*David Jackson is backstage sitting on a table with his traditional green and blue attire on.  He has his eyes closed and he is talking out loud.  Several stage hands pass him by and they can't tell if he is asleep and talking or awake and just has his eyes closed.  The audio seems to be having difficulty as the first few seconds are cut out.  Then, the audio seems to work and you can finally hear D-Jack.

D-Jack:...What makes a wrestler great?  Is it the way he carries himself?  Is it his attitude?  Is it his charisma?  Is it his in-ring ability?  Is it the amount of wins under his belt?  Is it how many titles he held throughout his career?  Is it his toughness?  Is it his strength?  Is it the way the fans react to him?  What is it...what makes a wrestler great?

*David opens his eyes, but puts his hands over them just as quickly.  It is apparent he doesn't want people to see his eyes.

D-Jack:  I have been told by some that I'm the greatest wrestler they have ever seen.  I have been told by some more than I am the worst wrestler they have ever seen.  The most recent guy to compliment me was Nathan Gaines.  I believe he called me "A friend...A respected mentor, and veteran leader.  David Jackson; a man who has seen it all and done it all.  He knows the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows."  Nathan, I can't think you enough.  It means much to a guy to have his ego stroked, but it means more to give someone his due.  I know you want to know who is conspiring against you and I know you want some retribution for my little steel chair stunt.  However, given the shape you're in from that unfortunate car "accident" is terrible and that triple threat match that you and I were involved in didn't help matters either.  At this rate, you're going to end your career before its time.  By all means, do so, but only by my hand.  I don't want you to stop till I say you're done.  If you still want to get your hands on me next week, by all means, feel free to do so...but not in a ring, oh no no no.  I want to settle this in a different atmosphere.  I have a favorite bar that I like to go to everytime I am in the area the arena we are going to next week.  I'll be waiting there for you.  If you do show, then I will show a good old-fashoned beating.  If not, then I'm sure I can find something or someone to occupy my time.

*D-Jack takes his hands off his eyes and it is apparent that he has two black eyes.*

D-Jack:  This happened earlier this morning.  One of my best friends lives in Indiana and the two of us went out to breakfast.  However, her jealous and possessive boyfriend followed her into town and started a brawl with me in the restaurant.  It was a good fight, it got my blood pumping, and got his all over the floor.  I may have two black eyes, but he's never going to have kids...ever.

*Jackson jumps off the table and walks out of camera range as the camera fades.*



Double S: Im not surpized that some guy hit Jackson in the face. I would too if some masked man in some members only jacket were talking to my girlfreind!

Rivers: Im sure he doesnt wear a mask 24/7.

Double S: Have you ever seen him without a mask?

Rivers: Well... Anyway! Lets get down to the main event tonight. A handicap match between Nathan Gaines with the team of Malu and Tony Crass!

Double S: Bah! The last match was the Main Event in my eyes.

Nathan Gaines vs Malu & Tony Crass

Download Here!

**As Malu and Crass have their hands raised, Nathan begins to stir.  He is bloody and beaten, but is attempting to pull himself up using the ropes.  Crass and Malu look at one another and then walk over to Gaines.  Crass uses his boot to push Gaines' head down, and Malu walks over to get a microphone**

Malu: Gaines you just don't learn.  That's two weeks where I've left you in the ring after beating you down.  Why do you even attempt to come back for more?  Are you crazy or just plain stupid?  Every week you come out and say you want answers.  Well next week right here on Turmoil I will give you the answers you're looking for.  I know who tried to run you down. The answer you've been looking for has been right under your nose the whole time. You want answers? Well next week you'll get just what you're looking for. Crass finish him off

**Malu drops the microphone and leaves the ring as Crass continues to get cheap shots in on Gaines.  Nathan now has blood pouring from his head, and can barely defend himself from the vicious stomps of Crass.  After slaming Nathan's head down, Crass leaves the ring.  Nathan who can no longer stand, crawls over to the microphone Malu dropped.**

Nathan: Malu next week.....You're mine!!!



Rivers: And that wraps up another edition of Turmoil!

Double S: A great way to end a show and you know what…

Double S is cut off as the entire stadium crowd’s attention is stolen by an unidentified man wearing a large black coat makes his way through the crowd and seeming to be getting a large reaction of boo’s.

Rivers: Wait a minute that’s Devil D. Graves from OCW! Who does he think he is out of anyone in OCW to show up on a CCW Show!?

Double S: A man with no respect and a brave set a cahoonas.

