Geomon: I've got to say, tonight has truly been great wouldn't you say?

Rivers: Absolutely.

Double S: 100 percent and I'm going you all the credit for that sir.

Geomon: Get your lips off of my ass chucklestain. Let's see this Main Event already. Entertain me.






Rivers: What a great Main Event.

Geomon: I'm actually impressed and that's not an easy thing to do.

Double S: I imagine it wouldn't be.

Geomon: Well it's not but if you'll excuse me gentlemen, I have a little announcment to make.

Geomon gets up and enters the ring.

Geomon: CCW fans everywhere. Thank you for joining us tonight. You just finished watching a very, very good match. You know and I know, that's what CCW is all about.

Geomon: In a few weeks though, our parent company, OCW, will be holding its biggest PPV of the year, Wrestlution and I...happened to get us invited. It's very simple actually, I went to Jaysin Sensation's office, kicked the door so hard that the imprint from my hightops are still embedded in it. He opened the door and before he could open his fly trap I said, "Sir, I built CCW for you. We're ready to kick some ass."

Geomon: And at Wrestlution, we are going to kick some ass. We're going to kick OCW's ass! It's going to be Team CCW vs. Team OCW and who is going to be on Team CCW you ask? Well...let's see.

Geomon: Team CCW will consist of our Main Event winner here tonight, Deano Horse! He'll be joined by Andre Simmons, Scott Hanlon, and Dirty McGirty. Those men will be captained by our very own Justin Time.

Geomon: These men I have chosen to represent CCW. Our values, our work ethic, everything. Gentlemen, this company is behind you 100 percent. Good night everybody and god bless AMERICA!


Thanks to everyone who participated!