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Deano and Gaines play to the huge cheers from the crowd. A large Odd Couple chant begins. Deano and Nathan look at each other and smile.

Nathan: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, children of all ages...

Deano: Tonight in Instanbul, Turkey Cyber Championship Wrestling would like to present....THE ODD COUPLE!!!!!!!

The crowd pop.

Deano: Earlier I was talking to my agent...

Nathan rolls his eyes.

Deano: and she said that I could be the next face or... you know, of Calvin Klein underwear.

A few wolf whistles come from the female audience.

Deano: But she also said, myself and Nathan could be magazine cover men!!

Nathan: Hold on. Last time I checked I'm a wrestler not a model. I mean I'm commonly mistaken as a male model, but I've never dabbled in that field before. I don't think I'm ready.

Deano: Oh yes we are Nathan, we'll will be huge. We have got big glossy magazine companies all over the place wanting us to be on their covers...

Nathan{perked interest}: Like who?

Deano: Playgirl, Sports Illustrated For Her, Mens Fitness, GQ, Hurfur {Incoherent mumbling}kijy. All the big names.

Nathan: Woah, woah, woah. Back up their Brokeback. What was the last one?

Deano: GQ?

Nathan: No the one after that?

Deano: I'm pretty sure the last one was GQ!

Nathan: No you said GQ and then mumble something under your voice, what was it?

Deano: {coughs}Gay Times{cough}

Crowd erupt in laughter!

Nathan: Whoa whoa I DO NOT bat both ways..I'm strickly right handed if you know what I mean

Deano: Awww, come on man. It will be fine. We will be gay ICONS! Icons I tell you.

Nathan: Great so it'll be ?

Deano: Fine, I told Estelle that you wouldn't do it, I tried my best to convince you. So no Gay Times.

Nathan: Good. So why are we out here.

Deano: Ah well our sponsors want us to get some TV exposure, it will attract lots of extra attention and make us all look good.

Nathan: Right so what do we have to do.

Deano: Strip down to our underwear.

Nathan: Hahaha.

Nathan is holding his sides with laughter.

Deano: Whats so funny?

Nathan: I thought you said that we have to strip down to our front of millions of people on live TV.


Nathan: Whoa the only person that gets a glimpse of Big Deano is my wife Jeni. I'm a one man show

Deano: Hey look the faster we get this done, the easier it is.

Nathan: Was it the no or the no that you didn't understand?

Deano: Well, if what you were telling me back there about 'Big Nathan' is true you have nothing to worry about.

Nathan whispers, but he whispers into the mic so the whole arena can hear...

Nathan: ...Its cold out here.

The crowd laugh. As Nathan is stood there Deano begins to undress infront of the sold out crowd.

Suddenly boo's fill the arena and a loud laughing can be heard.

Deano and Nathan turn to the Xtron where the sound is clearly coming from. Ed Reed and Sean Strider are stood looking down on Deano and Nathan from the huge screen.

Reed: You boys really do know how to entertain a crowd.

Strider: But it doesn't matter what magazine cover your on or which underwear company you work

Reed: Because until you hold the gold{Both men show off their titles} you'll just be another face in the crowd

Strider: See you boy seem so focused on making fools of yourselves, you seem to have forgotten about what it takes to wrestle. So..Boys why don't you teach them a few things about tag team wrestling

**With that Death Row makes its way down the ramp and into the ring as both teams are set to face off**

Odd Couple Vs. Death Row



**Jaysin Sensation makes his way to the ring following the previous match, and demands a mic.**

Jay: I hope you're enjoying your show, (speaking to the audience) because it's about to get very interesting. See, in the past few weeks, ol JCS had to deal with the tomfoolery of a degenerate stoner, and his newfound friend. First it was the contract signing. After hours and hours of litigation, my attorneys informed me that as far as Seth Irving being part of the CCW Title match...there's nothing I can do about it.

