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**The scene opens with Nathan Gaines and Recon standing backstage inside of the CCW Roster Locker Room.  All of a sudden the door busts wide open and Vincent Valmont walks in.   He is furious and in alot of pain after the attack by Tony Crass earlier!**


Gaines: Vincent you gotta relax man!! Trust me I hate Crass just as much as you, but security already tossed him out of the building.  Take it from me, you gotta be able to control that anger.  Just relax and stay focused and don't let him beat you by getting you frustrated! Next week, you should challenge Crass and get him in that ring and teach him the lesson that he deserves!

**Vincent starts to calm down and take deep breathes**

Vincent: You're right, Nathan! Im tired of Tony Crass and his bullshit!

**Vincent turns around and looks at the camera and the camera man**

Vincent:This message goes to you and you only, Tony!! You want to settle this then let's settle this the right way! IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT RING, NEXT WEEK ON TNT!!

Gaines: Not to mention you will have me in your corner watching your back too! In case you dont know, me and Crass has a score to settle ourselves and I dont want him to be pulling any blind sided bullshit on you! Now if you excuse me I have a match up next against Gavin Slade that I have to prepare for as its time for me to once again climb up them ranks!

Valmont: Thanks Nathan, I appreciate that and good luck in your match!!

**Scene fades with Recon and Gaines walking out of the locker room**


Nathan Gaines vs Gavin Slade

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Rivers: That was a great match wouldnt you agree?

Double S: I have to say that match was really good. Could have gone either way.


*The titantron flickers on as soon as the victor's hand is raised and D-Jack is sitting at the bar clapping shortly and softly.  Behind him is the bartender and one empty glass of beer and one full glass of beer.*

D-Jack:  Wonderful Nathan, just wonderful.  Your performance tonight is something to be admired.  Everytime you face someone else, I learn something new about you.  Sooner or later, we'll get in the ring and I'll have learned all I know to beat you easy.  I take it you would face opponets in the ring  rather than face the man who handed you your first defeat on a silver platter.  Last week, I challenged you to a fight to end it all and I have been sitting here all night waiting for you to grace me with your presence.  Unfortuantely, that never happened and you let your beer go flat.  However, I was taught a long time ago you get what you want sometimes and sometimes you don't.  There is always tomorrow, or in our case, next week.  You never know what's going to happen next week or tomorrow for that matter.  Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope that you keep on smiling.

*The titantron flickers off.*


Double S: Seriously though I find David Jackson to be very creepy.

Rivers: Yes me too.