CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Los Angeles, California

Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles



Aries stands in the middle of the ring, with his newly won EX Title, proudly in hand. He signals for a microphone, as the crowd begin to chant his name. Aries lifts the mic up to his mouth.

Aries - Thank ye' L.A., California!

Crowd pops.

Aries - Man, its been a good while since A've been 'ere lads, but a' must say, that every time a' do come 'ere, a' get the greatest feelin' in me gettyworks. From the women, to the drinks, to the Hollywood parties.

Crowd start up a chant of Aries again.

Aries - Speakin' of parties, a' 'ave a little party to throw of me own. Ya see lads, this passed Sunday, at Road To Glory, little ol' Aries 'ere, finally accomplished somethin' he's been meanin' to accomplish since he arrived 'ere in little ol' OCW.

Aries adjusts the belt on his shoulder, as he looks down at it and smiles.

Aries - A' FINALLY won me the OCW EX Division Title!

Aries holds up the title as the crowd cheaply pop.

Aries - Its been such a long journey to the top of the EX Division, and a'm finally 'ere. Over the passed year, a've been through 'ell and back, with sooo many people, who, if not fer' them, a' might not even be 'ere today.

Aries pulls out a list.

Aries - Now, before me celebration party begins, it's time to read off this list of people a' need to thank.

Aries clears his throat.

Aries - Jacob Trance. Kung James. I-Gen. Me very first opponent, Sean Strider. Anthony Martin. Mumma Aries, Pappa Aries. Me brother Nick, and of guys

Aries points around the audience.

Aries - If it wasn't fer' ye', a' would honestly not be 'ere.

Crowd pop.

Aries - Now, a'm' sure most of ye' know from the program sheet, that tonight, a'll' be goin' one on one, with the OCW World Heavyweight Champion Leon.

Crowd boo.

Aries - This will no doubt be the most difficult match in me career, BUT, a' will come out on top. And why's that ye' ask? Because Leon, is nothin' but a coward. A coward will never triumph over a strong willed man. So Leon, ye' better be ready, because even if this may be the one and only time we might, a' WILL bring ye' 'ell...lad.

Aries lowers his mic as the crowd pop. He walks towards the ropes, when....


The crowd continue to cheer as Chris takes a microphone out from inside his jacket. But before saying a word, he just stares down Aries from the ramp. He begins to look around at the crowd one more time, before lifting up the microphone to his mouth.

Ryder - So let me get this straight, you came out here tonight, to thank people?

Aries looks out at Ryder, confused. Chris rubs his chin, clearly annoyed at something.

Ryder - You came out here, to thank the people that helped you get to where you are now? The people that helped you rise up and capture that EX Championship?

Chris slowly makes his way down the ramp, not taking his eyes off of Aries.

Ryder - You wanted to let all of these people know who was there for you, for all the lows and all the highs? How you broke through to the Title chase here in OCW 'solo' ?

Ryder walks up the steps leading to the ring, and calmly leans through the ropes. He adjusts his tie and takes a deep breathe off-mic.

Ryder - You were just about to leave this Ring, as I made my Entrance, correct?

Aries nods, as if to say "yes". Chris looks away from Aries, still annoyed by something. It isn't long though, before he eyeballs him again.


Chris walks right into Aries' face, clearly angry at him.

Ryder - Where the hell was my thanks? For helping take you from the depths of nowhere, and dragging you through the Low Card?! Where was my thanks, for helping you, when I could've been helping myself? I guess Chris Ryder wasn't helpful enough for a mention in your little speech? Maybe I should've done more, but really, how much more could I have done for you? I practically GAVE you that Championship you're holding right now

Aries looks at Ryder, in disbelief.

Aries - Are ye' ser...

Ryder - SHUT UP! I'm not finished yet!

Aries can't believe the response he's getting from Chris, as the look on his face tells the story.

Ryder - I threw away my chance to become one of the top Stars in this place, just so I could help you become what you are now. So if you're gonna' thank ANYONE around here, it should be ME! ME DAMNIT! You were NOTHING when I found you. NOTHING!

Aries - Nothin'?

Ryder - That's right. Nothing. Do I need to spell it out for you? You were a failure in OCW's Developmental Territory. Now, you walk around here thinking you're better than everyone, just because you're a Triple Crown CHUMP?

Aries stares into Ryder's eyes, balling his fist.

Ryder - What's the matter Aries? Am I UPSETTING you? Am I getting you angry? Give me a break Aries. You are nothing but a hypocrite and a fake.


