Live at the Verizon Center in Baltimore Maryland! Its Tuesday Night Turmoil February 6th.


**Nathan Gaines is seen in the Parking Garage of the Arena. He has just gotten out his wrestling bag from the trunk and is on his cell phone. He is heading towards the Arena door**

Nathan: I just got to the show babe.  I'll call you when I get back to the hotel.  Love you too

**As Nathan hangs up, he drops the his cell phone.**

Nathan: Damnit hope the thing isn't broken

**As Nathan goes to pick up his cell, a car comes racing towards him. Nathan quickly looks up and see the headlights. In an instance he rolls out of the way as the car narrowly misses hitting him .  The Car continues to speed off and exits the Arena.  Nathan is lying on the ground obviously shaken from the events, and is speechless. Security sees what just happened and immediately rush over to Nathan**

Security Guard:  Mr. Gaines Mr. Gaines are you ok?  We were unable to get a plate number, but we'll immediately call the cops with all the information we have.  Do you need medical assistance?

Nathan: I...I think I'll be ok

**Scene fades to black and switches back to the announcers**


Johnathan Rivers: Hello ladies and gentelmen and welcome to another addition to Tuesday Night Turmoil. I'm Johathan Rivers and right beside me is Stephen Strayer

Double S: You know I'm getting tired of telling everyone our names at the beginning of the show. They should know by now who the hell we are.

Rivers: Give it sometime Strayer.

Double S: You can call me Double S now. I don't care anymore.

Rivers: We got a great card for you tonight. The main event for tonight round two between Nathan Gaines and Tony Crass.

Double S: Again? God...

Rivers:We also have Chris Ryder against Gavin Slade and Justin Time fighting Brian Enigma. Those two have some tension they need to work out. Mr. Time last week called out Enigma during the show and it looks like Brian accepted.

Double S: Even if he didn't I'm sure our boss would have booked it anyway.

Rivers: But first up is sort of a tradition here in CCW already. The opening match putting two new wrestlers in the ring. Its Deano Horse versus Carlos Curz.

Deano Horse vs Carlos Cruz

Download Here!


Double S: Pink?

Rivers: I have to agree... Pink?

Double S: He sure doesnt look embarrsed. I think we should throw stuff at him!

Rivers: Last week was our first ever Top five listing. Lets check out the updated version!


Top Five

1. Malu

2. Scott Hanlon

3. Nathan Gaines

4. Tony Crass

5. Chris Ryder