Live at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, FL.

Its Tuesday Night Turmoil!


*Scene opens up to a focused Vincent Valmont as he enters the arena and makes his way down the hallway and to the CCW roster locker room. As he opens the door and walks in, he sees Nathan Gaines already in the locker room*

Vincent: Hey, Nathan!

*Nathan is sitting in front of his locker with his back to the door.  His ribs are tapped up from his match and brawl last week. Nathan is in his wrestling attire, and is sporting a new Nathan Gaines "Passion and Desire" T-Shirt*

Nathan: *In a serene tone* Vincent...How are you?

Vincent: Not too bad! Except for my ribs which are bruised badly from these last 2 weeks of hell, but I'm stll happy considering my match between myself and Crass that I requested last week got approved by CCW management to be booked tonight!

Nathan: Glad to hear. I know I don't need to tell you what you need to do, but just stay focused! You have to channel your feelings inside. As for me I have my own business to attend to tonight. I'll be watching over you in case anything else goes down tonight!

Vincent: I understand and thanks for the support. Also, goodluck in your match tonight!

Nathan: No problem....

*As Nathan exits the locker room, a CCW backstage reporter comes in to get a small interview with Vincent before his match later tonight against Tony Crass*

Reporter: Hello, Vincent!

Vincent: Hello?

Reporter: Do you mind if I have a moment of your time to ask you a couple of questions?

*Vincent starts to slowly unwrap the bandages from around his ribs*

Vincent: Sure, why not!

Reporter: Ok, thankyou! My first question I have for you is, what is your mindset heading into this matchup against Tony Crass later on tonight after these last 2 weeks of sneak attacks made on you by Crass? Plus, from what I see it looks like your in alot of pain!

Vincent: My mindset is plain and simple. I have one thing running through my head and that is to destroy Crass in the middle of that ring and not let my emotions get the best of me!

Reporter: Hmmm...I see. Well, it was you after all who requested this match after the brawl between you and Crass and that cheap attack made on you after the guards came out.

Vincent: Yes that is true, but to clear all this up I don't make promises that I can't keep and one way or another I will leave Crass lying in his own blood!

Reporter: Well, that's interesting to say the least! Before I leave I have a request from someone to play this video for you!

Vincent: What video and who's request?

Reporter: I don't know who it was! It said it came from someone named anonymous and I dont' know who it is!

Vincent: Hmmm...Well, play the damn video!

**Vincent looks on at the TV screen in the locker room as the video starts to play**


*After watching the video, he realizes who sent it*

Reporter: Well, do you have anything to say about this?

*Vincent just ignores the question and trys to calm down*

Reporter: Vincent....?

*Vincent still ignores the reporter as he turns his attention to the camera then back at the reporter*




*Vincent takes a final stare at the camera*

Vincent: Crass....You can play your games all you want, but when it comes time to step in that ring with me, you will have nowhere to escape from the beating you will be receiving!

*Vincent walks away as he goes back to his locker to finish preparing for his match as the reporter leaves and the scene fades on Vincent punching his locker door*


Rivers: Some head games already well underway tonight.

Double S: Absolutely Rivers, but what is the matter with you? Talking about head games when we've got royalty sitting right here with us. That's right. Our beloved CEO Geomon is joining us tonight.

Geomon: Well thank you guys. I don't know about being beloved but I'm certainly well known. First question though, what does Double S mean?

Double S: Well uh...

Geomon: That's alright how about I just call you Chuckles. That ok Chuckles?

Double S: ....Yeah that's ok.

Geomon: Awesome. Looking forward to working with you ladies tonight. What have we got already Rivers? Head games you said? These kids know nothing of head games.

Rivers: Well with all due respect sir, we do have a show to do.

Geomon: Don't ever cut me off again Rivers. Ever. Otherwise I'm going to cut you off from the money and then your old lady will come looking for the Freakin Rican. Know what I'm saying?

Rivers: Uh...I guess so. Well...tonight we had scheduled the newcomer Mark Reckless against Brian Enigma. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances that match will not take place.

Geomon: I used to fire people back in the day for unforseen circumstances.

Rivers: ...How nice. In its place however will be two wrestlers we've seen little of recently. Roadaka vs. Trix Richards.