CCW Turmoil back to Tuesday!


Bauer waits for the crowd to settle. Then raises the talking stick.

Bauer: Last week I was hit in the head. Attacked with a ladder...from behind.

Crowd boos

Bauer: By a man that is nothing more than a sheep dressed in wolve's clothing...Smythe DaWonder...YOU are a sheep. You get in line with the rest of Sensation's herd. Mindless, order taking, sheep. The lot of you. But that's enough about sheep, we wouldn't want to excite Chris Mania...

Crowd Pop

Bauer: Your cowardice emplores you to do as your told. And it also enables you to take your liberties where you see fit. What you did last week was aggressive, ruthless, and clever. I can't fault you for that.

Crowd Boos

Bauer: But Smythe, the rapper that nobody wants to buy an album from...

Crowd roars again

Bauer: You aren't getting off the hook that easily. Last week on Riot, I made you a promise. While I couldn't be there in the building, I know you heard me. Although you are a coward and an order taker, we both know you can't allow your ego to hold you back from being in this building tonight. So Smythe, since we're live in Turkey tonight...its only fitting that you gobbly gooker your ass on out here and face me like a MAN!!!

Deano enters the ring and grabs a microphone from a ring attendant.

Deano: Hold your horses there Bauer. If anyone is going to be the one to face Smythe like a MAN, then it will be me! Afterall, I'm the only MAN that is MAN enough to drop the most ERECTIFYING move in sports sexertainment...and when it comes to these big problems I suggest you leave it to the man with the 'package' big enough to deal with these situations.

Bauer: Unfortunaly Deano your package isn't going to be getting any action in this ring, because I'm going to show Smythe how we gets down in Istanbul!

Crowd POP

Deano: Maybe I should show you who's got the package around here.

Bauer: Thats really not necessary Deano. I have seen you nude more times than any man should.

Deano: Well there are probably hundreds of women in this arena that could testify my case. Stacy Clark's back there maybe we could ask her. And we've seen you in the buff more than once live on Turmoil...I'm sorry Brad...I really am.

Bauer: I can't believe we are having this conversation again...

Deano: clearly you would like a sexbomb yourself huh...

Smythe: well I don`t think there will be sex anything going on in here tonight... in fact tonight... I don't want to hear anything about Deano's homosexuality... or Brad's secret man fetish...

Bauer: How about we forget waiting for Sunday, April, 6. Let's have Wrestlution right here...right now!

The crowd goes crazy!!!

Smythe: How about you two kill each other and I watch... do you think I really want to risk injury this close to the grandest opportunity of my career? I can beat you both, and Brad, I've already proven that you are no match for me.

Deano: Oooh, so you like to watch. A Voyeur...interesting. I've always heard Canadians are voyeurs.

Bauer: Well Smythe, why don't you pull down your panties and check for a sack.

Deano: You know, I tried to check Trips the other night because I wasn't sure, but he got really mad and made me get my own rental car.

Bauer and Smythe look at Deano and nod their heads.

Bauer: I think we can all agree that we've all wondered about Trips.

Smythe: I guess we'll never know.

Deano: {Deano yawns} Listen can we make this quick I have an appointment with a couple of brunettes that I really don't wanna be late for...

Deano leans in to whisper.

Deano: I didn't ask about gender, so it's going to be an interesting game of KY Twister. The surprise is half the fun!

Bauer & Smythe: Ewwww...

Leon: Smythie, looks like you've found yourself a world of trouble tonight didn't you??

Smythe: Who invited you here? Haven`t you noticed I'm not in the mood for you tonight I already have enough trash to take out.

Brad: Why did you come out to Turmoil tonight Leon? Interested in joining Smythe here for a good ole fashioned CCW ass kicking?

Smythe: is that what you want Brad??? OCW vs CCW. You got it...

Leon: Tag with you??? I'd rather beat your Canadian ass!

Deano: Double Sex Bomb, Double Penetration sounds like last night. Man those chicks were filthy, the blonde put it in her mouth after I stuck it up her friends...

Smythe,Leon, Brad: DUDE????

Deano: It's not my fault you virgins didn`t get any!!!

Bauer: They got some alright...they took turns packing each other's bags!


The tension mounts as a CCW official hits the ring and calls for a bell for this impromtu match.

Impromtu Match



*The camera fades in and shows Ryder arriving to the place where Aries was. He quickly gets out of the car and looks down, noticing how high the fall is.*

Ryder - Aries! You there mate?!

*Nothing is heard.*

Ryder - Aries!! Damnit! Looks like I have to go down.

*Before Ryder can proceed down, A-Jax and Mace attack Ryder from behind. Both men repeatedly hit Ryder in the back, as he tries to fight back. Mace nails Ryder in the back of the head with his boot. They continue to beat Ryder down on the floor. After a few kicks, Mace kneels over and gets in Ryder's face.*

Mace - We'll be seeing you boys at Lution...hopefully you'll both make it in one piece.

*Mace kicks Ryder one more time before both men take their leave. Ryder lay there in utter pain, as Aries is somewhere in the water below.*





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