CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Live from the Steelers Stadium in Pittsburgh


Good wednesday night. Only little more then a week before Wrestlution and It's Time for Turmoil!

I hate working on wednesdays!

You hate working on tuesdays too! So what's the difference?

Smartass! Let's go through the card of tonight!

We got ourselves an EX Tag or at least that should have been it, but due too an absent Aries, probably lost his way trying to get here in Pittsburgh, so he will be replaced by K. Dangelo. The man that talks with mysterious people.

At least one man alongside all those skinny little people.

Little people with a great heart I may add.

Yeah, heart for the EX Title. Nothing more.

Can't deny that! Furthermore tonight we have Seth Irving facing Chris Mania. Did you know both men won a look a like contest two years back? They both looked liked each other.
Do you have to bore me with these senseless facts?
I could tell you Parker Stevens vs Matt Wilson are fighting tonight?
Now we're talking. Go Matt Wilson!
Think the mime will think otherwise!
Ofcourse he will, he's a mime afterall!
Touche! As our Main Event we have two Bloodline members fighting each other as The Steve takes on Smythe Dawonder. Steve will get an FI shot at Lution and Smythe will go for the OCW Title. If all goes well for them they might end fighting each other for the OCW Title one day.
That would be a massive dominance of the Bloodline in OCW. No doubt about that!
But let us begin with our match opener of tonight as Carlos Cruz takes on Wesley Adams Poe. Coming up now!
After this backstage shenanigans me thinks!


As the camera goes back to the announcers, a big commotion can be heard over the video feed.

Rivers: I’ve been told that there are some happenings going on back stage. Let’s go back there and find out.

The camera cuts backstage as an irate Vindicator is seen walking through the backstage halls visibly upset as he’s knocking things over. He seems on a mission as he’s headed straight to a determined destination. He finally comes to his destination and as he walks up to a locker room door it reads: “I-Gen”. Vindicator takes a deep breath and busts through the door.

Vindicator: Gaines!!! Where the hell are you!!!

As Vindicator walks into the I-Gen locker room it seems empty. Vindicator begins to look around while trashing the room, knocking over chairs and tables.

Vindicator: When I get my hands on you, you’ll wish that you retired old man!!! Show yourself!!!

As Vindicator’s blood starts to boil there is a locker against the wall, he goes to it and uses his brute strength and pushes over the locker as it makes a loud bang noise as it hits the concrete floor. He walks over to the bathroom door and kicks it open, still searching for Gaines.

Vindicator: Don’t hide like a craven soul. You can only for so long, because at Wrestlution there will be no running away from your fate...Justice will be served!

After searching the locker room finding nothing, Vindicator marches out into the hallway. He sees a stagehand unpacking some equipment. Vindicator walks over to him tapping him on the shoulder. The stagehand turns around staring at Vindicator’s tall stature. The stagehand begins to back up a little.

Vindicator: Hey you!! Where’s Gaines!!!

The stagehand takes a gulp.

Stagehand {nervous voice}: Ummm…He was here and then left walking toward the production area.

Vindicator grabs the stagehand by the collar and lifts him up. The stagehand is clearly frightened out of his mind. Vindicator pulls him close to his face as he starts to snarl at him and grind his teeth.

Vindicator: You better not be untruthful to me…And if you see him again tell him that the Vindicator is looking for him.

Vindicator lets go of the stagehand and begins walking in the direction of the production area. The camera begins to fade as it pans back to the announcers.



Carlos Cruz vs Wesley Adams Poe




He did a real number on him!
Indeed he did! This is a surprise too say the least!




*The camera pans backstage where Evan Knox is getting ready for his match as Jim Black approaches.*

Jim: Knox we just heard tonight that you will be now teaming up with Trance to take on KD and Ryder. How do you feel now about going into the match?

Knox: It really doesn't matter who i team with. I just look to go out there tonight and do what i do best.

Jim: Also what are your thoughts going into Wreslelution 4 and into this dimension EX match?

*Knox smirks while looking at Jim.*

Knox: To be honest i have no idea whats going to happen but my thoughts? I plan to go in there beat everyone i a put against and walk out your new EX champion. Now if you excuse me i have a match.




Regans office is quiet and calm when there's a thump at the door walking into the Office is the Number 1 contender for the OCW world title. Smythe walks in and Regan stands up ready to fight. Smythe composes himself. Looks at Regan with a bit of anger.

Last week you ban me from the building and beat the hell out of the greatest champion in EX division history. The ladder I can deal with, but banning me from the building. Old man you went too far.

Regan: I went too far?! You DDT'ed me on a chair in the middle of the ring the week before.

Smythe: You were in a match. Bad things happen too old people when they step in the ring with a Rapper no one fucks with. So next week on your show you will be in a match as well... oh yes old man... YOU AND ME... INSIDE A CAGE.

Regan: Hahhahaha, your a real funny guy, Smythe. You can't put me in a match. This is my show and my word is law..

Smythe: Ah. but you forget Old man your boss... the Bosslady... is my best friend... so you and me next week.

* Smythe shows Regan a piece of paper with clearance for making this match *

Regan: Hmm, you think your funny Darkness? I'm gonna change your match tonight. Just because I can. So just try too get yourself ready, ok?

Smythe: Whatever Old man, i beat whomever tonight then I win my OCW title on Riot then I break your old man back one week from tonight. things are looking up.... Darkness rises old man!!!

Smythe leaves the office as Regan picks up the phone and starts calling in a match for later in the night.












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