CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Cincinnati, Ohio

Live from the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati



*The crowd boo while Leon passes Casey the OCW title. Casey puts it onto her shoulder as she smiles at Leon.*

You know? I should be angry after being kicked in the head last week. I should be angry that i suffered a concussion and was home resting for nearly a week. I should be angry at Regan for not banning Nate like me and Casey kindly asked. I should be angry that Nate Ortiz tried to take my career away from me... Just like that. But you know what?

*Leon turns to casey as she puts her hand on Leons cheek as she comforts him.*

I am not angry. In fact i feel good and better than ever and you people want to know why.

*The people shout whats as Leon takes the OCW Title of Caseys shoulder as Casey points to it.

Leonheart: Because i have this and the most beautiful woman that has ever stepped foot in this ring alongside me.

*Leonheart passes Casey back the OCW Title.*

I have been holding this for over 3 months now. No one can take this title away from me. No one and not even Nate Ortiz. Bet you all think what am i going to do to Nate Ortiz after last week?

*The fans shout WHAT!!!*

Leonheart: Nothing. You see i have proven i am better than Nate on more than several occasions now. I have nothing left to prove to him. Also the next time he wants to attack me from behind? There will be a lawsuit and Nate Ortiz could end up spending the night in Jail at Wrestlelution 4. Now with that said i think Casey would like to get something of her chest.

*Leonheart passes Casey the mic.*

Nicely put honey. See this man is the champion and we thats right we *Casey points* Will no longer be treated like dirt. Which brings me to the GM Regan.

*The fans start to shout whore as Casey just completely ignore them.*

Casey: Last week Regan. I tried to give to you that no other woman has ever given to you. But you turned me down??? What are you? Gay?

*The fans laugh a little as Leon is in tears crying of laughter.*

Casey: This man right here is your champion and we will no longer be treated like garbage by you or anyone else. There is not one man back there that can beat Leon for this belt you hear me? Not one

*Casey gets cut off by the sound of Smythe laughing as it blares throughout the arena. The Camera Pans to the X-Tron where Smythe is seen sitting in a stretch Limo, Sasha is at his side and a bunch of other people who are just drinking bottles of Hypnotiq in he car.

Smythe: Casey Baby... your mouth moves like a tidal wave as long as there's a long stick like object infront of it I see!!!

*The fans cheer for the alpha heel.*

Smythe: It's a sad day when the people that watch but do not think agree with me...

Casey: Smythe who do you think you are coming on that thing and interuptting us?

Smythe: I think I'm the only man to win the Number One Contender ship for that title in the last 12 months. I think I am the man who is single handedly selling Wrestlelution 4. But most importantly, I am your next OCW world Champion.

*Casey and Leon both laugh at one another as they look at Smythe.*

Casey: Smythe the last two times you got into the ring with Leon they all ended the same. With you losing and whats going to make it any different this time around?

Smythe: Ahh, i know. This time will be different. Do you know why my little snow princess???

Leonheart: *Cuts off.* Shut up... You are trash and nothing more. You can talk the talks but when it comes to the match? You do what you always do and fail. Just like you fail at rapping.

*The fans boo as Leon doesnt take his eyes off of the X-Tron.*

Smythe giving a petty clap to Leon: Touche champ. Just to let you know I will be in Wesley's corner tonight just to take in the festivities. Maybe, you can show me something Leon. unless you wanna make it a tag and I can show you!!!

We have nothing to prove and nothing else to say to you Smythe. The match still stands as it is. Now me and Leon have got some business to take care of so we will catch you later tonight.

*Leonheart and Casey walk out the ring as they walk up the ramp.*

Leonheart: I'd be careful about coming out here tonight. You wouldn't want to get hurt for wrestlelution now would you.

*Leon and Casey make there way into the back as Smythe smiles.*


Good evening everyone, Happy St. Patricks Day and welcome to OCW Turmoil! This week we have a plethera of good matches and green beer, in what's sure to be one of many insane weeks leading up to the pinnacle in PPV's, Wrestlution!

That's right, and it seems to me things are just beginning to heat up.

Are you reading the JR Guide to Horrid Commentary, again?

Bah gawd, you're correct. I got it as a St. Patty's day gift from STONE COLD, STONE COLD!!!

I'm already annoyed beyond human comprehension.

This place is hoppin like a hen house during an indian summer!

Right...let's get to something we can all appreciate...the matches! Opening the show we have a man who's here for 2 inbibe supplements, and kick some ass...and he's almost out of supplements. Check that, he's definitely got plenty of supplements. He goes up against a man determined to carve his name into the OCW history books, Frank Smith.

You know, this time around, he's a welcome addition to the OCW family. Let's just hope he continues to move forward, and stick around, becuase he's got serious talent.

