I see London, I see Berlin, I see Ryder's relentless Nazism


Live From Berlin , Germany

RD Money stands in the ring as Turmoil has just begun. RD then begins to strut around the ring as the crowd 'boo' insanely loud. He then clutches the CCW world title and request a mic from the ringside announcer. Before he began to speak, he once more looks at the crowd with an evil smirk on his face.

RD Money:
"Ladies and Mutts, Welcome to the house that Greatness built! I know, I know, please hold you're applause. Crowd begins to slighly boo Pipe down, a God is trying to speak! Last night at The Clash, For some insane reason I had to defend my CCW Championship. As I told you mutts time and time again, I would walk in as champion and I would walk out champion."

RD grabs the title and holds it in the air

RD Money: "Look what happened... I walked out champion as my devine prediction said it would. I once again proved to the world why I am the Greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all-time and why my will shall always come to pass.

Hell, we even saw my man Blake take care of that scam artist, The Fake Nate Ortiz. It's a shame that people can get away with Identity fraud, pure garbage if you ask me, Heh. Which brings up another point, all I hear today is "Why did you turn on Nate?" "Why did you turn your back on the fans?" "What happened to you?"

RD then starts to pace around the ring

RD Money: "It's insane how you people and your blind love works. Nate turned his back on me at End Games! Nate is the one who took my title and reinjured my knee, but oh no, I didn't get any get well cards. I didn't recieve a phone call or a how you doin', not me, not Greatness. Where were you mutts when Nate pointed a Sledge Hammer in my face!? You didn't seem to care about him threatening me. You mutts didn't say anything when I tried to stop Nate from hurting himself where he ignored me and look what happened? He was destroyed like the little mutt he is by Majin. Don't come to me about turning backs on people!"

Crowd continues to boo and chant for Nate

RD Money: "Shutup, I got more to say. Anyway, tonight I must fight that woman Seth Irving yet again.I mean, how many times do I have to knock a person's teeth out of their mouth before they understand that I cannot be stopped? How many times do I have to lay my pimphand apon thee before they understand that I cannot be contain or chanllege by a human on this earth? Of course Seth won't listen, so I'll have to show him and all of you again why I am not to be F***ed with! Respect my Greatness!

RD drops the mic and walks to a turnbuckle post. He climbs on the post waving the CCW title in the air while taunting the crowd. RD then exits the ring and continues to taunt the crow while heading to the back. Cameras then fcous on the ringside announcers.


Camera's are on hand in the medical facility located in the arena. Brad Bauer is sitting on the trainer's table with medical personnel running tests on him. One (female) is taking blood. The other (male) is checking his throat and mouth, and the third (male) has a questionaire attached to a clipboard.

German Doctor 3: Sir, when did you first notice your symptoms.

Bauer waits for the second doctor to finish examining his throat.

Bauer: Right after my match against Casey Paine this past Sunday at the Clash. I went backstage to my locker-room, immediately burned my wrestling attire, gloves, elbow pads, and even my boots....I then took off my Skank Proof Mask and-

German Doctor 3: I'm sorry, did you say Skank Proof Mask?

Bauer: I know your english isn't so great, but listen up. (Bauer sounds it out for him) SKAAAANK PROOOOF MAAASSSSK.

Crowd Pop

German Doctor 3: Were you naked when you removed your eh Mask sir?

Of course I was naked. I...I...I...oh god.

Bauer reaches over and grabs the arm of the first doctor who has just finished drawing blood. She nearly drops the blood sample. Bauer puts a hand up to his mouth trying to cover what he's saying. He lowers his voice

Bauer: Quick test the little guy...err the # 1 contender if you know what I mean.

Bauer stands up turns around to face the table (ass facing camera's now) and drops his pants down to his knees. They hit the ground like a sack of bricks, jingling and jangling as a pocket full of spoons falls out of them onto the floor. Bauer continues to freak out, all the while having his pants around his ankles.

Bauer: Oh god...I'm going to die aren't I? I knew it...I knew I should have burned that mask. I should have never agreed to have that match against her. What was I thinking. I even hit her in the Va-Jay-Jay a couple of times.

The Germans start speaking german and begin laughing amongst themselves as they point at Bauer's lower extremeties # 3 trys to regain his composure.

German Doctor 3: Sir, please, relax.

German Doctor 1:
We will conduct all necessary tests for you.

Bauer, bareassed, puts his hands on his head.

I don't know what to do!!! I have to make up a will, I have to buy some life insurance, I need to get some penicillin!

German Doctor 2 starts to reach for Bauer's nuts to do testicular exam. Bauer slaps his hand away.

