CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Live from the Ford Center in Oklahoma City


The camera fades in, showing Ryder walking through the arena. He stops in front of the concession stand, and begins making a cup of coffee. As the a picks up a packet of "Sweet and Low", he hears footsteps behind him.

Ryder - What do you want, Aries?

The camera moves over to the left, and Aries is there, holding his half of the OCW Tag Championship.

Aries - Well....'a wanted to see how ye' were doin' 'es all.

Ryder laughs.

Ryder - Right, and I'm Adolf Hitler.

Crowd turns to silence.

Aries -'....kinda are.

Ryder picks up his coffee, and takes a sip.

Ryder - Have you just come to insult me? Or do you actually HAVE a reason to be here? If you do, make it quick, I have to leave soon.

Aries lets out a sigh.

Aries - ye' know why 'a came out to help ye' win y'er Tag Title match?

Ryder takes another sip of coffee.

Ryder - No, and frankly, I don't care. I retained them. That's all that matters to me.

Aries scoffs.

Aries - Ryder...'a came out save ye'.

Ryders spits a little bit of coffee back into cup as he lets out a loud laugh.

Ryder - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you serious?! Save me?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! From what? Bloodline? Please, I could've taken them by myself.

Aries - Not necessarily..

Ryder - Then what? Gingivitis? What did you save me from Aries? I'm DELIGHTED to know.

Aries - 'a came to save ye' from the road y'er taken. Ye' see....even though ye' gave me a concussion...even though ye' almost broke me partners leg...even though ye' walked out on me after the match..'a still think that there is hope.

Ryder - Save me from myself? What are you, a holy man? You came me from Perdition? Is that it, Aries?

Aries - As a matter of fact...yes.

Ryder takes another sip of coffee. He nods his head, until he realizes what Aries just said to him.

Ryder - WHAT?! B.S.! You? A holy man? Give me a damn break. If you're holy, then I'm...

Aries - Yes, yes, Adolf Hitler, 'a know..

Ryder doesn't say a word.

Aries - Ryder...a've' know ye' since 'a broke into this 'a know ye' very well. 'a know that wot' y'er doin' right now...isn't the real ye'. Y'er livin' a false existence Chris. 'a can help ye'.

Ryder - Please stop talking to me Aries. Not only are you scaring ME, you're making me uncomfortable.

Ryder starts to walk away, but Aries grabs him by the shoulder.

Aries - Stop runnin' Ryder. Face y'er demons, damnit! 'a did. After you attacked me two weeks ago...'a recieved a concussion...a mild one. 'a wos' in the hospital f'er two days...out cold. 'a didn't know whether or not 'a wos' goin' to wake up. Everythin' wos' pitch black..'a wos' frightened. When 'a came to Chris, all 'a seen sittin' next to me...wos' a Bible. 'a would say that wos a sign for me to change who 'a wos'. 'Et wos' also a help ye'. God doesn't want me exactin' revenge Chris...he wants me to help ye'.

Ryder doesn't say a word.

Aries - When 'a brought y'er family out...'a wosn't tryin' to embarrass ye'...'a wos' tryin' to make ye' realize ye' 'ave to let go of y'er demons. It wos' demons that made ye' take this road, and facin'...

Before Aries can finish his sentence, Ryder cuts him off.

Ryder - disgust me. You really think anything you say, or do, will have ANY effect on me?

Aries remains in silence.

Ryder - It won't, Aries. I like the way I am. In fact, I LOVE the way I am. No one dares to cross me anymore. I am that damn dangerous...and I think I've proven that by caving your head in, right Aries?

Aries -' don't really mean this, Chris. Think about 'et...'es this wot' y'er father would 'ave wanted?

Ryder - You leave him out of this!

Aries - Wos'nt he the one who got ye' into professional wrestlin' in the first place, Chris?

Ryder remains silent.

Aries - He doesn't want ye' to take this path Chris. He doesn't want ye' to be bitter all of y'er life damnit! Take this advice...and think about wot' y'er doin' Chris. Don't say anythin'..just if ye'll excuse me...'a 'ave business to attend.

Aries walks off screen, leaving Ryder speechless. Camera fades out.

Good evening everyone, Another exciting Turmoil for you tonight.

And another Turmoil to hear your annoying voice.

Alongside me is as always Grumpy Man! How is it going Grumpy men?

I'm worse too wear of listening to your voice.

Well this is going be an interesting night to say the least when K.Dangelo faces current half of the Tag Team Champions Aries.

Stop talking!

Don't you have anything to say about the match?


Well that was an interesting remark!
Indeed it was! As will be the match between Air vs Team Irving. That will be a real slobberknocker. Air pounding who doesn't like it.
Well Bold vs Nate will be a cracker if you ask me.
We aren't so stop talking!
So I can't tell you our Vice-president VFM fights Vincent Valmont?
Well then I'm going too tell you that for our Main Event we got Smythe Dawonder vs The Steve, but .... what's this Smythe Dawonder got banned from ringside, due too hitting Regan with a chair last week! What's going too happen with the Main Event then?
This wouldn't have happened if you stayed quiet.
Oh, shut up! Let's watch Chris Baxter vs Vindicator. Shall Justice prevail? Or will Bax Back it up?
Talking bout bad lines!


Chris Baxter vs Vindicator




And he won? What a suprising victory for him!
I wish you didn't just said that!




Vindicator grabs his chest after the bell rings. He is in a little pain. He starts to walk over to the announcers table motioning for a mic. The announcer walks over to him and hands him a mic through the ropes. Vindicator walks to the center of the ring and begins to speak.

Last week on Riot was just the beginning of the resolution for you Nathan Gaines. The pain and suffering you felt when I put you in the “Justifier” onto the concrete floor is not even half of what I have in store for you. Mind games don’t work on me and I have yet to dig deep in the bowels of my demented soul.

Vindicator walks closer to the ropes while staring with a determined look on his face into the camera.

You speak about you conquering your demons when you are the simple fact still an addict. Not addicted to the pain killers you take day in and day out, but an addict to the “life”.

He starts to pace back and forth in the ring.

You are right my demons and yours are completely different. The demons that consume you have been brought on by yourself. What I have gone through, nothing can prepare you for it. You don’t realize what you have until you lose everything. What have you lost Nathan? Your youth? Your fame? Those are trivial things. When everything that meant the world to you is lost, then you will truly feel pain and emptiness.

Vindicator starts to get angry thinking about his past and what has happened. He clenches his right hand into a fist as he continues.

I have not forfeited any redemption or justice in what has happened to me. You will be my victim and an example of what comes to those who stand on the side of injustice.

He stands in the middle of the ring.

What moves me is the same thing of why I am here today. It still plagues and burns deep inside my soul and you are what I despise. A soul who doesn’t know the reality of what you have. Well I am here to make you face reality. For your fate is near and pain will follow.

Vindicator: The anguish that occupies deep in your soul, can not even measure with what exists in mine. And when I am through with you, you will feel what six years of pain is all at once.

Vindicator: Your eyes will be the windows to your soul and you will not like the view. When I am done you will truly know what it feels like to lose everything...

Just as Vindicator is about to drop the mic a video starts to play on the Xtron.













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