Graves walks back the time keep ripping the microphone out of his hands and throwing him onto the floor. Deville slides inside the ring welcoming himself into a loud reaction of boo’s a unkind words from the fans, as Graves paces around the ring slowly with a large grin on his face almost seeming to enjoy the crowd’s hatred for him.

Graves: Is this ovation you show for the greatest wrestler in the world?

Once again Graves is met by a barrage of boos.

Graves: You’d think when a superstar of my caliber showing up on the B…wait no the C…is it the D Show? That’s right; you’d think you’d learn a thing or two about respect when I show up on the show that’s making viewers turn off there TV’s and begin searching up news on real wrestlers such as myself back up in the Big Leagues.

Graves starts to laugh as the crowd continues to get more rowdy including some tossing drinks and garbage into the ring. Then the crowd begins to chant “SHUT THE F*** UP” before Graves begins to speak again.

Graves: You see apparently I made a few people unhappy up in the offices of OCW and CCW jeopardizing our quote unquote, Working Partner Relationship. So after hearing all the crying, bitching, moaning from every single person you could possibly think off backstage, OCW wanted to me be kind enough to stop by and ask for forgiveness and give an utmost sincere apology to everyone at Double C W. See what I did there.

The more knowledgably fans have a chuckle but still the crowd remains relentless as Graves continues.

Graves: Of course the first thing I thought of this was that it was nothing more than the stupidest idea I have ever heard of. But then the complaints kept coming, higher positions kept threatening me till finally a Mr. Sensation decided to call me up to his office and have an intervention for myself. I finally came to terms with the inappropriate actions I took following than wonderful display of (looking forced and uncomfortable to say) wrestling.

Graves then reaches into his inside pocket of his jacket and pulls out a small item that is hidden from the fans kept tight inside the palm of DDG.

Graves: So earlier today in the airport I thought of all the ways I was wrong and finally decided to come out here in front of all the loyal CCW fans and so everyone backstage can hear. I’m sorry…

The fans slowly begin to start a slow clap while some fans resent the apology but quickly the attitude return to how they were previously. Graves drops the item out of his hand in front of himself revealing a pacifier.

Graves: I’m sorry that each and every one of you pathetic excuses for wrestlers grew up soft acting like little women in a man’s sport. I’d be ashamed to put my name on this talent less cesspool of wrestlers.

Graves: And if you thought I’m done here tonight; you are way off track. Tonight I’m going to take someone backstage and prove that he’s the baby he is, I’m going to make someone wear this pacifier here tonight. I don’t care who you or who you think you are, tonight I’m going to start the end of CCW all by myself. So whoever wants to accept reality first; bring your ass down that entrance ramp and you can choose weather we do this the easy way, or the hard way.

Graves kneels down and picks up with pacifier then taunting towards the entrance ramp calling for someone to come down. No one makes there way out making Graves anxious.

Graves: Common now; there has to be someone back there who thinks they stand a chance. Nathan Gaines? David Jackson? Common Malu I know you’ll put anything in that fat mouth. Someone get your ass out here NOW!

Just then after Graves finishes speaking the crowd goes nuts as a huge surprise with Justin Time making his way out from the back walking down the entrance ramp looking quite determined.

Rivers: What a shocker! It’s Justin Time! Get in their Justin and show him what CCW is all about!

Graves: So this is the savior for CCW? This is the bravest and best man you could send out here? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Justin slides into the ring and immediately gets into Devil D. Graves face and the two begin to trade insults to one another before a shoving contest builds up.

Graves: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m not getting paid for this; you really want to man up show up on Riot tomorrow.

As the crowd begins to boo Graves for chickening out and turning to head outside the ring; Justin Time turns around paying no attention to Graves who turns around again himself and charges Justin knocking him down and begins to assault the CCW star.

Rivers: What a coward!

Double S: Cheap shot by Graves. I like this cat.

Graves continues to stomp on Justin until Time is able to grab a hold of Graves’ leg and pull him down getting on top of him and the two begin to exchange punches rolling across the ring mat as the fans are going insane watching OCW vs. CCW dish out for the first time.

Finally Graves is able to get back on his face and looks ready to put the ‘Albany Massacre’ on Time as a sea full of CCW Superstars rush down the ramp running into the ring but just miss Graves who dodges out of the way and jolts through the crowd making his exit still being chased by some.

Rivers: Who’s running now Graves!

Double S: You mess with someone from CCW; that means you mess with the whole pack!

Rivers: That’s all the time for tonight and what a way to end the show! That’s all from us here on Turmoil we’ll be back same time next week!

The scene ends with the entire roster packed inside the ring getting wound up with the crowd chanting “CC Dub, CC Dub, CC Dub”.

Thank you everyone!