstar. Check the name on the back-

Bauer turns his back to the camera and points at his name embroidered on the back.

Bauer: Wrestlution 3 would not be complete without BRADBauer!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Bauer: But more on that shortly. Now I know there are plenty of guys in the back, that will say that I'm a loser...A double loser in fact.

Crowd Boos

Bauer: And I can't blame them. I did without question, let the single greatest opportunity in OCW's history slip right through these very fingers.

Bauer demonstrates by wiggling his fingers...he turns this into a clenched fist.

Bauer: But, Brad Bauer...BRADBauer!!! is no loser!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!!

Bauer: At Road To Glory, I squared off against Arguably the greatest CCW Champion of all time, in RD Money. I did so with a few nagging injuries caused by Blake Ma'Jin.

Crowd Boos

Bauer: And Blake Ma'jin may be a hand picked champion, but he is indeed a fighting champion. Nobody can deny that he is one of the Toughest OCW champions in the history of this sport.

Crowd Boos

Bauer: So, if while injured, I cannot over come the odds against RD Money, and then shortly after find myself faced with an equally difficult challenge in Blake Ma'Jin, call me a loser if you see it fit.

Bauer starts to pace the ring.

Bauer: The Sensational Alliance had a successfull night at Road To Glory. But all of that success is sure to go to their heads. If anybody knows about is in fact Brad Bauer. Everybody knows that I'm no stranger to that subject. My ego, however, has been put to rest after both the greatest, and worst night of my professional career. Ma'Jin eluded to the curse of one Steven Jones being overshadowed by my two losses. Maybe...just maybe, my actions surrounding TOP...namely Steven Jones and Michael Heaton, have in fact landed me with pro wrestling's equivilent to the Great Bambino's Curse...or maybe, just maybe...Blakey, Love...Brad Bauer went to battle against two fine champions at the peak of their respective careers. And while I might have lost the battles at Road To Glory, the EPIC far from over!!!


Bauer: With all of those massive Egos stuffed into one locker-room...its only a matter of time before the Sensational Alliance implodes. While we're on the subject of the Sensational Alliance and Egos...let's go straight to the top, shall we?

Bauer takes off his shades and throws them into the crowd.

Bauer: Ma'Jin, we both know, deep down...where it really counts, that I can beat you. Title on the line or not, we will meet again...and if indeed I am toting around some curse passed down by the wrestling gods...You talk to Versus about the Curse of the Bambino. You talk to Versus about the Boston Red Sox shattering any reminants of a would be curse. The curse, Ma'Jin...the curse is on YOU! Until I'm satisfied, you better have eyes in the back of your head!!!


Bauer: Now, as for you, Greatness...RD Money, savor your victory. It was well earned. You have always had my number. I do, however, have a feeling, a very certain feeling, that the next time you and I stand across the ring from each other in a CCW Championship match, it will be my arm that is raised in victory! Defend your Championship at Wrestlution, and do what you will to retain it...because if you walk out of Wrestlution with the CCW Title, your going to find yourself on another Road To Glory...MY ROAD TO GLORY!!!

The crowd erupts as Bauer drops the mic. He stands there, once again in awe of the ovation he's receiving. He waves his finger at the crew member at ringside who is trying to wrap him up. A few seconds go by, and Bauer picks the Microphone back up.

Bauer: And in case anybody's wondering....At Wrestlution, I'm looking to make an Investment...A FUTURE INVESTMENT!!

He tosses the mic at the crew member, hitting him with it. Brad then applauds the cheering crowd and rolls out of the ring, slapping some hands on his way to the back.

Wesley Adams Poe Vs. Aries





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