Live at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Its Tuesday Night Turmoil!

**The Scene Opens with Scott Hanlon walking into the arena.  He has on sunglasses, a green "Out-Drink the Irish" T-Shirt on, and a pair of blue Jeans.  His wrestling gear is in the bag strapped over his shoulder, and he has a rather smug look on his face.  As Scott goes to turn the corner he is met by Nathan Gaines.  Gaines is standing against the wall, already in wrestling gear, with his arms folded.  Nathan doesn't look happy.**

Scott: Well well well if it isn't the man who I'll help carry to a win tonight.  You know I was gonna come looking for you. I figured I'd give you some advice, and tell you the strategy we should follow for tonight..

**Nathan in a rather quiet and calm voice cuts Scott off**

Nathan: Look Scott, I didn't ask for a tag partner, management just so happened to give me one.  Lets face it, I don't like you, you don't like me.  That really doesn't matter.  The one thing that matters most to me tonight is that I get my hands on Crass and Malu.  I know it was either one of these two that had something to do with the attempt to run me down.  Tonight I'm not asking you for anything.  Just know that I'm not leaving that ring til I know that Malu and Crass are both incapible of leaving.  I said it two weeks ago, I'm gonna start finding out answers my way.

Scott: The only statement you got right there was that we don't like each other.  I'm out to put on a show tonight.  So I suggest that you take your little sob story, and sit in the corner, cause tonight I'll show you why I'm better than every other CCW wrestler. 

Nathan: Scott, do not get in my way tonight, because if you're not part of the solution, you are the problem.  I'm a broken man Scott.  Someone like me is very very scary.  Just pray that I don't snap tonight Scott.  I'll see you in the ring.

**Nathan walks down the hall as Scott turns and looks. Once Nathan is out of sight, Hanlon spits, puts his sunglasses back on, and pauses**

Hanlon: He doesn't want a tag team partner?  Looks like he just got himself the handicapped beating of his life


Rivers: Welcome to Tuesday Night Turmoil we have a fantastic show for you tonight!

Double S: Yes we do folk tonights main event is the first-

Just then Derick Winters appears on the titantron with a sour look on his face.

Winter: Im really not in the mood for this and I really want to see some people get their ass kicked tonight so if Hanlon and Gaines dont want to be partners then Gaines in fighting in a handicap match against Malu and Crass.

Double S: Ha ha!

Rivers: Ouch.. This doesnt look good for Mr. Gaines.


Winters: Also Scott will be fighting someone else that will eat him and the ring next!

Mr. Winters turns from the camera and the titantron turns off.

Rivers: Looks like their will be changes to out card tonight.

Double S: Yeah? What else is new?


??? vs Scott Hanlon

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Double S: And theres plenty more where that came from folks!

Rivers: Yes, Tonight is not going to be a very good night for some of the guys backstage.


**Nathan Gaines is seen walking backstage in street clothes.  He has his wrestling bag over his shoulder, and is listening to his iPod.  Nathan seems rather focused, yet seems detached from his surroundings.  All of a sudden Nathan is stopped by Gene Hill, CCW's newest backstage interviewer.**

Gene: Excuse me Nathan.....Excuse me

**Nathan takes his headphones off and gives a smile towards Gene**

Nathan: Can I help you?

Gene: Ah yes, I was hoping to get your thoughts on the announcement made by Mr. Sensation last week in regards to Wrestlution.  Many of the new guys, have expressed their desire to par take in the greatest event in Wrestling E-Fed history.

Nathan: My thoughts...You see last year I was the curtain jerker for Lution.  I put on one hell of a match with DJ Chino, and got to watch the rest of the show backstage.  Do you know what that's like Gene?  To have a partial taste of something you've dreamed of since you were a child?  All of these guys in the back think they deserve to be at the "show".   That's a fine attitude to have, but let me tell you this Gene.  Nothing in this life is given.  Wrestlution is the grandest stage of them all. Its where superstars are made, and Legends are forever etched in the history of this great company.  Wrestlution has housed some of the biggest names such as RD Money, Nate Ortiz, Nick Kage, Guy Fausto, and many more, and has seen great moments such as Versus winning his first OCW title.  Coming in here and expecting that you deserve Wrestlution privilages is a joke.

Wrestlution represents passion and glory.  It is the Pay-Per-View that dreams are made at.  For any wrestler to stand here and say that Wrestlution is a lock for them is a joke. Its a slap in the face to all of the guys in the back that bust their asses night in and night out to put on a show.  This year Wrestlution will create another crowning moment in Wrestling E-Fed History.  The first ever CCW Champion will be crowned.  I see that title just as I view ever other title.  It symbolizes the pinancle of success.  When that belt is hoisted up in the air, no other words need to be spoken. That title shows that you truly are the best.

At Wrestlution,I plan to finally climb the mountain.  I've busted my ass and this year,I plan to lay stake in becoming the first CCW Champion.  This year I plan to reach the top and etch my own name along side those who have come before. Thank You Gene

**With that Nathan heads down the hall and enters the locker room**


Top 5

1. Malu

2. Chris Ryder

3. Justin Time

4. Nathan Gaines

5. Scott Hanlon