CCW Turmoil back to Tuesday!




Hello, good evening and welcome to the first edition of Revan rules Turmoil. I'm your host with the most John Rivers.

I have to do my own introduction?


FINE! With me as always you know him as Double S but to the rest of us he's known simply as SS

rivers Thank you Rivers!

ss Tonight we have a stellar show lined up for your viewing pleasure, up first we have 2 rookies who have been paving the path for many other rookies to follow. Last week The Vindicator pulled off a massive upset when he defeated the veteran Ironman. This week as a special request the pupil of Steve Jones will meet up with the upset artist.

That's right folks, Wesley Adams Poe and Vindicator will meet in a Hardcore match up.

ss Also tonight we have a tag team of former Champions, who have a rather unlikely pairing taking on 2 men straight out of the time machine who have an impressive win/loss record as a tag team.

The Odd Couple will meet the team of Banjo Grimm and Lucas Crowe, one thing is for sure we have nobody normal competing in this match.

ss One hails from Samoa and the other hails from Scotland, one looks like that guy from TNA and the other looks like that guy from the E.

Tonight the Scottish Assassin Trips will try to defeat the Samoan Killing Machine and regular muscle for the "family" Malu.

ss Tyro Kraven looks to break his recent losing streak when he faces the in-house Nazi Chris Ryder.

We're not hyping them up like the others?

ss When Revan made the card he made it quite apparent that Tyro was only booked because of his intro.

Damn, well atleast he knows Revan is watching and I'm guessing he's a fan.

ss For the first time in CCW history the self proclaimed Rock N' Roll Outlaw Chris Mania will square off against the self proclaimed foundation of CCW Brad Bauer.

You hear Mania's Alliance induction speech? To me he sounded more emo than an Outlaw. *covers mic* What a whiney b*stard.

ss And we close the show with our CCW Champion RD Money who will take on the newly returned and still Mad, Michael Morrison.

I see what you did there. RD and Morrison haven't been in the same match up in over a year. Sloppy booking? Or pure fear? You be the judge.

s So there are our introductions now on with the sho.........

*The crowd is shocked by the return, cheers can be heard through out the audience, mixed in with some boo's.*

*Finale closes his eyes and sniffs the atmosphere of the electric crowd.*

Almost two years ago a group of degenerates, scumbags, rotten pigs known as Theater of Pain made my life a living hell! *Finale has an angry look on his face* After everything I did for Majin he had the nerve, the sheer AUDACITY to turn on me. Regardless. *Val begins to yawn*...Theater of Pain put me through a damn burning table, and to this day I have scars on my body from the beating.
*Finale turns around and points to several of the scars.*

Oh...and in case you all didn't figure it out yet...Val Finale is CCW!

*Crowd gives a pop to the news*

Finale: But onto more important things. You see, *Val yawns again* after almost two years of being out of the ring I was preparing to have my revenge, and revenge I will have. *The crowd laughs at the notion of Finale getting revenge* I have not slept or thought of anything else. Theater of Pain...your time has is time to suffer the consequences that you all bestowed upon yourself for doing this to me! Your time of suffering has come. I didn't think your going to make me go through that pain and not get re payed did you? Did YOU!?
*The crowd beings to laugh again as Val is unaware ToP no longer exists.* For now it is the time to show you that Finale is not a laughing stock, Finale means business! And Theater of Pain...your first on my hit list!

*Finale leaves the ring with his eyes wide open with a little twitch. The crowd doesn't know how to react to what has transpired.*

ss You have got to be kidding.

Theatre of Pain broke up ages ago, what an idiot. Can we get on with our first match now?

Vindicator Vs. Wesley Adams Poe



river Gotta love those rookies. They really know how to warm up the crowd for the rest of tonights show.

Mick Foley would be proud of that one.

The camera screens to the back as you see Banjo Grimm and Lucus Crowe standing with mics in hand with a smirky, Confident, Grin on both of them. Crowe starts to whisper something to banjo and banjo starts to laugh confidently. Banjo then takes his mic and moves it in closer to his mouth as he starts to speak.

Banjo: Well Partners, This week we have to face Gaines and Deano Horse. We have defeated every tag team the gms have put in front of us. Nathen is a former CCW Champion and Deano a once champion himself. So as i see it when we win tonights match we we'll of have proved to all of CCW we are no joke but plain dominance.

Crowe then takes his mic closer to his mouth and takes a breath as he gets ready to speak.

Crowe: There is no team in OCW nor CCW that can comprehend the pure atleticsism, Competitive, Cunningness, Insainess, Coapertive, Violentness that the Count & Cowboy can spread out. The Tag division will bleed on there knees at us. For we are the future of the tag division and we are Unstoppable. And tonight I will prove just how Violent I am.

Crowe smiles evilly at the camera. You can see banjo about to began speaking again

Banjo: We have made our intentions clear tonight. There is not one tag team that can stop us new or old. So Nathen Gains and Deano Horse you two better be ready for tonight partners cause Y'all gonna get y'alls ass's kicked tonight. YEHAW!!!




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