From St.Thomas Recreation Centre


The Camera pans through the small Centre as a Special House Show Edition of Turmoil is underway.

Rivers:Welcome everybody to a very special edition of Turmoil. We have 2 great matches for this evening.

Double S: Stop talking and lets get on with the matches!


In the back, we see Herb-A-Licious Herbie warming up for a match, though he currently is not booked for one.*

Herb: "Alright, I'm all ready to go! Now, I just need an opponent to show off my skills against, and the Herbster is Golden.*

*From off screen, a goat suddenly sprints by with a rope tied around its waist. As it passes off-camera, Mike Magnum, Incomparable Luchador and rookie in OCW comes into frame.*

Magnum: "Stupid cabrito...can never get one to stay still for pinning of the tail. Oy, Herbie! Long time no see, ese! What are you all dressed up for?*

*Herb gets a big grin on his face, and shakes his head.*

Herb: "Nothing, nothing Lucha. Hey, think you can do me a favor?"

*Magnum shrugs and follows Herbie off-screen, and into a surprise...*


Double S:Looks like The House crowd gets a special preview of CCW vs. OCW

Rivers: And it looks like we now have 3 matches instead of 2

Herbie Johnson vs El Luchadore Mike Magnum

Download Here!

Rivers: What a spirited competition, if this match is any indication of things to come it looks like CCW and OCW have picked themselves some winners!

Double S: Man that was just non stop action, I have never seen anyone hit a finisher from that kind of a situation.

Rivers: I have never seen that finisher period!



Rivers: Next up CCW's Very own Good Ole' Boy takes on the fast rising star named Scott Hanlon.

Double S: At 300lbs Pounds Scott Hanlon has got his work cut out for him with that big bull!


Scott Hanlon vs Dirty McGrity

Download Here!

Rivers: He gave it all he could but in the end he came up short!

Double S: You cant blame a man for trying thou, and since when did CCW allow Tractors at house shows, I dont think Geomon is going to pay for that ruined floor!




Rivers: Our Main Event of the evening faces 2 CCW Originals in Chris Ryder and the man on a hot streak, Justin Time!

Double S: These 2 are the New Face of The Revolution and infront of this house crowd they face off!


Chris Ryder vs Justin Time

Download Here!

Rivers: What a main event, if only this was televised across the states!

Double S: Dont worry there is always public Access, in the ST.Thomas Area and bit torrent, you can also catch all the action and news from your favorite CCW Stars at WWW.CCWFED.NET

Rivers: Cheap pop?

Double S: You know it and before we go, I thought he was fired, WHY IS FAT PARACHUTE PANTS REFEREE STILL HERE, WHY MUST HE HAUNT ME TO MY VERY CORE WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rivers: O...............................K, welp thank you St.Thomas and Tune into a regularly Televised Edition of CCW Turmoil, Web Casts that are Changing Tuesday Nights!



Thanks for The Short Notice Matches

See You Next Week!