CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Glasgow, Scotland

SECC Arena


**The Scene opens backstage early in the night with Deano Horse and Nathan Gaines alredy in an intense coversation.**

Deano: So you're saying that I need to climb the ladder in order to win?

Nathan : Ok last time. You have to climb the ladder and grab the briefcase that will be hanging above the ring. Look I have some experience with these ladder matches. I have a pretty decent record with them. I did manage to starve off carrer retirement and win the CCW World Championship in one of those matches. *Nathan smiles towards the camera as the crowd can be heard giving a faint pop*

Deano: I understand. The concept seems easy. After Wrestlution we'll walk out tag team champions and I'll be the Future Investment winner!!

**As Deano has a cocky smile on his face Nathan slaps him across the face**

Nathan: Look I've gone along with you on a lot with regards to the antics we display for the tag match, but I'm not gonna let you mess around with this match. Do you understand what's like to have the possibility to hold the most illustrious belt in our profession? Do you understand the prestige and honor that comes with forever being etched in Cyber Championship Wrestling history. I lost my title ten months ago and I'm still looking for the opportunity to regain what I've lost. You can mess around and have a good time, but do not look past what this match is and what it intails.

{with a serious look in his eye}: I understand.

**With a long silence that has a twinge of hostility Deano and Nathan bot are looking at each other unsure of whether or not to attack the other. All of a sudden Nathan turns around and pulls out a small three rung step ladder. Deano looks confused**

Nathan : In order to appriciate the ladder you have to understand the ladder and it's humbled beginnings. I want you to climb this ladder 50x and then get ready for your match.

**As Deano is ascending and descending from the ladder he looks over at Gaines who is watching him intently.**

Deano: Can I ask you something?

Nathan: Yes

Deano: I know I mess around and have a good time, but I am focused. I know what it takes to win this opportunity. I know you've counted how many days it's been since you lost your title. I hear you on the car trips and the plan rides reviewing your match with Seth and what you could have done differently. I know you think you're legacy will long be forgotten after you retire. I know you think that times have passed you by. I promise you Gaines that this Sunday at Wrestlution III The Odd Couple we will walk out Tag Team Champions, and that Nathan Gaines will once again have Gold around his waste. This time we're a team, and you got someone who's got your back. I'm glad you've got mine too.

**Gaines looks back at at Deano who is standing atop the step ladder. He nods his head at Deano and looks away. Deano has his hand extended and Nathan just still stands there looking away. Deano then climbs down from the ladder and walks over to Gaines. He slaps him across the face, and Gaines immediately glares at Deano. Deano cracks a smile and looks right at Gaines.**

Deano: You're the man that doesn't die. Bring that fire to Wrestlution because we're the most electrifying, drop dead sexy, Women want to be with us and men want to be us, sexbomb dropping, Illusion making future tag team champions that this company has to offer. We're the Odd Couple, headlined by two of the best in this company. Don't forget that.

**Deano nods at Gaines and walks out of the locker room to let Gaines reflect on what he's just said**

Rivers: Hello and welcome to another sold out edition of CCW TURMOIL!!!  Tonight we come to you live from Glagow, Scotland.  Home of OCW's own, Trips!!

Double S: As you can see, I'm wearing plaid boxer shorts, and OCW has made sure women have nothing to do with the wrestling tonight.  Scotland should LOVE us!! You know what the Scots always say:  "You no...PLEASE take our blacks, chinese, spanish and women...but you may never take OUR FREEDOM!!!!"

Rivers: That's not at all how that goes.  At all. Well, to help replace the diplomatic bridges my colleague just burned, up next we'll have Air versus Tyro.

Tyro Kraven Vs. The Air



Rivers: That was back and forth action at it's best! 

Double S: My neck is KILLING ME!  It's like watching porn.

Rivers: You mean tennis?

Double S: Did I say tennis?

Rivers: No.  But how is this like watching porn?

Double S: **looks at pants**

Rivers: I stand corrected.


Carlos is seen sitting down in his locker room relaxing during his day off. Carlos begins to wriggle about in his chair as if something is discouraging him.

: I'm telling you, Just pour some Cola into it and it'll fizz up like a volcano.

: I dont want my locker room full with whatever is produced when Cola meets Mentos.

: You really are one un-confident, shy, dim witted mexican arnt you. It'll dry up, just do it.

Carlos reaches over to grab the can of Cola and is just about to pour it into the cup full of Mentos when suddenly the door handle begins to shake.

Trisha: God Dammit, Why do you always have the door locked. Your not... ohhh god you are arnt you, God Carlos thats disgusting.

Carlos replies as fast as lightning

Carlos : No i'm not, How dare you think that... and i'll be right there.

Carlos rushes over to the door and turns the handle, opens the door then slowly walks back to his chair. Trisha walks in the room with a cameraman behind her.

Trisha : It's your day off why are you in the Arena?

Carlos : You mean we dont have to be in the Arena during days off. God Dammit and there was a special on at Taco Bell which ended 20 minutes ago.

: No you dont have to be here. Anyway I've come for an interview with my favorite mexican

Carlos : Sure Whatever.

: Can I have your thoughts on the match we witnessed last Tuesday putting you against your old friend's current tag team partner.

Carlos : My Thoughts. Well looking back to last year, to this day the only match I had was my debut against Deano Horse which unfortunatly I lost, now compare that to this year. I've already had 6 matches and although my win/loss record may look a bit one sided for the worse at the moment but soon enough it will be for the better. I know people see me as the Scared Mexican and they all the have right to do so, but if I can carry on being on this type of form, those negative views will hopefully end up being positive and the whole world will love Carlos Demario Cruz.

: .... Whos Demario?

Carlos Sighs

Trisha : Oh right yeah. Your middle name. Got'cha. I for one would love to see you do better than last year because there are some loses from then which could have turned your career around already. Take the T.V Title match against your friend Chris Ryder, If you had won that you'd have been a superstar...

Carlos Interupts

: In all honesty I'm glad I didnt win that. The Glory would have gone straight to my head. I'll win a title when I want to and no-one will tell me otherwise.

: Thats what you think.

Carlos : Oh Shut up.

Trisha : I'm Sorry Carlos. What did you tell me to do?

: Nothing.

Trisha : Oh you were talking to your inner voice werent you, Thats ok.

Carlos looks on at Trisha in a confused state

Voice : How the hell does she know about me... Knock her unconcious, kick her in the face... do anything to make her forget.

Carlos starts to stand up but throws himself back into the chair.

Voice : Listen to me you idiot, Do it now or I may have to force you to.

Carlos begins to stand up again and Trisha does the same.

: Oh Crap, sorry Carlos, I've got to cut this short. I need to be at the Train Station in 15 mins.

Voice : Dammit, She knows about me and your letting her get away. You stupid Mexican, You'd better chase her before all hell breaks loose

Trisha walks out of the room followed by the cameraman as Carlos falls onto his knees right infront of the pills that brung the voice on .

Carlos : What the?

Carlos looks at the label as his mouth slowly opens larger and larger by every passing second

Carlos : So this is where you came from. Your in my head, Your imaginary.

Voice : Now Now Carlos, Imagination can be a reality. We all imagined Chris Ryder being a Nazi.... which turned out to be real would you believe. I can tell you now, I am as real as the sun and soon enough you will meet the real voice.

Carlos begins to stand up holding both hands to his head as the camera fades out.




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