The scene opens to Chris Ryder sitting on a bench looking down at the floor of the CCW Locker room, the crowd pop as he shows up on screen with what looks like a new hair color and new attire. He seems to be thinking to himself, getting ready for his match with Deano Horse later tonight. Just then, a man with a microphone walks into shot and sits down next to Chris. He looks at the screen, and holds the microphone up to his mouth.

Jeff Arnold: "Good evening ladies’ and Gentleman, tonight I’m here with CCW Wrestler Chris Ryder"

The interview man look's at Chris, who’s face is still looking at the ground.

Jeff Arnold:"Now Chris before we begin, I’d like you to see what transpired last week. Lets take a look"

The screen then shows last weeks events where Deano Horse and Chris Ryder began to brawl in the ring, staff were trying to gain control of the situation but failed on almost every attempt. They soon succeeded with Deano leaving the ring, and Chris being held inside the ring. We then go back to the locker room.

Jeff Arnold:"Now Chris, it seems you were extremely unhappy at Deano Horse's comments last week. Which is why this match has been put in place. How do you feel going into this match-up?"

Jeff Arnold holds the microphone under Chris' face, he lifts it up to show he looks focused on his match. He looks at Jeff Arnold with no emotion, and begins to speak.

Ryder:"Do you know my father wrestled in the United States for almost 10 years......he took on some of the best they had and got the W, because he had that much respect from them for being the best. He won gold sure, but he won a lot of friends while doing so and earned his place in the hall of fame"

"Now 17 years later, I’m sat in the locker room watching this show. And I see a man walk down to the ring and pretty much spit on the entire history of Wrestling, showing no respect for the people who got him here. The man has the nerve to say he's too good for CCW!. Deano Horse has the nerve to say he's better than everyone in the back, by doing this he's not only disrespecting these people, he's disrespecting there history!"

Chris stands up with a look of anger in his eye's.

Ryder: "He disrespected my father and every other legend in the wrestling world!, people who fought for there legacy!. Well I heard just about enough of his Hunk-a-crap, so I walked down that ramp, I walk into that ring, and I beat the hell out of him!"

The crowd cheer as Chris continues.

Ryder: Deano Horse wanted in CCW, they didn't want him!. So if he wants to talk crap, he's going to get shoved right back up his stuck up ass and I’m going to make sure it doesn't come back out of his mouth EVER again!........"

Chris gets right in the Jeff Arnold's face.

Ryder: "Because this unforgivable......"

Chris walks off shot as the camera fades out.


*Deano's Music hits the PA system and the crowd erupt in a series of loud boo's and jeers and Deano slowly makes his way to the ring mocking the crowd as he enters the ring*

Deano snatches a microphone from the ring announcer but has to wait for a moment before he speaks as the boo's in the arena become deafening.

Deano: "Wow, you people truly do not know what greatness is do you. You dare to boo me, yet you cheer for Chris Ryder...

Deano shakes his head in disappointment

Deano: ... I was just watching a TV monitor backstage when I saw Ryder saying a lot about respect. You say I have no respect for the legends of this business, that I have no respect for your father. Your damn right I don’t have any respect for them, what have they ever done for me Chris. Where's my respect, I deserve more respect than all of those has-been's put together. I am the best Chris there is no escaping that and tonight I will prove that to you but I have come out here for a reason tonight. It seems that after my actions last week I have made myself a bit of a target to the superstars in the locker room. Now while I stand by what I said last week, that being the CCW 'talent' is pathetic and unworthy of being in the ring with someone as gifted as myself, I felt the need to find myself an equalizer."

The crowd continue to boo Deano

Deano:"An equalizer that I can count on to help me deal with any 'problems' I may face. So without any further adieu I introduce to you my equalizer...

The arena goes dark and "I'm a King" begins to play out over the PA system as Andre Simmons makes his way inside the ring and stands behind Deano taunting to the crowd.

... I am the ultimate male and I am the Excellence of Sexcellence and with the most powerful man in CCW at my side there is nothing that will be able to stop us in our domination.

*Deano's music hits and Andre and Deano begin to leave the ring*

Rivers: Powerful stuff coming from Chris Ryder. Geomon, what are your thoughts on this feud?

Geomon: I think Deano is going to get his ass kicked. You don't disrespect a man's family, his legacy, or the sport that's been in his blood for generations.....Unless you're me of course.

Rivers: Figures. Our third match tonight is the grudge match between Vincent Valmont and Tony Crass.



*With blood on his hands, Vincent makes his way up the ramp and into the backstage as medics come to the aid of Tony Crass**

Medic#1: Are you alright, sir?

**The bloody Tony Crass starts to rise to his feet as medics surround him! One medic tries to assist Tony and Tony slaps him straight across the face with his hand covered in his blood***

Tony Crass: I don't need any damn medical assistance! Get the fuck away from me!

**As Tony continues to make his way up the ramp with the unwanted help of the medics, the scene turns back to Vincent as the same reporter from earlier runs up to him to get a answer for what Vincent has done***

Jeff Arnold: VINCE....VINCE!

**Vincent stops and slowly turns around towards the reporter and camera**

Jeff Arnold: What just happened? You just got yourself disqualified and let Tony win?

**Vincent looks at his hands which is covered in blood then smirks at the camera and shoves the reporter making him trip over his own feet and to the ground***

Vincent: I'm done playing the nice guy! I'm done fooling around with Crass!

**Vincent starts to wipe the blood from his hands across his chest**


**As Vincent continues to walk off towards his locker room to gather his stuff so he can exit the arena, the scene fades to black**