CCW Turmoil Unleashed



New York, NY

Live from Madison Square Garden in New York


Horny hits the sound system and OCWInternational Champion Deano Horse makes his was down to the ring with the beautiful Tiffany Ortiz walking with him. he seems happy to be at Deano's side. They both make their way to the ring and Deano holds the middle rope open for Tiff to climb in.

Deano and Tiffany stand in the middle of the ring. Tiffany is clapping and looking around at the sold out crowd.

A huge 'Deano' chant starts up and rings loud throughout the building. Deano stands on the top rope playing to the fans, he holds the OCW International Championship high over his head. Deano hops off and moves onto the next one carrying out the same routine for all 4 corners of the ring. The crowd hardly dies down.

Tiffany collects a mic and passes it to Deano.

Deano: Hunkamania is Runnin' Wild!!

The crowd roar again.

Deano: Just a few days away from Wrestlution. The biggest event in the company’s calender {Deano pauses} ... the biggest event in the SPORTING calender.

Deano: In arguably the biggest match of the night Deano Horse vs Nate Ortiz 1 on 1 for the OCW International Championship.

Deano: There may be some confusion as to why any of this started. So to anyone who is unsure or even to you Nate, because I know you're watching, I'll lay it all down. When I was cutting my teeth in this business, taking bumps on pre shows getting my ass kicked by older less talented wrestlers in front of 200 or 300 people. I wanted nothing more than to be like the greats that were at the top of the business.

Deano: There was one star brighter than any other, one wrestler who stood higher than anyone else. The Franchise, Nate Ortiz. It could be said that along with a few others Nate put OCW on the map. I looked up to Nate, he said what he wanted to say and did what he wanted to do but whatever it was, it was right. He was the sort of wrestler I dreamed of becoming, if I could one day have people look up to me the way I looked up to Nate then I would know that my dream had been fulfilled.

Deano: After I had served my time wrestling the small venues back home I got a call from OCW and I signed to the now defunct CCW. I climbed, slowly, through the ranks notching a few wins here and there whilst Nate Ortiz was over at OCW tearing through the roster. I won my first OCW singles title, the TV Title, the night the Sensational Alliance was formed. As the Alliance grew stronger only a handful of men stood up against them one of those men was of course... Nate Ortiz. I was asked by both Versus and Nate Ortiz if I’d take a stand also. So, me and my best friend Nathan Gaines joined Rev Inc alongside not just one OCW legend but two. As the Alliance died so too did Rev Inc. Versus turned on Nate as the group disbanded.

Deano: All of that seems like an age ago, fast forward a few months and we come to the fork in the road. The great Nate Ortiz takes the easy way out. Instead of carrying on the fight, not letting people like Nick Kage and Versus rule the roost, Nate joins the side he fought against for all those years. He gave up, took the easy way out. The wrestler that I had wanted to be becomes the wrestler I hated. Nate aligns himself with the Bloodline and allows his name to be washed away with the dirt. The hero becomes a coward....

Deano is interrupted by Nate Ortiz making his way down the entrance ramp.

Nate climbs into the ring and stands opposite Deano and Tiffany. Tiffany stands lose to Deano wrapping her arm around his. Nate catches her eye and she drops her head.

Nate: Thanks for the history lesson Deano but it’ getting a little old now. I did what I had to do {Nate looks straight at Tiffany} I MADE a choice. I did what I was advised to do, I made my bed, I will lie in it. I don’t need you Deano or you {Nate points at Tiffany} to judge me. Like you said Deano, I do what I want, when I want. This IS what I want. You think for all those years I enjoyed all the daggers stabbed into my back? You think I enjoy having to watch my back every time I’m at a show.

Nate paces the ring side to side, Deano and Nate’s eyes are locked onto one another.

Nate: You strut around here like your God’s gift to wrestling. You’re popular with the wrestlers, you’re popular with the fans and most recently the saying lock up your wives hasn’t been truer. But there comes a time where you have to stop trying to be Mr. Popular and you just have to try to survive in this business. You will learn that Deano, when you have been screwed over as many times as I have you realise being an inspiration is less important than it used to be.

