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Walla Walla, Washington

Live from Walla Walla



Jacob Trance: Last week, a certain individual assaulted my friend, Aries. As a result of that cowards actions he won't be here tonight, he's been told by his doctor to stay at home. Chris Ryder, we know each other all too well, you have a short fuse.

Trance pauses visibly upset that his friend is injured.

Jacob Trance: You're nothing more than a walking advertisement for the small man syndrome stereotype club. You have to cheap shot and backstab your way to everything Chris, that's why your reign was so short. That's why everyone, everyone hates your guts! That's why when you got Carlos deported, they didn't cheer for you, that's why your Hollywood blockbusters have been colossal failures! And I hope you know that you're going to pay for what you done to Aries you snivelling...


Trance looks on with hatred at Chris Ryder as the fans heckle and shout at the man that attacked Aries, not wanting to hear his voice.

Chris Ryder: Now hold on just a minute, you think I'm a coward? Was I a coward last week? When I destroyed Aries? And crushed his face between two steel chairs? I don't think so, in fact, I'd say this division deserved those actions last week, and if you feel differently, then perhaps you might want to leave this ring now, before I put you into a hospital bed, next to your so-called EX Champion.

Trance takes a step forward, lifting his microphone to his lips.

Jacob Trance:
This is all about a championship to you? Is that it? Why don't you prove just how good you are Ryder, you and I... again, tonight!

Chris slowly puts down his microphone, adjusts his shirt, and acts as if he's about to walk away...



Good evening everyone, welcome to OCW Turmoil, LIVE from WALLA WALLA, WASHINGTON!!




Shut it dipstick. We got a 3 match card, that's sure to blow up into something major, so let's get to it. Tonight, we have Christ Baxter going against Karim "The Eh One" in a one on one battle for know what, I just don't have it in me.

Are you napping?


Ok...well, I guess we'll have to be quiet. The next match on our card, and in your programs is, Trance v. Ryder. They're not much around the locker room after the shows, but they can put something special on in the ring if the stars align. Next up, Vice President, VFM back in action going 1 on 1 against Wesley Adams Poe. Exemplifier of execration, is back in the ring, and no doubt preparing himself to face Blade at Wrestlution.


Oh, I'm sure the VP loves hearing that. Finally, to cap off the night, we have a title match!! Ex championship is up when Aries defends his championship against Wonderful Wesley!! Aries has been on a hell of a hot streak, let's see if he can't keep it up against another one of the Wonders...they're like the freaking Wayans family. Never stop procreating. Anyway, on with the show.


Karim vs Baxter





Well, I'm pretty sure Double S is in a coma. But these fans aren't.
zzzzzzzzyes they arezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




* The Air is seen pacing around backstage *

Air: What can I do too convince the GM's too give me a handicap match? What can I do? * Air thinks long and hard and sees Far Beyond Metal on a rerun of Riot* Hmmm, brilliant. That will certainly do! After that the General Managers have too give me my handicap match. Then after winning that I can face Alex Cooper and beat him too a bloody pulp!

* The Air heads off in another direction as the camera pans out *




Smythe walks into the Bloodline locker room where Nate is sitting in a chair watching TV. He has a look of satisfaction on his face after what he did to Leon. Smythe sits down beside him and starts blabbing. Nate doesn't acknowledge his presence at all.

Well that was sweet... But Nate you gotta get something through that thick beard of yours... Were in this together now... You don't have to go it alone anymore... Communicate and execute... we could have done much more damage...

Nate: We???

Smythe: Hell yeah Nate were a team now... I tonight I put in a open challenge to any two wrestlers in this business so we can prove a point.

Nate: What point is that?

Smythe: That Mythic Fusion is the first unstoppable force in OCW... well after Malu that is..

Nate: Mythic Fusion! That is terrible.

Smythe: Naw Nate... you know when Gou-han fuses with Trunks and they make gou-Trucks and they are amazing??? that's you and me...

Nate: what do you watch on your spare time?

Smythe: Don't worry about that... we have work to do... and Since Leon in out of the way... let's go make a statement...

Nate: I'll humour you. Let's go get this out of the way.

Smythe and Nate leave the Bloodline locker room on teh way to the ring.












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