Rivers: What great sportmenship!

Double S: Bah! Disgusting! Thats not what wrestlings about! Your not making friends in the back if you thank them for a great match that you won. Your just pissing them off more. Nobody likes a kiss ass.

Rivers: Alright folks its time for the Main event! Its round two in the Gaines and Crass saga.

Double S: All I want is someone to get hurt real bad. Mostly Gaines over anyone else.

Rivers: How cruel! One you already saw someone leave on a stracher and two Gaines is already injured.

Double S: Gaines needs to not worry about winning and just try to survive. Hes not going to make it with his useual blood and guts tatcis.


Nathan Gaines vs Tony Crass

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**Gaines and Crass slowly rise, and as the blood streems down their faces, they begin to once again exchange punches as Security comes down to seperate the two men.  Security can barely pull the two apart, when all of a sudden "The F-Ups" by Lazy Generation hits and David Jackson comes down to ringside.  As he gets near Gaines and Crass, he grabs Nathan, and pulls him away as Security escorts Crass to the back.  Crass flips Nathan off and is still muddering words to Nathan.  Jackson and Gaines get back into the ring and Gaines shakes Jackson's hand thanking him for the help.  The two exchange words and then Nathan turns his back, and is about to leave the ring. Just then Jackson, picks up the chair that was left in the ring, and looks at it for a moment.  He then raises it above his head and starts to run at Nathan.  Nathan immediately turns and catches Jackson running at him.  Jackson lowers the chair and look Nathan dead in the eye.  Nathan looks shocked and stunned.  **


Double S: What the hell was that?

Rivers: I believe thats what you call "Surviving." Double S.

Double S: Dont you dare correct me in public and dont call me Double S ever again. I hate you.

Rivers: Well folks I hope you enjoyed TNT tonight. From my pissed off co-worker and me. Have a great night.


Thank you all.