Nate: But I understand what’s happening Deano. You are trying to be me. Stealing my wife is just another step on your road. I will thoroughly enjoy Wrestlution.

The crowd let out a loud chorus of boos for The Franchize. Nate goes to leave the ring but Deano begins to speak.

Deano: I STOLE your wife? I’m trying to be you? Maybe you should try and remove your head from your ass so you can smell reality instead of your own shit.

The look in Nate’s eyes turn to anger.

Deano: I took nothing from you Nate, not these fans and certainly not Tiffany. You’ve pushed it all to me. You’re not looking forward to Wrestlution half as much as I am. I’m not going to give you the same old song and dance, I won’t destroy you Nate, and I’m not going to bury you or try to set you on fire. What I AM going to do Nate, is kick your ass all over Las Vegas Nevada!!!!

The crowd goes crazy in anticipation for the biggest sporting event in the world.

Nate: You sound pretty confident seeing as you’re a relative amateur when it comes to the most arduous match types on the biggest stage in this business. We will be wrestling for an hour, every bit of strength from your body will be drained, you will have nothing left. Millions of people watching around the world, {Nate points to Deano’s waist} your International Championship on the line. Do you think you have what it takes Deano? You said it yourself I was being dragged through hell and back in matches like these when you were starting off in this business, I know what I’m doing. You have no clue what this is about you are out of your league Deano, you don’t deserve to be in this ring with me.

Deano: The mind games may work with others but not with the Excellence of Sexcellence. I am the heart breaking, pulse raising, sexbomb dropping, most ERECTIFYING man in the world and Sunday in Las Vegas for 60 minutes I will prove to you that I deserve to be in the ring with anyone in this company.

Nate: Then I guess we’re through talking. I’ll see you at Wrestlution boy.

Nate turns his back on Deano and Tiffany. Tiffany holds Deano’s hand tight. The scene fades to black as Deano stares at Nate leaving the ring.




*Cameras open up in the back as OD preparing for his match against his rival Chris Baxter.*

Omega Dragon: Chris Baxter tonight will be the night where you get to see in a hardcore fashion why I am better than you. Simply better, leaving you on your back with the round eye looking up in the sky seeing my hand raised.

*Crowd boos*

Omega Dragon: Yes that's right, me.

Omega Dragon: Baxter this is as hardcore as it gets. In this very match I almost defeated Parker Stevens for the Hardcore Title just before winning the EX title the following week.

Omega Dragon: Can you feel it in the air? It's providence, the foresight of the Omega & the beginning of the end for you.

*Cameras fade out as Omega is tapping his wrist up getting ready for war against the Arrrr Rated superstar.*


Good wednesday night. The last Turmoil before our show of the year Wrestlution!

We'll see what tonight brings us, but at Wrestlution the expectations are high, very high!

Don't discredit Turmoil like that!

It's the truth isn't it. Every week we have too wait what we can expect!

Well we have the conclusion too Baxter vs Omega Dragon. Can these two deliver after the beating they gave each other over the last couple a weeks?

It never ends on a Turmoil, it ends on Wreslution!

Stop chewing on our show!

At least I'm not spitting!

Can't deny that! Besides that our OCW Champion takes on Carlos Cruz!
Easy win for the champ! Regan is a wise wise man!
Wouldn't count out the mexican like that!
Nah, he'll won't get count out just get pinned with the three count! That's all!
Well furthermore we have VFM vs Wilson. This should be an interesting one!
As interesting as Blade vs VFM will be!
We'll find the conclusion of there feud on the grandest stage of them all Wrestlution!
We sure are!
And as last Main Event we have GM Regan facing of against the no.1 contendor for the OCW HW Title, Smythe Dawonder. What will Darkness vs Power bring us in a Steel Cage!
But first our little men contest of the night! When Chris Baxter fights Omega Dragon in a TLC match! Let's watch!



