CCW Turmoil Unleashed




A black convertible mercedes pulls up in the parking lot OCW International Champion steps out of the brand new car he grabs his gym bag and slings his title over his shoulder and heads through the arena back entrance. He proceeds to make his way through the corridors.

Hey Deano!

The senior member of the cleaning staff, Frank, greets Deano as he walks passed.

How you doing Frank.

Deano continues his walk towards the I-Gen lockeroom. A huge crash coming from up the corridor alerts Deano, he picks up his pace as he makes his way to the origin of the noise.



Vincent's all black Hemi Dodge 1500 Ram arrives in the parking lot. The camera fades on Vincent getting out of his truck. Black suit, gym bag, shades, etc...etc...

???: Vincent...Valmont!!

Vincent slowly looks around the parking lot and Regan's assistant walks towards Vincent

Assistant#1: Vincent, Mr. Regan demands your presence in his office, immediately!

Valmont: Immediately!?

Vincent gets visibly upset as he raises his eyebrows, sarcastically laughs, and takes off his shades to look directly at Regan's assistant

Assistant#1: {Nervous tone} Yessir, uhm...Vincent.

The assistant walks off into direction off Regan's office. Vincent smirks and his facial expression turns into curiosity as he yells for the assistant to come back

: Yes, Vincent?

Valmont: Just out of curiosity, do you know why Regan wants me in his office!?

Assistant#1: Uhm, not quite sir. All I do know is it's something concerning your tag match against Morrison tonight.

Vincent sighs out of frustration and wipes his hand over his face. He slowly takes the final sip from his water bottle and tosses it

: My match!? I wasn't able to attend Turmoil last week due to flight delay, but I'm here tonight and I want my damn match!

Vincent puts back on his shades and walks toward the assistant, face to face

Valmont: Do you mind being a good navigator and point me into the direction of Regan's office?

The assistant points down corridor A and wipes the sweat from his face. Vincent smirks and pats the assistant on the back

Valmont: Way to earn your paycheck.

Vincent walks off as the camera fades backstage as Vincent continues walking down the corridor. He looks left to right for Regan's office. Suddenly, stopping and walking to the correct door of Regan's. He goes to knock on the door{remembers how Regan demanded him earlier}, instead Vincent quickly opens the door and swings it open with a grin across the face. Camera fades inside the office and Regan is spotted eating some cookies and drinking milk. He seems shocked as he starts to choke on a bit of the cookie before finally taking a sip from his milk

Regan: Just the man that I was looking for! Take a sit and listen!

Valmont:{looks annoyed} I rather stand, I don't plan on staying for long. What do you want? I heard from your assistant that it concerned my match with Morrison tonight!? It better not be canceled!

Regan: Well, I wouldn't say canceled.

Valmont: It's not?

Regan: Nope, but you'll not be getting your hands on Morrison, yet.

Vincent takes off his shades again and places them in pocket. He drops his gym bag and closes eyes for a brief second and opens them. He slams his fist on the desk of Regan, causing a dent in the wood and Regan to almost jump from his seat.

Valmont: Are you kidding me!? Ever since I retired Parker after Black Sunday, Morrison has been calling me out and terrorizing me. He disappears for a while and then re-appears just to terrorize me some more. I want to put a end to this and I ain't waiting until Lution 4!

Regan: I'm afraid you will have to. You're a damn champion and start acting like it! I don't have any room for roid raging on my show tonight! Everything will go smooth as planned. Morrison will be in action tonight and you'll be too. Neither of you will get your hands on each other, but both of you will decide who gets the honor of either beating or jobbing to the both of you.

I don't care who you pick, why you pick him or her, but pick a damn opponent and be happy that I don't make that Hardcore title start getting defended weekly with the 24/7 rule intact like it used to be!

Vincent blows off the wood crumbs from his fist and paces the office. After several minutes of pacing, Vincent slowly walks towards Regan. He leans over the desk and gets into the face of Regan.

Regan: If you touch me, you'll be stripped of your Hardcore title faster than Casey Paine at a strip club!

Vincent smirks and further leans over the desk. He slowly looks down at the cookies and milk that Regan was eating and drinking. After a brief stare, Vincent snatches the cookies from Regan's plate and starts eating them in front of Regan.

Regan: How dare you steal my home made cookies! You bastard, leave my office and prepare for your match!

Vincent finishes the cookies and grabs the cup of milk and jugs it quickly away. He takes out a dramatic sound of refreshment and softly places the cup on the table and walks toward the door. He pauses and grabs his gym bag and then pauses again at the door knob.

Valmont: You're lucky I'm in a good mood or you would've had to fire me. I suggest whoever Morrison picks to fight me, will be ready for a battle. As for Morrison's opponent? I'll find someone interesting.

Vincent slams the door and camera fades.





Guy Fausto vs MMM




Hot child in the city....looking young and lookin child in the city.

What, is that the glossary or something?
Nope, that's the lyrics to the song, 'Hot Child In the City.' I love that song.
So you're done with the book?

Son of a bitch!


*The camera pans backstage where we see Leonheart is getting ready for his match as he is putting on his wrestling boots.*

Casey: You ready honey?

Leonheart: Lets do this.

*Just as Casey and Leon are about to exit Regan comes in with sercurity.*

Regan: Sercurity please escort that whore out of my building.

*Security surround Casey as Leon tries to push them of her but is restrained from doing so. Casey is taken out the room and out of the building.*

Leonheart: Regan it was bad enough that you did this last week. But making it two weeks in a row has started to piss me off.

*Leonheart raises his fists while security continue to restrain Leon.*

Regan: Relax Leon, i am just changing the match tonight. It will now be the Wonders vs You and me. Sorry but we just couldn't have Casey get involved tonight to where i was forced to take action. Now Leon i will see you in that ring partner...

*Regan raises his hands at sercurity as they leave along with Regan. Leonheart sits on his chair and begins to think to himself.*






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