We go live backstage, where we see Chris Ryder sat on a medical bed, speaking with a family docter. There talking about his arm injury, caused from last weeks match with Brian Enigma.

Family Docter
- "Chris, I got your X-Ray back a few days ago. And i'm happy to tell you that you're all clear to fight tonight. But you need to be careful, make sure you avoid using your left arm much in tonights match"

Ryder - "Alright Doc, cheers"

Chris picks up the medical armband off the table in front of him, he slides it up over his cast and onto his elbow. The docter goes over to his cabinet, and gets out some pain killers.

Family Docter
- "This is for after the match. And Chris, please don't come back with another injury"

Chris laughs as he jumps off the bed, and takes his pain killers from the docter.

Ryder - "Don't worry, i'll try to avoid any this time. But it was my debut, and I wanted to show these people what i'm made of. And that my friend, is pure british skill"

Just then a member of CCW staff knocks and opens the door. He's wearing a hands free microphone on his ear, and he's holding a clipboard.

Member of CCW Staff - "Hey Chris, your up in five"

Ryder - "Alright, cheers"

The man closes the door, as the Docter begins to speak.

Family Docter - "You know Chris, you can show off all you want. Just don't go over board alright. Remember what your dad said.."

Ryder - "I know..."

Ryder & Docter - "Don't ever go to far, or you may forget how to get back"

Chris starts to think to himself.

Ryder - "You know, I never did get it"

The docter laughs, as he taps Chris on the shoulder.

Family Docter - "Nobody in the family did Chris, but your father would beat the crap out of anyone who questioned it"

The Docter notices the lip ring on Chris' lip.

Family Docter
- "Jesus, how can you have somthing like that in your lip?"

Ryder - "Frank, i've had this thing in sinse friday. How in the hell, could you not notice it?. It's the haircut allover again, I can't believe you thought I was someone else"

Frank laughs as he begin's to look through his wallet.

Frank - "That's because my brains getting worse......bloody hell, i've left me credit card in my other wallet"

Ryder- "You never change Frank......right then, I best be off. I've got a match to get to"

Chris slips on his boots, and shakes his left arm a little. To get a bit of feeling in it, before his match.

Ryder - "Thanks again Frank. I would've been stuck in A & E if it wern't for you"

Family Docter
- "Hey, no thanks needed. I've been doing this, sinse your dad was your age"

They both exhange laughs and hugs. Chris then leaves to get ready for his match.

Frank (Shouts) - "Don't do anything stupid out there!"

Chris Ryder vs Gavin Slade

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Chris looks around the arena, as they continue to cheer for him. He asks for a microphone, from the official. He begins to speak, almost out of breath.

Ryder - "I'm glad you're all enjoying the show.....it's people like you....that make me to carry on doing what I love doing....and i'de like to thank you for that......."

Galvin is sliding out of the ring, as Chris looks over to him.

Ryder - "Galvin, that was a great match. Don't be dis-hearted by losing, i'm sure you'll pick it up next week"

Galvin ignores Chris, as he walks to the back. Chris looks back at the crowd, with sweat dripping from his face.

Ryder - "Ladies and gentleman, enjoy the rest of a great show....thank you"

Chris hands the official the microphone. The fans give Chris a round of applause, as he slides out of the ring and heads to the back.