Live at the BankUnited Center in Miami, FL. Its Tuesday Night Turmoil! March 13th!

*The camera fades in and the 1st thing you see is a Coconut Grove Bar & Grill sign in Miami, Florida.  The camera pans down and you see D-Jack standing in his street clothes and still wearing a mask.*

D-Jack:  First off, thanks to CCW management for letting borrow a camera crew for this evening.  Now, for those of you that didn't tune last week, shame on you and why didn't you watch such a great show?  I am here for one reason and one reason only.  Last week, I called out Nathan Gaines to come meet me here so we can settle our differences like men.  No ring, no ring bell, no defening crowd, no ref.  It remains to be seen if he has accepted my challenge.  Despite anything that anyone has said about me, I am a very patient guy.  All I can do for now is sit at the bar and wait.  I'll order you and me a beer Nathan.  Don't keep me waiting and don't let your beer got flat.  I hate buying something and it goes to waist.

*D-Jack walks into the bar and the camera fades out*


*The Show opens up with Malu Polamalu standing in the ring.  He is in street clothes, and has a chair situated in the ring.  Malu has a rather smug look on his face and is holding the microphone.**

Malu: Wow what a crowd down here in Miami.  Fulled with a bunch of Winners.  I mean how bout them Miami Hurricanes.

**Crowd Boos**

Malu: No not a fan?  Then how bout the Dolphins.  I mean the season they had was great.  Can't forget about the Miami Heat.  Hey at least they'll have time to relax since we know they won't be playing in April. 

Malu: Anyways lets move from one loser to another. Nathan Gaines

**Crowd pops for Gaines**

Malu: You cheer him?  Why what has he done.  Why would you cheer mediocrity.  That's the exact thing thats wrong with you fans.  You settle for mediocrity. That's exactly what Nathan Gaines is and always will be.  The King of Mediocrity. 

**Crowd Boos**

Malu: Now before you all cry like Dwayne Wade, let me get to the point.  I'm out here to do Nathan Gaines a favor. You see contrary to popular belief the night Nathan Gaines was narrowly run down, I was at the Arena.  I had just entered the Arena, and saw who was inside of the car.  I know Nathan has gone on a "crusade" to find the one who has done him wrong, so tonight I want to call Nathan Gaines out and tell him who has attempted to run him down.  So if the boys in the back could play Nathan's music

** "Born of a Broken Man" begins to play as Malu and the crowd await Nathan's apperance.  The crowd begins to pop, and cheer for Nathan. However, Nathan does not appear**

Double S: Where's Gaines...I knew the coward wouldn't show. 

Rivers: Please, this is a cheap ploy by Malu, he know's Gaines isn't even in the Arena yet.

**Malu walks over to the ropes and rests his body against the ropes.  He smiles and then puts the microphone up to speak**

Malu: What a shame looks like Nathan can't even bring himself out to face me after I beat his ass last week.  Let's gave Mr. Gaines one more chance to come out here. Wow I'm such a generous guy.  So Nathan step up to the plate and walk on out to grace your adoring fans with your presence. 

**Just then "Postcards from Hell" hits and Herb A Licious is seen on the stage. The crowd gives a decent pop for the relatively new wrestler.**

Herb:  Malu, I think the fans here have had enough.  Why don't you pack it up and get ready for the Main Event because tonight I'm ready to spoil your streak. 

Malu: We'll see about that Rook.  Just like all the others you'll take the fall as well.

**Just then Malu's Music plays and the two superstars are left staring one another down**

Rivers: Well with that Id like to welcome everyone to TNT! We have three great matches for you tonight wouldnt you say Double S?

Double S: We sure do Rivers. First up is Justin Time taking on Van the Babtist. Then we have Nathan Gaines vs Gavin Slade.

Rivers: Also are main evnet for tonight is Malu fighting a new commer in our show Herb A. Licious.

Double S: What kind of name is that? Damn kids and their hip hop music.

Rivers: Well lets jump right into our first match!


Justin Time vs Van the Babtist

Download Here!

Rivers: Ouch

Double S: That sure was a beating.


*Deano's music hits the PA system and Deano makes his way down the ramp and into the ring*

The crowd jump to their feet and a flood of pink Hunkamaniac t-shirts can be seen from afar.

Deano snatches a mic from the ring announcer and makes a gesture to the crowd to quieten down...

"Now, I have come out here to address a few...issues that I have with the CCW roster and you the CCW fans. I don't feel that im being given the respect I deserve, I don't feel that any of you people truly understand how lucky you are for me to be stood here now talking to you."

The crowd start to look abit confused and the cheers mix with a few boo's.

"I mean come on, look at me. The perfect example of human genetics. Im by far the best looking and most gifted athlete in the CCW lockeroom and you all know what a talentless bunch of losers that backstage is littered with. the most ugly, out of shape and pathetic collection of 'superstars' I have ever seen."

"In fact im the best looking person in this arena tonight. Look at you all, every single one of you is either fat or ugly, and in your case buddy...

Deano singles out a member of the crowd in the front row

... you were blessed with being both."

"Now even though I am the excellence of sexcellence, the most heart beating, pulse quickening, womanising superstar in CCW to be honest I don't think you people are worthy of seeing this perfect body, this gorgeous face and this flawless hair step into this ring ever again. So untill I get the recognition I deserve then no longer will I strut my sexy stuff in this ring."

Deano drops the mic and begins to leave the ring...

Rivers: "I can't believe Deano has the audacity to come out here and criticise these CCW fans and then to call all of the lockeroom "talentless", I think Deano is going to end up getting himself in alot of trouble".

Double S: "I can't believe Deano has the audacity to come out here and wear PINK!"

Just then "Mercy Drive - Lost Inside" begins to play over the PA System, Deano stops and looks up at the ramp. Chris Ryder walks out with a microphone in hand.

Rivers: "It's Chris Ryder, it seems he has taken offence to what Deano has been saying out here".

Ryder - "How dare you have the nerve to come out here and bad mouth the whole CCW Roster, do you have any idea how many people wanna rip your guts out right now?. You know I've heard a lot of BS come out of a lot of peoples mouth, but you take the cake"

Chris is walking down the ramp, and he doesn't look happy.

Ryder - "No way in hell am I going to stand here and let you talk about the people who bust there ass to put on a great show!"

Chris is now sliding into the ring, he gets right in Deano's face.

The crowd begin to chant 'Ryder' over and over again followed by CCW chants.

Ryder - "You want repect? You have to earn respect here in the CCW and if you think you're to good for CCW, then I suggest you prove it!"

Both men begin to stare eachother down, Deano looks around the arena at the fans chanting Chris' name, Deano then throws a cheapshot at Chris which he manages to block and throws back a strong right hand which connects. Both men then start exchanging blows, lefts and then rights.

Rivers: "This is turning into a brawl neither man is standing down, there going to destroy each other"

Double S: "This is great..."

Security then rushes into the ring trying to come between the two men. Deano and Chris are fighting through the security to get to each other, security are being knocked down and thrown out of the ring. More security come to the ring and they finally manage to drag Deano out of the ring as Chris is being restrained inside.


Top Five.

1. Justin Time

2. Malu

3. Nathan Gaines

4. Tony Crass

5. Chris Ryder