Live at the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky.

It's Tuesday Night Turmoil!

Turmoil opens in Louisville, Kentucky with CCW's very own CEO Geomon standing in the ring. The crowd is red hot and chants of C-C-Dubya can be heard throughout the arena.  Geo is standing in the middle of the ring and has a microphone in hand ready to make an announcement.

Geomon: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another addition of Tuesday Night Turmoil.  We have a great show tonight, but that's not what I'm out here to address.  You see for the last two months, we have had a very serious situation on our hands.  On February 6th in Baltimore, Maryland one of our very own Superstars Nathan Gaines was narrowly run over.  Luckly he avoided the car, but the mystery of who was behind this action has gone unsolved. 

After hiring private investigators, the CCW Investigative team was able to track down the suspect of this crime. First let's review the video footage

Geomon points to the Titantron, and a video plays with Nathan Gaines walking into the Verizon Arena, talking on his cell phone.  He drops his phone and bends down to pick it up. Just as he does, a car comes speeding into the picture. Nathan dives out of the way and the car speeds out of the Parking Garage making a left hand turn

Geomon: I know what you're all thinking, there isn't much evidence within that video clip.  However after zeroing in on some key facts the team was able to deduce that the culprit was another CCW staff member.  You see the car made a left hand turn which would lead back to the arena. In order to flee the scene the car would have had to turn right.  Also we were able to slow the clip down and zoom in on the side of the car and see the driver's face.  However, before I reveal who was man who tried to run Nathan down, I'd like to first call out Nathan himself.  So Nathan please come down

"Born of a Broken Man" by Rage Against the Machine play's as Nathan Gaines comes out on the stage.  The crowd gives a large pop, and Nathan nods and waves to all of the fans.  Nathan slowly makes his way down to the ring and shakes Geomon's hand and takes a microphone

Nathan:  I appriciate all of the effort Geo, but I do have one request.  Whoever this person was, I don't want them to face any legal punishment. I ask that you let me take care of them.  It comes down to pride and revenge.  I can no longer control how I feel.  It's time that instead of following my faith, I follow my heart. This time the Fallen Angel wants to take action into his own hands. 

Geomon:  Perfectly understood, but before I tell you and everyone else who tried to run you over I want to call out a man who has been accused so often as being the one who tried to kill you.  So if the Machine Malu Polamalu could come down to the ring

Malu's music play's and he slowly walks down the ramp and climbs the ringsteps into the ring.  He shakes Geo's hand, and then turns his attention to Nathan. The two men look each other dead in the eye and do not move. Geo walks over to the two men and seperates them.

Geomon:  Ok enough with all the delays,and before you two kill each other, the man who tried to run you down was...

Just then "Lazy Generation" by the F-Ups plays.  Nathan Gaines is set ready for a fight, and awaits the arrival of David Jackson.  However, There is no one on the ramp.  Then the music switches over to "I luv it" by Young Jeezy. Nathan now is even more primed for an all out brawl as he calls out Tony Crass.  Again no one is on the ring.  "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva plays, and Nathan looks a little confused.  None the less though, he is all set for Vincent Valmont to come to the ring to fight.  However once again there is no one on the ramp.  Just as the music begins to fade out, Malu's music once again plays. Nathan spins around and Malu Polamalu is smiling right at him

Geomon: MALU POLAMALU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rivers: What a way to kick off Turmoil! His speed only went so far.

Double S: Did you see that clothesline Rivers? That nearly took Nathan's head off? He has to be crazy to stand toe to toe with Malu again!

Rivers: I don't think that is the last we've seen of this one. But it's time to move on to our first contest of the night. CCW welcomes its latest rookie Tyrael Carter to Turmoil by taking on Chris Ryder!

Double S: A win for Tyrael would look pretty impressive if he can defeat Ryder here tonight.


Tyrael Carter vs Chris Ryder


Rivers: He sure doesn't look so happy anymore.

Double S: The big men are on a roll here tonight Rivers, things are really starting to get intressting in CCW.

Rivers: You can say that again.