HEY HEY HEY...I know we're in Germany and Chris Ryder just came back...but I don't wrestle on that side of the ropes if you know what I mean.

German Doctor 3: Sir, what is your religion?

Bauer: JEW---

Bauer notices the other two Doctors talking to each other in German.

HOVAS WITNESS. I'm a Jew-hovah's Witness. Have you let our lord and savior into your hearts? By the way, these are brown contact lenses, and I died my hair the other day. I'm a natural blonde. There's nothing more pure in god's eyes than a blonde haired, blue eyed homosapian...uh, guy.

Bauer quickly bends down, hoists his pants back up, doesn't waste any time buckling them. He holds them up with one hand.

Bauer: You know, I just remembered, I have this match in a few minutes. I really have to go. I'm JEW...err, DUE at ringside very soon. Thank JEW, uh, YOU very much for JEWING...oh god, DOING these tests for me. Just call me with the results to my test.

Bauer pauses

Bauer: On second thought, why don't you just send me a telegram instead. I think that might be safer.

Bauer exits the frame. One of the doctors picks up a spoon off the ground.

German Doctor 2: What's with the spoons?

Bauer re-enters the frame. He looks at the spoon, and then the german, then back at the spoon again.

Bauer: You know what, you can actually keep that.

Bauer turns around slowly and creeps towards the door walking ever so slowly. He turns his head every couple of seconds to watch his back. The doctors stand there looking at each other confused.

Bauer: First it was spoons, then it was disease, Germans asking about my religion??? Now I have disease testing germans with spoons. It all makes sense now.

Bauer has a bewildered look on his face. It's euphoric like he's in an orgasmic state. He walks towards the door and carefully exits the medical room.

....and with that, we welcome you to Germany, where we're on our 2008 European Tour

Yea, and my ass is still numb from that plane ride... But apparently, theres some jobber in the ring

Paul Pugh enters the ring holding a Microphone, looking at the German crowd with distain.

Pugh: No welcome back? No "Vee Luuuuuv du Pugh"? Nevermind that, Its time - listen

The Crowd loudly boo him even though he is supposedly a face?

Pugh: Shut up - Its my time!

The Crowd boo even louder

Pugh: What in the blue hell is going on? *he pauses* You know what, i don't even care - Welcome to Berlin - Welcome to Europe, Welcome to Pay Per Pugh?

The crowd boo again

Pugh: I give up - anyway... TYRO KRAVEN - You might be bigger than me, You might be fatter than me, you might even be uglier than me, but lets get one thing straight - The only reason I'm sharing this ring with you tonight, is because you're my stepping stone... You're my stepping stone back into the Ex Division - You're my Stepping stone to the top, and...

The crowd continue to boo

Pugh: Yes Yes, Boo, but seriously - You lost the war, get over it, TYRO - WIN OR LOSE TONIGHT - I'M GOING TO INTRODUCE YOU TO MY FORMER GLORY. I'm shaking off that ring rust starting tonight - and its gonna land in your yard....




Kraven Vs Pugh




Well that was a squash... was it as interesting as I thought?

Probably not, lets move on

Rotti sits in his locker room trying to go over some ideas for a promo that is airing later in the evening but is soon sidetracked by his agent Bob entering the room and carrying a large box.

Rotti: What's all this?

Bob sets the box down, pulls out a piece of paper and sits across from his client.

Bob: This is a wrestling organization right?

Rotti: Duh.

Bob: Don't get brash, I am making a point.

Rotti: Of overstating the obvious.

Bob: Anyway, being this is wrestling I did some research and it would appear you need to get a gimmick.

Rotti: Have you ever watched a wrestling match before?

Bob: On Television?

Rotti: Or anywhere?

Bob: No, but thats not important. I did some research and came up with a list of 20 to 30 possible gimmicks for you. Some really great things here, if I do say so myself.

Rotti: Doubt that.

Bob: Remember though, you go with WHAT I SAY. So if I tell you that your going down in a cracked egg shell and calling yourself Rotti "The Bad Egg" then you do it.

Rotti: Bad Egg? Thats a horrible gimmick.

Bob: It was an example. The true gimmicks are in here. Next week your going to start trying them out and see what gets you upper.

Rotti: You mean Over?

Bob: I know what I said and I know what I meant. Heres the first one.

Bob hands him a small box from within the larger one. Rotti opens it and takes one look.

Rotti: No no no. I AM NOT wearing this. Someone already has this gimmick.

Bob: I doubt anyone will even notice and you have no say or choice.

Rotti simply shakes his head as the scene fades to black.






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