Omega Dragon vs Chris Baxter




Steel wins again!
Steel always wins in these kind of matches!




**The Scene opens with Nathan Gaines standing in the ring wearing a Wrestlution 4 T-Shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. Gaines has a microphone in hand and seems ready to speak**

Gaines: In 5 days Wrestlution 4 takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The biggest stage in our profession, the pinacle of our career, the place where legends have been born, and stories that will transcend generations have been written and rewritten. We've seen Legend vs Legend, Power vs. Power, friend vs friend, and New Generation vs Old. This year, this specticle takes place in Las Vegas. A city synonymous with sin, lust, greed, and gambling.

Gaines: For the past two months I've been on a journey that has been intertwined with a past of darkness, and a present of destruction. For weeks we've heard Vindicator talk about how the sins of the past have come back to haunt me in the form of The Jesuit of Justice. For weeks upon weeks we've heard about how the Truth will set us free.

Gaines: As I told you a month ago, I've lived life hard and burned the candle at both ends, but the truth and I mean the truth is everything I've ever done whether it was right and wrong has always been about three things. My Family, God, and each and everyone of you fans.

Gaines: So Vindicator this sunday, we're gonna meet inside the ring standing in front of 72,000 people all chanting and screaming. Some rise to the occassion and some scumb to their own insecurity. You say you stand as the defender of the damned, a man who is here to cleanse us of our sins. You want to make that claim, well sometimes you have to save yourself before you rescue others. This Sunday I promise you that we're going to travel to the depths of hell, and settle this once and all. I'll see you at Vegas Vindi

**Gaines pulls out three dice, and drops his microphone, he smirks and drops the dice as he rolls out of the ring. The camera pans in on the dice and they all roll to six**




The camera pans backstage, Chris Ryder is sat in his three piece suit, holding his Tag Team Championship on his shoulder. The background is covered with a dark coloured curtain. K. Dangelo stands behind Chris, sporting his suit and glasses, his arms crossed. Chris sits with his eyes locked on the Camera, along with a smile on his camera.

Ryder: "Good evening OCW"

Jeers come from the crowd, but this doesn't seem to effect Ryder.

Ryder: "Music to my ears ladies and gentlemen, but that's not the reason I'm here tonight. The reason I'm sat here, with my official protection this evening, is because I'd like to talk to you all, about a man named Aries"

"This young, Scottish, EX Division Competitor, may just meet me in the Cage, this sunday, at Wrestlution IV. But that's not what I want to talk about either, what I really want to discuss, is the OCW Tag Team Championship belt, he's holding"

"You see, Aries seems to think, he has every right to hold that title, but in actuality, he doesn't. He was NOT involved in the original match, that won MY team the titles, I WAS!"

Chris quickly inhales/exhales, to regain his composure.

Ryder: " ... Yes, I was involved in the match. So by those terms, that makes ME the holder of the Tag Team Championships, not Aries. I didn't ask him to get involved in MY title defence, against Bloodline. He simply jumped in, and took credit for MY victory"

"Therefore, I officially announce, that come this Friday, LIVE on Riot, Aries be stripped of his Tag Team Title, and it be handed to MY official protection, K. Dangelo"

The crowd burst into Jeers, Dangelo can be seen smiling in the background.

Rivers: "He can't do that!"

Double S: "He's the Champion Rivers, he has every right to do it"

Ryder: "Now being the original holder of the Tag Team Championships, I have the power to decide, who holds the other half of MY title. I also request that any record of Aries holding the title, be removed from the record books. In the words of our C.E.O, these are MY titles, you're just paying allowance"

Dangelo leans over to Ryder, and whispers something into his ear. Chris looks over at Dangelo for a second, before quickly looking back at the camera.


Chris jumps off his chair, and signals for Dangelo to follow him, Chris can still be heard talking in the background, as we go back to ringside.











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