CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Washington D.C.

* The show opens in the capital city of the United Stated of America, Washington D.C. as Regan and Revan stand in the middle of the ring *

Regan: Ladies and gentlemen welcome too this one time R & R Edition. We hope too ammuse you with a great and quality topproduct that should be Turmoil. That is why we have parted from Mr. Owen, cause he was not the right man for the job. The man besides me however is. You all know him as the former Crisis General Manager: MR. ALEXANDER REVAN !

Revan: Thank you for this introduction, Mr. Regan. As Mr. Regan said this is a one time edition of R & R. Next week I'll be in full force General Managing on my own. So if you boys in the back have any requests or you fans want too write how great Turmoil has become adress them too me. That's all!

Regan: Short and sweet as always Alexander. Good luck with your new position. * shakes Mr. Revan's hand * For you at home enjoy the show.

* The scene goes back too commentary as Revan and Regan make there way backstage. *

Seems Revan wants too lead Turmoil on his own.

Or Regan wants back too his ivory tower.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Too this R&R edition of Turmoil. Our first match of the night is Lucas Crowe vs Ministry .

Vampire vs Demon!

Lucas Crowe Vs. Ministry


*After pinning Crowe, Ministry walks out & over the ropes and grabs the mic off of the time keepers table and heads back into the ring.*

*Ministry kneels down and starts to choke Crowe.*

Ministry: I told you this would end with my hand around your throat!!!! I will not be taunted by the likes of you Crowe. There is no salvation from me now!!!

*Lucas is trying to pull away Ministry's hand off of his throat as Ministry leans in forward into Crowe's face.*

Ministry: Your fate is now determined by me now so be prepared to walk that mile of agony.

*Ministry is choking Crowe to where he starts spitting up blood as the ref is ringing the bell trying to get Ministry to stop as other officials rush down to ringside."

Ministry: Crowe!!!! Can you feel my grasp constricting?!?! Can you!!!!!

*Other officials are pulling at Ministry's back trying to pull him away from Lucas Crowe, while unrelentingly Ministry applies more pressure and Crowe spits up more blood.*

Ministry: Crowe!!!!!!! I am the destroyer & my hand is the noose of your pain!!!!

*Ministry snaps his grasp thrusting Crowe's head as it bounces back off the canvas.*

*officials jump in between Crowe & Ministry to get Ministry away from inflicting any more pain.*

*Ministry chases a few of the officials as the jump and bail out of the ring while the refs attend to Crowe to pull him out as cameras face to black.*

The monsters are running wild!

What else did you expect? There monsters afterall.

**The scene opens with Versus tying up his boots, with Coop accidentally breaking tea cups, when he tries to drink from them.**

Coop -
**cracks the glass** Dang it. I'm having no luck with these dainty Asian teacups. It makes me so frustrated.

Vs - Relax. Here, let me help.
**Versus walks over and takes a small teacup out of his pocket.**

Coop - Do you always bring...

Vs - A tea cup? Of course. You never know when you'll find yourself with tea, but no cup.

Coop - I guess.

**Versus places the cup in Coops hand**

Vs - Let the cup find it's spot in your hand...
**Vs moves the cup to the tip of Coops fingers** ...There you go. Ok, now hold it...don't... **CRACK** ...squeeze the cup.

Coop - I give up, no tea for me.

Vs - Wait...I got it!!! Ed, the Cup.

**Ed looks at Versus for a second.**

Ed - I'm supposed to know this mystical cup? OOOHHHH WAIT!! Ok, Ok. I got it.

**Ed goes behind the bar, and grabs Versus old Pimp Cup. A platinum cup, covered in jewels and gems.**

Coop - So you were Snoop Dogg when you started wrestling?

Vs - No...why?

Coop - Nevermind.

Vs - Alright, I need to clear my head a bit tonight man.

**Blade walks into the bar. {canned applause}**

Blade - What you need is a win tonight.

Vs - Who died and made you Nate?

Blade - I may be sleepy, but I know a losing streak when I see one.

Vs - No truer comments have you ever spoke.

Blade -
(mulls over that comment for a second before dismissing it) Regardless, go do whatever it is you need to do. I'm gonna...

Coop - Take a nap?

Blade - Don't mind if I do!

**Blade lays on the bar, and falls asleep immediately. Ed looks at him and huffs, then throws the towel on him and walks over to Vs**

Ed - I'm gonna go get some poon down at the shadiest bar I can find.

Vs - You're the man Ed.

Ed - F*ckin right. Later.

Vs - Later.
**Looks around** I'm gonna go find a quiet spot and meditate for a bit. Need to realign mah chi.

Coop - Realign your cheese you mean.

Vs - I'll have you, who am I kidding, yeah you're right. So, how about that battle royal tonight?

Coop - I can bring peace to a taco, a BradBauer, and even Tyro Kraven.

Vs - Who's Tyro Kraven?

**Vs holds up small square black sign with white lettering that reads "Who is Tyro Kraven?"**

Coop - Guess I'll find out tonight.

Vs - Bring the sign.

Coop - Why? Isn't that insulting?

Vs - Yeah.

Coop - But I'm not mean.

Vs - Right, but it'll drive him to be a WINNER! Sometimes you need to
focus on the end result.

Coop - The end result being him winning?

Vs - ...No. Ok, I see your point. Leave the sign.

Coop - You DO need to meditate. You want me to leave you alone?

Vs - Nah, I'm gonna go find a quaint lil spot to rest my weary thoughts. Thanks though. Plus...Blade snores like a 500 lbs man with sleep apnea. It's not healthy.

Coop -
Well, I'll see you in a bit. I'm gonna start getting ready for my match against Burrito, Bauer and...something else clever that starts with a B. Good luck with the champ tonight.

Vs - Thanks, I'm gonna need it. Good luck tonight, I'll catch you after my match.

**Scene fades out.**




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