That...that was quite insightful.
Annnnnnd just like that you suck again. Next up, we have seasoned salty veteran Trips, going against satan on steroids, the monster, Mayhem.
Someone's gonna get beat like a camel wearing flip flops!!
I'd choke you with a knife, right now, if I could. Next up, the main event, Leon and Casey go against Wesley and the r...
You don't have to read directly off the card.
And with that being said, let's get to what's sure to be a great night of matches here in Ohio!!


The Steve vs Frank Smith




There's something to be said about a man and his supplements. Sometimes it helps, sometimes, it hurts.
But no matter what, he has an advantage.
Why's that?
He see's trails of the's like real life slow motion.
And you're like real life cardboard cut-out of someone with talent.





**The scene returns to the parking lot where we see The Air working on VFM’s limousine with a sledge hammer and some mighty fine kicks absolutely demolishing VFM’s limousine. Coop finally catches up with The Air.**

Cooper: Air, what are you doing?

Air *smiles* Damn you already found me. Oh well I did what I wanted to do.

**Cooper notices the license plate and can’t help but chuckle a little bit**

Coop: I approve. But you lay low and take your sneak attacks, and you should of asked me to join you. Now I encourage you to get out of here.

Air: No, I’m staying!

**Cooper wants to respond when suddenly he hears a familiar voice behind him**


*smiling at VFM* Me! I did it!

VFM: Figures. I didn't know Danny Devito and Arnold Shwartzenager team up for Twins 2? See, this is why I only bring rentals to the arena, so jackasses with a grudge don't screw with my wheels. Air, I used to like you. I used to dig the whole 'thumbs up, cool guy'thing you had going. But I'm not sure what date you started growing testicles, but I can give you an exact date that I'll make you eat those newly formed testicles...or...I can be Vice Presidential, and do what all men with power do. Get someone else to do it, I got too much going on today to deal with the giant tampon and his cotton swab buddy. So, with that being said...

**VFM looks around and notices Poe and K Dangelo entering the arena.**

VFM: You, guy from Boston and the guy Nate probably doesn't like, get over here.**

**Poe and Dangelo come over to see what's going on.**

VFM: Gentlemen, I hope you're not busy...matter of fact, I don't care if your busy. Tonight, you both go out there, and beat the everloving sh*t out of this midget for screwing up my limo, you got me?

**They nod their heads.**

VFM: Good.

Air: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooper grabs a lead pipe off the ground and brandishes it.

Cooper: I helped too! See, I got a pipe and everything! Plus, I let Blade pin you. Just let that sink in. I let Blade pin you.

VFM: A-HURRRRRRRRRRRRRR, DIDYA!?!?! Good, since you like watching Air's ass so damn much, you can watch it...from the back, on a black and white television.


Cooper: What? You can’t ban me!

VFM: Oh really? You know what, you're barred from the arena, not only are you barred, but I'm barring all bonsai tree's and tye dye from the building tonight. God, why can't you just be a good big dumb animal like the rest of the big dumb animals? Worthless...both of you. Now Coop you get ready to look dumb....ok, looks like you got that down. Air, get ready to get your midget ass handed to you....I have something to attend to. Security, help this giant douche out of the arena?

...Really? Security?

VFM: Why not? I pay them.

Security shows up. They barely come up to Cooper's pecs.

Cooper: You're going to drag me out of the building?

Security: Actually, we were hoping you'd come nicely.

Cooper just shrugs.

Cooper: Alright. I'll come nicely out of the building.

**The scene fades out with a sly-looking Cooper and a hyped up Air**



The camera fades in, showing Aries standing by a payphone, wearing a leather jacket. He pulls a quarter out of his jacket, and inserts it into the payphone. He looks at the phone book laying down next to him, and begins dialing a number.

Aries - 'Ello?

Nothing is heard.

Aries - 'Ellooo?

A woman's voice is heard.

Aries - 'ow are ye'?

??? - -------------------------------

Aries - 'ho am 'a? Me name is Arius McMillain m'aam.

??? - --------------------------------

Aries - No, 'a'm not a bill collector.

??? - -----------------------------

Aries - Why am 'a callin'? Well, 'a wos' wonderin' if ye' watch OCW TV at all?

??? - -----------------------------

Aries - Ye' do? That's great! Would ye' like to appear tonight?

??? - -----------------------------

Aries - Fantastic! And yes, he'll be 'ere tonight.

??? - ---------------------------

Aries - Don't worry about '' 'ave me protection, 'a promise.

??? - ---------------------------

Aries - Sure thing m'aam. 'a'll pick ye' up at six thirty.

??? - -----------------------------

Aries - Ye' too m'aam. 'ave a nice day.

Aries hangs up the phone. He smiles, and looks over at the phone book. He begins dialing another number as the camera fades.












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