Chris is sat in his lockeroom putting on his wrist bands, getting ready for his match with Justin Time later tonight. He appears to be wearing new tights. Chris spins his neck around to loosin up, and cracks his knuckles.

Ryder - "Here we go............I won't let you down Frank"

Chris jumps up, and jogs out of the lockeroom as we goto ringside.


Rivers: Our next match up is one that I personally have been looking forward to. Chris Ryder taking on Justin Time.

Double S: Finally! Something intresting to watch!

Chris Ryder vs Justin Time

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Rivers: WOW! What a great match!

Double S: Oh how the mighty have fallen! Very impressive on both ends.

As justin exits the ring, Chris slams his hand on to the mat in frustration. He seems dissapointed that he lost his match. Chris stands up and asks for a microphone from the announcer.

Ryder - ".......I....."

Chris puts his hand on his head, as he can't seem to say the right words.

Ryder - "I don't know whats happening to me......I just....."

Chris slams his microphone onto the floor, as the crowd look on stunned. As Chris slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp.

Rivers: And so ends Ryder's perfect record. Its nothing to worry about though, Mr Ryder is a fantastic wrestler and it doesnt matter if he loses.

Double S: Yes but think of what hes going threw now. Hes just going to have to deal with it and suck it up.Luckly for him he hasent fought Malu yet which would have ended it sooner then later.