CCW Turmoil back to Tuesday!


*Camera cuts backstage to Crowe's locker room and Chloe Taylor is standing pointing a mic at him*

Chloe: Lucas,can i get a few words from you about the beat down Ministry put on you the other week?

*Lucas scowls at Chloe and grows visibly angry*

Lucas: Petulant woman,how dare you disrupt my state of being here in my chamber.

Lucas:  The other week...

Lucas:  Ministry...your getting on my nerves rather quickly, you have moved from a pain in my ass to a thorn in my side,one which i shall remove, time you won't be so lucky, i will be prepared.

Lucas: I'm going to finish what Mayhem started all that time ago, i'm going to vanquish you from this federation once and for all, and with the permission of the gm's,i'll do it at 'Lution"! a steel cage!

Chloe: Wow..thats a pretty bold challenge,you sure its safe to be locked in a cage with a guy like that after his past history?

Lucas: A guy like that!.... a guy like that!'ve obviously never been trapped in a cage with a guy like ME before!
Ministry,your time is running out! The Count has spoken,and woman, you may leave my presence now..

*Speechless,Chloe slowly walks out of Crowe's locker room*

Cameras open with the CCW champion RD Money standing in the ring. You can visiblysee RD is not pleased and he is clutching his ribs.

RD Money: "Oh shutup garbage, I am sick and tired coming into this arena week in and week out having to listen to you mutts boo the Greatest world champion in the history of OCW/CCW. I bet you mutts enjoyed me not being present last week due to me getting medical treatment because that ragmutt Seth decided to live above his means."

RD continues to clutch his ribs as the crowd cheer.

RD Money: "You won't be cheering after you mutts see what I have in store him, I'll tell you that! Versus thinks he is so smart and that believes he is in the clear aswell. Your childhood heroes will soon fall to Greatness as they've done time and time again. You mutts in the audience are so ungrateful I swear it's not funny. I relieve you of having garbage as your champion in Versus; only to have you mutts continue to chant for his jobberism.

But it's ok because the Alliance will always have my back and understand what true Greatness is. Tonight Versus will get alittle taste of our power as he goes one on one with my man Buff Mania. The takeover has been set in motion and the domination will be completed at Wrestlution. I'm the pinnacle of wrestling you mutts, and don't you ever forget it. Now if you would please hit my music I'd gladly appreciate it.

Too the crowd disgust, RD leaves the ring slowly gripping his ribs and clutching the CCW title at the same time. As he gets to the ramp, you can see Malu coming to help him to the back. Cameras fade to the ringside annoucers.


Banjo Grimm Vs. Ministry


*Leaving Banjo Grimm motionless on the ground after putting him through the announcers table with "The Chokelsam of Destiny", Ministry walks back into the ring and pics up a mic to speak.*

Ministry: *Growlingly* Lucas Crowe!!!!!!!

Ministry: This is what I think of your little challenge. *Pointing outside of the ring at Banjo*

Ministry: I suggest you take a look at who you are talking to before you claim to such things as ridding me!!! Look into the abyss of my eyes and tell me if you can see a soul that cares, because there will be no soul to accept your repents and groans for mercy. You Forget last year I almost killed Matt Wilson at Wrestlution sending him plumiting off of the scafoldings. Yet the waste of brain matter that still controlls that jagged mouth of yours forgets that Matt Wilson and myself where in one of the most brutal cell matches in OCW history where I nearly killed him along with myself in the process.

Ministry: Wrestlution..... Fine.... Your wish of pain is granted as it will be my pleasure to render your living carcass into a feast of ashes & I will tear through your soul in a wake of tyranny.

*Ministry drops the mic and exits the ring as cameras fade to black.*



*Camera shows Val arrive into the arena wearing a brown hoodie, jeans, and slip-ons sneakers. He takes his bag from the backseat, and looks around. He has bags under his eyes, and his hair is a mess.*

*Val looks at the cameras*

What the...what are these cameras doing?! Are those Theater of Pain rejects watching my every move? Planning their next attack? No way...

*Val continues to move forward towards a door. He opens the door and it leads him to the main corridor. He looks to the end of the corridor and sees another security camera.*

Ok...this is really starting to bug me out! Show your faces you scumbags! Show them!

*Val looks around before starting to run towards the locker oom. On the locker room door there was yet another security camera.*

Okay! Enough is enough! You want to play these games? Fine! I can play them to. Show your faces!

*Val then turns around to find a ladder. He picks it up, and places it in ftont of the locker room door. He then takes a spray paint can, and begins to climb. As he is climbing, the locker room door swings open, and knocks Finale off the ladder. A stage hand walks through not even looking at what had just happened.*

What the...Hey, hey you. Turn around!

*The stage hand doesn't even turn around. Val gets up, and runs towards the stage hand, and spins him around.*

So it was you! It was you huh? You were the one watching me with the cameras!?

Rick: Umm....what in the hell are you talking about? Who are you?

Val: Who am I?! I'm Val freakin' Finale! Don't you play dumb with me. *Val looks at the stage hand's tag*....Rick!

Rick: I have no idea what you are talking I recommend you turn around, and BEAT IT!

Val: You don't talk to me that way! You do not talk to Val like that you ToP scum!

Rick: Whatev....

*Before Rick can finish, Val shoves him to the ground, and turns around and starts to run away. He trips over his shoe, but gets up and continues running.*





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