**Crowd pops**

But if you think, for one second that I'm not 3 steps ahead of Seth, Versus and all of Rev Inc., you are all JUST as stupid as I imagined. So, I bet, in that little pubic hair that you all call a brain you're wondering, "What does Jay mean?" and "Why's that big lightbulb in the sky never stays on?" annnnnnd "Hows comes I can't never spelt mah namez rite?" Well the second and third questions are the easiest to answer...simply put, you're all retards. The first question though, allow me to elaborate.

**Jay looks around.**

I'm sorry, that was way too articulate for you Let me learn you sumn bout the first kwesshun ahkay? I mean, that tonight, both Seth Irving and Versus will be in action. Oh, what's that? You didn't think Seth was going to be in action, well, you also didn't think that hookin up with your sister was such a bad's what you know.

So, tonight, in this very ring, Seth Irving will go one on one with the puca pie eating, soul crushing, Sensational Alliance member, Malu POLAMALU! Oh, you'd think that facing that animal would be enough, but OOOHHHHHH hold your horses bucco, Ol' JCS got a lil trick up his sleeve. Let's go ahead and make that a tables match!!!

**Crowd boos uncontrollably**

**Brushing his hands off** Now, that should keep ol Seth busy. Let's see, what to do...about the stoner...**crowd starts chanting "fire it up, fire it up"** Yes, yes, your favorite little stoner will have his own match tonight, against the Johnny Cash of CCW, Chris Mania. But...that doesn't sound like punishment enough...does it? No, it does not! What can one do to assure that his punishment is carried out diligently? Hmm... Well, 2 weeks ago, Versus asked me how I felt about the numbers game. Simply put, the numbers game has always been, and will always be, in MY favor. So tonight, when the degenerate stoner goes up against the Sensational Alliances greenery conessieur, the numbers game will be in the Alliances favor, when YOUR CCW Champion, RD Money, is in Mania's corner this evening! Ohhhh, I love it! **Does a lil dance** Annnnd just to stay a step ahead...again, if Seth Irving, or Revolution Inc gets involved in the main event this evening, it will be calls for immediate dismissal. Simply put...your ass will be canned!

Now, you can all go back to chewing on your chum, and staring mindlessly in this ring, as my employees put on a show that you invilids will never forget. Feel lucky, that I still allow your asses to pay me my rent. Oh and Seth you're match is next.

**Jay drops the mic and makes his way to the back.**

Malu Vs. Seth Irving



*The camera pans to Trips’ locker room where Roman is still sitting slouched on the couch, the door flies open and Trips bursts in.*

Trips: Did you see that?! He hit me, fans can’t do that!

Roman: Look at the end of the day you asked him to step over the barrier so there’s really nothing you can do about it, you also choked one of them for wearing stupid sunglasses which doesn’t look good in a court case.

Trips: Damn, well at least get up we have to leave.

Roman: Why they can’t come backstage?

Trips: After that I wouldn’t be too sure.

Roman: This is true, could you give me a hand up out of this couch.

Trips: It’s just a couch Roman I’m sure you’ll manage.

*Trips throws some more stuff into his bag and hauls Roman out of the couch before peaking out the door and signalling for Roman to go first. The move hastily down the corridor yet they do not run. They turn right and both look back as they turn, as they turn their heads back to face forward they bump into Stacy Clark.*

Trips: This is not a good time.

Stacy: Just a few quick words please.

Roman: Do you know a quick way out of this damn maze?

Stacy: Yes.

Trips: Well?

Stacy: Interview first.

*Trips begins to walk off but Roman grabs his arm.*

Roman: Just do it, there’s no way we can find a way out, neither of us know where we are.

Trips: Look there’s signs up there!

Roman: I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’re in Istanbul the signs are in Turkish.

Trips: I can make it out. “Otopark” is obviously parking lot and that’s just round the corner.

*Roman and Trips set off again moving quickly but not running. They turn the corner to the left and run into a “no entry” sign,*

Trips: These stupid Turks!

Roman: Where did she go?

Trips: I have no idea she’s vanished.

Roman: You should have taken the interview.

Trips: But we were almost at the otopark.

Roman: Just head for the “lokanta” that could mean exit.

Trips: Good thinking.

*Once again they set off as the shot goes black.*





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