Ryder rolls out of the ring, as Trance runs in. He walks over to Aries to check on him, but the damage has been done. He looks over at Ryder, who is walking up the ramp, with his back turned to both competitors. The EMT's begin rolling a stretcher down the ramp.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome too the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The Center were the Lakers win there matches.

They sure are. Go Lakers!

I didn't know you are a basketball man!

Ofcourse I am. I always practice announcing during basketball matches.

Doesn't really pay off.

That's cause I have a boring co-host like yourself.

I beg too differ.

I beg to you too begin calling matches before I do.

That would be a first!

Allright that's it! Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen we have Amart facing Seth Irving, Frank Smith faces Karim, a Battle Royal between Vindicator, Blade, Poe and Guy Fausto and as Main Event we have Aries facing Leonheart. So a great Turmoil is planned as you can see!.

He, we need too analyze the matches not just call them!

Why didn;'t you do that then? Do I need to do everything myself?

But ... but...

Yeah, just go sit on your butt. I'll analyze them myself. Amart vs Irving should be a great match with Amart coming of a big win and Seth Irving outsmarting Mayhem on Road 2 Glory. Who shall be the one winning tonight?

And one has too ask the question what was Matt Wilson doing there?

Booting Mayhem he was doing for sure. Going on! Karim vs Frank Smith must be the match between losers then. Since Karim lost on Road 2 Glory and Frank Smith wasn't even on.

They have a chance too redeem themselves tonight!

They sure have! Pride Champion Guy Fausto faces Vindicator, Blade and Poe in a four man Battle Royal which should be interesting.

Indeed it will!

Lastly we have Ex Champion Aries if he's not dead yet facing OCW Champion Leonheart which also might be dead after the beating he took from the rapper you don't want too fuck with and my hero Nate!

This should be a main event too look forward to indeed!

But we begin with Jacob Trance vs ... what how do your pronounce this.

Alex I think!

Alex Hero? Who is he?

Don't you watch Riot?

Blashemphy on Turmoil! I'm calling Regan! May'be I can get a new co-host!


Well before I do that let's begin with our opener match.


Trance vs Hero




From Title match too opener we haven't had someone drop so fast again.

* falls from chair *




*Scene opens with K.D, Sean and the mystery man with a hoody on walking into the arena*

*As they get ready to enter Stacy starts running toward them*

Stacy: K.D! K.D! Stop let me get a couple of words with you.

*The mystery man quickly turns away from Stacy while Sean and K.D step in between them.*

Stacy: Wow you guys are being extra careful about the identity of this guy.

*Stacy leans over trying to get a look at him when Sean holds his hand up holding her back*

Sean: Look Stacy in due time everyone will know the identity of the mystery man but for now he doesn't want anyone to know. So please lets keep it that way.

*Mystery man nods his head in agreement*

Stacy: Well on to other things, K.D you had your match last week and came up with a very impressive win. When will we see you in the ring again?

K.D: Well Stacy as I told you before the talent is there, Ive showed OCW's higher ups I'm ready to go. Right now I just have to wait but with Sean training me and my mentor guiding me in the right direction the sky's the limit.

*The mystery man nods and points toward the sky*

Stacy: Well guys again I wish you all the best.

*Sean motions toward Stacy*

Sean: Hold on Stace I also wanted to say to Regan and Sensation not to let this talent go to waste. Yes he's made some mistakes in the past but he's ready and looking for a chance.

Stacy: Well guys thats all we have from here lets kick it to some live OCW action.




The scene opens backstage with Justin Rox smiling into the camera.

Justin Rox: This past Sunday at Road 2 Glory, champions were crowned, lines were drawn, and alliances were made. The biggest alliance that was made came early in the night when Chris Mania and myself destroyed one of the many wannabe's here in OCW, Wesley Adams Poe.

Rox cringes a bit after saying Poe's name.

Justin Rox: Unfortunately, Chris Mania couldn't be here tonight due to the tragedy with Phoenix Industries, but he asked me to deliver a very importany message to you Poe... Mania is done with you. After everything that you have done, after everything you have put him through, he is ready to move on.

Justin Rox: You see, Mania has met a man that he can trust to have his back at all times. A man that he considers his equal. That man... is me! Mania has his head in the right place and with me by his side, we will embark on a quest to capture the Tag Team Championship!

Rox's smile grows bigger, as he likes the sound of tag team gold.

Justin Rox: Chris Mania and I, we're far beyond you Poe, we're far beyond these fans that choose to listen to crappy music and cheer for a guy that causes nothing but utter destruction. We're far beyond any talent that the other guys around here claim to have. Hell, we're far beyond any genre in the music industry. But most importantly, we are...


The camera fades on Rox's smirking face.










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