***Vincent Valmont is seen arriving at the building with his gym bag strapped over his shoulder and a Monster Energy drink in his hand as a backstage CCW reporter and camera man follows Vincent so they can get a quick interview with the, Human Hurricane! As Vincent makes his way down to the corridor and around the corner to his locker room, he gets stopped by the reporter***

CCW Reporter:"Hello, Vincent!"


CCW Reporter:"I was just hoping to get a few words with you about some questions that I am dieing to ask you!"

Vincent:"Sure, why not!!"

CCW Reporter:"My first burning question is, is the rumors that we are hearing about true?

Vincent:"What rumors?"

CCW Reporter:"The rumors that Tony Crass is making his return to Turmoil tonight!!"

Vincent:"I dont know and I frankly dont care!"

CCW Reporter:"Aren't you afraid that he might attack you after what took place over a month ago, not to mention its been a while since the last time both of you has been on Turmoil??"

Vincent:"Im not afraid of no man! If Tony shows up tonight, then thats fine by me! I dont want to have nothing to do regarding Tony Crass as he is old news to me and im not bringing back the past!"

CCW Reporter:"I see...Well, you pretty much already answered my 2nd question so I guess ill move straight to my 3rd question! Do you know who was involved in the car incident involving Nathan Gaines?"

Vincent:"Do I know? Why in the hell would I know? Me and Nathan are the closest of friends! I have his back and he has mine! I wouldnt do nothing nor be apart of anything that would involve something like running him over!"

CCW Reporter:"Well, try and convince Nathan Gaines that!! Ok, now for my 4th question!! Tonight your fighting Gavin Slade, do you have any thoughts about him as you prepare for your match with him which by the way is up next!!"

Vincent:"Theres not much to say about the guy except hes an all-out competitor and I respect him for that! I dont know much about him and I dont need to and I dont expect him to know or care much about me as well! So, im going to go out there tonight and put my body on the line for these fans as they deserve to see nothing but the best from the Human Hurricane!"

CCW Reporter:"Yes, without the fans CCW wouldnt be where its at today! If you dont mind, may I ask why you call yourself the Human Hurricane?"

Vincent:"Ahh...yes. Its an old nickname that I got stuck with during college! My coach gave it to me my freshman year and I have been stuck with it ever since!"

CCW Reporter:"Well, it certainly sounds like a good name to describe you! For my 5th and final question, Do you have any final words to say to Tony if he is watching this right now??"

***Vincent pauses for a brief moment and shoves the reporter out of the way and looks deep into the camera***

Vincent:"TONY!! I dont respect you, I dont like you, I dont give a rat's ass about you or what you can do in the ring! You will never have my respect nor attention until you prove that you can step up to the plate and be a grown man about things and step to me correctly!! Until you learn how to step to me correctly, you will NEVER EVER get your redemption or revenge or your rematch and/or your challenge against me!!"

***Vincent opens his locker room door and slams it shut in front of the camera as he starts to get ready for his match against, Gavin Slade***


Rivers: Looks like some tension is building up between these two.

Double S: like the kid said. Who cares about Crass?

Vincent Valmont vs Gavin Slade

Download Here!

Rivers: What a long match..

Double S: Seriously, it went on a lot longer than it should have.. He had him beat 10 min into it.

Download Here!

*As Tony looks over the fallen body of Vincent the camera focuses on Tony's face, his lip is twitching and as the camera continues on his face he begins to smile, Tony then begins to walk away from Vince and as he exits the ring, 3 EMT's carrying a stretcher are seen entering the ring, as Tony continues to walk backstage, Vince is helped up by the EMT's but as they try to lay him on the stretcher he pushes 1 aside and drops, to roll out of the ring, as his feet land on the mat below on the outside, he stumbles a bit, the 3 emt's motion for more help out of the back, 2 refs come from behind the curtain at the top of the ramp and run down to help Vincent, as the camera fades, Vincent is in between 2 referees as they help him up the ramp and to the back*


Rivers: Vincent looks real bad! What a dirty attack by Crass!

Double S: Still dont care.