CCW Turmoil back to Tuesday!


Air: Welcome Ryder could you first sign our guestbook while you talk us through your facts as in where do you come from, stating your age and how you got enrolled in wrestling? *whispers too himself* As in that's too any importance too someone.

Ryder: "Will do"

* Doodles brings the guestbook out too Chris Ryder. As Chris starts to sign the guestbook the monkey makes a Heil Ryder taunt in front of him. Ryder looks up, smiles and pats the monkey on the head. Which the monkey seems too enjoy. *

Ryder: "Well I first started getting interested in the sport about ten years ago if memory serves me right, I remember watching the wrestling shows on the television, wanting to be just like the people in the ring someday"

* Chris puts down the pen after signing the book. Doodles motions too him and takes the guestbook back. Before Doodles leaves he makes a Sieg Ryder taunt before Chris. Again Ryder pats the monkey on the back which Doodles seem too enjoy. *

Ryder: "Then when I turned fourteen, I signed up for the local Wrestling School in Yorkshire, England. There I did the usual work with the other new lads, we'd try to come up with something new and fresh every day in hopes we'd get noticed at some point and get on the card"

"Then after about three years of building myself up the card and winning some gold, I was called up to take part in a big tournament down in London, the winner would receive a contract with one of the biggest companies in the country, obviously it was a fix, but it was good chance to pit every promotion in the country against each other, there was something worth a lot more on the line anyway"

"A scout from a promotion in the States' was coming to watch the tournament to look for new talent, which forced everyone to put on their A game. I ended up getting into the semi-finals against someone from Reading, I can't remember his name to be honest. But we put on one of the best matches of the night, in the end it was decided that someone from another promotion was getting the big win but overall we had the best match"

"Then I got the call the next morning, I was asked along with a few others, to come and try out for this promotion over in the US, so I tried out, got in and worked there for about a year before going over to the Japanese circuit for another two years and yes I have been there before"

"Then once I returned to the US, I looked for any new promotions looking for talent and that's when I found CCW, the rest is history"

Air: *Yawn* Thank you. Now for the more serious questions are you still serious about entering this ex-gauntlet, cause in my opinion you got like zero chance of winning?

Ryder: "Well Air, it's a good thing your opinion means about as much to me as Death Row's. Am I serious about it? Heck yeah I am, I've always wanted to try my hand at the EX division and face some of the Lightweights in this company"

Air: In an interview with Richard Blood he said you were lucky too gain a win over him? I think Richard Blood is right about you at least. How do you see this?

Ryder: "If he thinks I got lucky, then that's his problem. I don't care much for the past when it comes to my match results, it's how I do now that counts, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens tonight"

Air: If you by some dumb luck win the EX-title how do you see your possible reign over the EX-division? Probably will not last very long will it?

Ryder: "You're quite the negative Nancy aren't you Air? If I win the gold, I'll do all I can to defend it, if I don't...well I don't, simple as that, you move on and see what's next"

Well that’s a clear sight on things. Wrong, but clear nonetheless! Anyway it’s time for the favourite section of the audience and the monkey. It’s The monkey question for you next Ryder. Are you ready for it?

Ryder: Shoot!!!! Can’t be worse then your questions.

The monkey walks towards The Air with an envelope in his hands and gives it too The Air. Before returning too his place, the monkey stands before Ryder, puts his arm up in the air and speaks: Oe ah oh ie ah oe oe ah oh ie ah oh oh oe ah. Ah oe ie ah oh!!! (Oh mein fuhrer. We need too exterminate these Jews with there big wallets and there tiny heads. Let’s gas them!!!)

Ryder pats the monkey on the head again, which the monkey enjoys for a third time: “What did your monkey just say too me?”

Air: I think he’s defecting too your side. Also I need too keep him away from Brad Bauer now. Anyway on with the monkey question.

Monkey Question read by The Air:
You are a german nazi-worldleader and have already conquered Europe and most of Africa. Which country is your next-objective?

Ryder: “W….”

Air interrupts Ryder too word the multiple choice answers:

A. The United States of America: There a torn in your backside so better pull it out.
B. Jamaica: Finally a country you can go on holiday too and spread Rastanazism as the next world wide faith.
C. Canada: All dumb people live there. So it’s an easy catch.

