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The crowd pops as the X-Tron displays Brad Bauer entering the arena rolling a gym bag behind him. Bauer is haulted by The Excellence of Sexellence Deano Horse. The crowd Pops for Deano, who's wearing more pink than any man should ever be allowed to wear.

Deano: Big night tonight eh Brad?

Bauer: You know it.

Deano: Say, that's some nice luggage. Wheels and a rolly thing on there?

Bauer: Only the best...Afterall, Vincent Valmont isn't playing bell boy anymore.

Deano: Hmm...Bell boy. You know that Valmont kinda looks like Justin Timberlake. He'd make a physically fit bell boy.

Bauer lowers his shades.

Deano: Well, Justin Timberlake on steroids. I wonder how much he'd charge me to-

Bauer throws his hands up at Deano.

Bauer: WHOA WHOA WHOA....listen Deano. I'm trying to get mentally prepared for Otomo tonight. I'm not interested in your sexual appetite.

Deano: Paying Valmont to carry my bags is not sexual. Well, depending on what he's wearing.

Bauer: Look Deano, we've had our differences in the past, and I'm almost at a point where I can tolerate you. Let's not screw that up, okay?

Deano: Right then. Say, did you hear who I'm facing tonight?

Bauer: Nope.

Deano: Who is Tyro Kraven.

Bauer: What do you mean "Who is Tyro Kraven"?

Deano: You know, Who is Tyro Kraven.

Bauer: Tyro Kraven is who you are facing?

Deano: Yes, exactly, Who is Tyro Kraven.

Bauer: The guy your facing tonight?

Deano: Don't you watch Jeopardy?

Bauer: Do I look like I watch Jeopardy?

Deano: Right, your head is too small.

Bauer: What does my freaking head have to do with anything?

Deano: Do you like giving or receiving?

Bauer: Jesus Deano, does it ever end with you?

Deano: Actually, it doesn't, because I can go down...ALL NIGHT LONG!!!


Bauer: God save us all.

Deano: Well, Good Luck Brad.

Bauer: Luck...meh.

Deano: I'm going to win tonight against Who is Tyro Kraven.

Bauer: You're going to have your hands full. Tyro isn't going to be easy.

Deano: DAMN! I like it when they're easy.

Bauer: Deano, it's been real, but I have to go get ready.

Deano: Need some help?

Bauer: NO!!!!

Crowd POP. Bauer rolls his luggage out of the frame. Deano stands there looking around.

Deano: I guess I should go warm up for my match.

Deano pulls out a 12 pack of condoms. He swings them back and forth in front of the camera.

Deano: Somebody in this arena needs a Sex Bomb!

Crowd Pop.



Good evening sports fans this is the dubbed voice of John Rivers as you may guess our tape was delayed so coming to you now it's Wednesday Night Turmoil

And I'm the dubbed over voice of Double S.


We have an exciting line up, and seeing as we're 1 day late we're not in our usual time frame. So we won't be calling everything tonight but we'll show up from time to time to give our comments.

rivers The less of your voice the better.

s Oh be quiet......

ss What the hell was that all about?

Their stoners first and enemies second.

*Camera shows two backstage workers in a hallway talking.*

What was that all about last week?

Frank: What are you talking about?

John: You know....the return of Val Finale. Was it me or did he look extremely tired last week?

*Smirks* What a waste he is. Does he honestly still think that Theater of Pain is even still around? Besides, hes one paranoid case no doctor would WANT to work with..

John: Haha...Beats me...

*Before John can finish his thoughts, Val is seen walking down the hall.*

What did you just say?! Are you trying to protect Theater of Pain? Oh I know why...your a part of them aren't you?

John: Um....are you alright up there?

Don't deny it! I know you are apart of them, I know it!

*Frank starts to run away and leaves John behind.*

Val...I really think you need to move along....

Val: Stop lying you peace of trash! What are you doing here anyway? Were you waiting for me to walk by so you can attack me from the back like you cowards do?! Or were you planning an attack with that other piece of trash that just left you high and dry?! Are you their personal spy?! TELL ME!

*Begins to turn around and walk away* Whatev....

*Before John can finish, Val grabs him by his throat and puts him against the wall.*

Take this message to the rest of your group...FINALE IS BACK! AND HE IS OUT TO GET YOU!

*As Finale is talking, John gets up, and starts to chase off. Finale chases after him.*

Where do you think you're going?!

*As Finale runs after John, he hits a mop, and it strikes Finale right in the face.*

*Shakes the pain off, while checking for blood with his hand.* What the....where the hell did you come from? I KNEW your with them to! You stupid peace of trash! *Val takes the mop and strikes it up against the wall before hitting it over a metal box and it snaps in half.*

*The scene fades as Val throws the piece of mop in his hand down, and starting again on his chase.*


That kid is crazy, he'll be wrestling next. Sadly Wesley Poe was unable to compete tonight so Val Finale will be returning to face Chris Ryder.

Val Finale Vs. Chris Ryder



*The camera pans to the backstage area where we see Stacy Clark standing by with a very irate Television Champion Trips.*

Stacy: Trips, last week we witnessed what critics are calling your worst performance in over a year how do you respond to those allegations?

Trips: To be quite honest Stacy they’re right. It was an awful performance on my behalf. However, I do not deserve to be dropped from the show because of one bad showing, since I retained my Television Championship once again at Road To Glory I have carried the show’s ratings by putting the champion RD Money and challenger Versus through their most challenging matches in recent history yet I have one bad showing and I’m dropped?

*He pats his title and takes a deep breath.*

Trips: You see this? It elevates me above most other people in the company yet we have guys who are not even fit to lace up my boots who have a match here tonight, well there will be hell to pay tonight I tell you that.

Stacy: One other question which I have for you is regarding your Television Championship and Mad Michael Morrison. Many people are now questioning your reign and say there is no way you can overcome the new voice of the people in order to retain at Wreslution. How do you respond?

Trips: Question’s to my reign are nothing new to me. When Deano lost the title to me and I beat Nathan people questioned if I could hold it for long and guess what I did, I beat Deano to retain it again. As far as Morrison goes I stand by my claims that he doesn’t stand a chance against me.

Stacy: Are you going to accept his challenge?

Trips: It does not rank the top of my list of things to do, no.

Stacy: Many people claim this is because you fear the tables he is presenting to you, is this true?

Trips: Of course not Stacy, why would I fear tables? I am not doing it because I don’t feel he is deserving of a title match.

Stacy: So will you be defending the title at Wreslution?

Trips: I don’t see why I should. Nobody can beat me for it.

Stacy: Malu?

*Trips’ eyes grow wide.*

Trips: I’ll pretend I didn’t here that and conclude the interview before I have to do something I will regret tomorrow.

*He storms off shaking his head.*




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