Ryder: "I don't know what you're talking about, but if I was in this position, I'd go for Jamaica. Rastanazism sounds like a great religion to spread across the globe"

The Air: Could have guessed that answer. Well you’ll probably gonna just blabla on me, but I need too ask this question due too legal terms. So you got one sentence too address too the other entrants what do you say?

* Ryder rolls his eyes and turns to the camera. *

Ryder: "Wrestlution Three, the big stage, the one chance to not only prove our worth, but the entire EX division's worth. I look forward to this Gauntlet, but I also like the idea of this division getting some god damn recognition. It's been far too long and I'm certain every other EX Division wrestler will agree it's time the Lightweights got their due"

"And Wrestlution Three is where that begins"

The Air: As I thought a lot of blabla again. You got like silt chance of winning at Lution.

Ryder measures up The Air: “I’m out of here. I had enough of this interview. You better prepare for war, cause you’ll need too if you face me on Wreslution Three!!!”

* The scene fades of with The Air looking disgruntled at Ryder. While Ryder’s music plays and he is making his way backstage, waving too the audience. The monkey makes a last salute too his Fuhrer. *

*The camera pans to the Cafeteria where the doors fly open.*

Trips: Freedom here we….it’s the cafeteria!

Roman: I hate Turkey.

Trips: I just hate the fact they speak Turkish.

*They walk up to the food counter.*

Trips: Excuse me, food lackey. How do we get out of the building?

*The man struggles with his English*

Man: You…head to…..otopark.

*Trips throws his arms in the air.*

Trips: I am going to kill someone.

*The camera follows them as they walk out of the cafeteria and stand pondering their next move. Just then staff member walks past with “otopark” on his uniform.*

Roman: Let’s ask him how to get to the parking lot.

Trips: No, track him. He’ll lead us there.

Roman: Why not just ask?

Trips: You can’t seriously tell me you don’t have the feeling my actions tonight have lead to this. We’re clearly being messed about here.

Roman: Now you mention it I do get that feeling.

*The staff member turns around, Trips jumps back into the cafeteria and Roman spins around to the right around a corner. As the man disappears around the corner at the end of the corridor Trips walks back into the corridor with a muffin and Roman meets him.*

Trips: The heck is in this?

*He reads the packaging*

Trips: “Saçlar”, I don’t even want to know.

Roman: He went left at the end of the corridor.

Trips: I can’t believe we’re resorting to tracking a common lackey.

*The get to the end of the corridor and turn left. They meet a dead end. They both look at each other perplexed.*

Trips: I’m going back to the otopark no entry sign and I’m kicking my way through it.

Roman: I’ll watch.

*They walk down a corridor into the distance as the shot fades to black.*

Chris Mania w/ RD Money vs. Versus


**RD and Mania continue to beat on Versus, as Jay makes his way to the ring.**

Jay: See! See what I'm talking about stoner? You want to talk about numbers? They...haha...they look like they're in my favor tonight, don't they?

**RD lands a 2 piece and a biscuit sending Versus to the floor, doubled over in pain.**

Jay: Ohhh, man, you should probably smoke away your remaining 2 brain cells to numb the pain. Then, when you leave Wrestlution, the way you came in...a LOSER...all you'll be concentrating on are the big shiny lights. I told you Versus, I told you and the rest of your crippled ass faction mates, I always have the upper hand. ALWAYS!

**Jay, RD and Spoon, begin to make their way out of the ring.**

Jay: Whoa, hold on, I almost forgot one little detail. **Gets back in Versus face, as Versus lays clutching his stomach in pain.** You should have never tried being clever Versus, you know, I'm the BOSS for a reason. And being the boss has its privileges. SO, in order to assure that Sensational Alliances gold STAYS with the Sensational Alliance...I've decided to...even the odds. Say hello to the 4th participant in the CCW Title match...the man who defeated you tonight, and possibly the man who will defeat you at Wrestlution 3! **RD stares at Mania curiously** CHRIS MANIA!!! How do you like THOSE numbers? I told you once, I done told you 100 times, it's MY WORLD! You're ALLLLLLLLLLL just paying RENT!

**JCS drops the mic, and holds up the hands of RD and Mania, while RD continues to stare at Mania awkwardly.**





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