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Rivers:  Big words from the champ, and the hall of famer!  Welcome everyone, to Tuesday Night Turmoil!!  The fallout from Wrestlution begins tonight!

Double S: Yeah, it sure does.  Sunday night, was the pinnacle of what OCW and CCW can bring to the table.  And was it any surprise at all, that CCW main evented perhaps the largest Wrestlution of all time.  Wrestlution 3.  Let's take a look back!


Wrestlution recap!


Stacy Clark is backstage with Brad Bauer.

Stacy: I'm here with Brad Bauer, who competed just a few short days ago against three tough competitors in the annual Wrestlution Future Investment Match. And what a match it was. I don't know how any of you guys are still standing.

Bauer: I couldn't tell you either Stacy. I'm not nearly close to 100% tonight. My three opponents were top notch, and they delivered the performances of a lifetime at Wrestlution.

Stacy: How do you feel about Leonheart winning the Future Investment Clause?

Bauer: Any one of us could have taken home the grand prize. Leon managed to find a window of opportunity and he pulled down the biggest win of his career. I wish him luck with it, I know he'll do just fine.

Stacy: Reports are indicating that Deano Horse will not be competing here tonight against you. Is this true?

Bauer: Deano actually received a pretty severe injury after I suplexed him off of the ladder out to the floor at one point in the match. You have to remember that he also competed in the World Tag Team Title match earlier in the night. Deano took several nasty spills from the ladder. This just goes on to show you how dangerous those type of matches can be. What impressed me about Deano, is the fact that despite those nasty falls he took, he still managed to finish the match.

Stacy: Some might even argue that he actually aided Leon in winning the Future Investment Contract when he Dropped the "SEX BOMB" on you.

Bauer: Ha ha...yeah, well, that's Deano, always performing. Despite his flamboyancy, You can't anything away from Deano. He's world class and has earned my respect. I'd like to wish him a speedy recovery because I have a "HEADLINER" with his name on it.

Stacy: With that being said, who are you to face tonight in his place?

Bauer: I'm told I'll be getting Nathan Gaines, his tag team partner. I'm looking forward to this match, as Gaines was the very first CCW Champion. I could use a win over the former champ.

Stacy: You haven't done so well in the ring since Road To Glory. You've taken losses to some of the biggest names in OCW and CCW.

Bauer: When you compete against the best this business has to offer, that is how the chips fall sometimes. I don't make excuses for what happens out there in that ring. Rest assured, Brad Bauer is one of the premier in ring performers of this generation. My time is coming...

Stacy: After your match at Wrestlution, a returning Matt Wilson attacked you in violent fashion.

Bauer: I still have a concussion from my head bouncing off of that ladder when he delivered the kick heard round the world.

Bauer takes the mic from Stacy and looks into the camera.

Bauer: Matt Wilson, you must have wanted my attention pretty badly...and now YOU'VE GOTTEN IT!

Crowd Pop

Bauer: Actions speak louder than words, and I got the message loud and clearly. Next week, I'm calling you out. You will meet me in that ring, face to to man. You've got a debt to pay, and I'M GOING TO TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR ASS!!!!

Crowd pops one more time as Bauer hands the mic back to Stacy and exits the frame.


Rivers: I bet EA's asking...Whooooo is Tyro Kraven?

Double S: From what I'm watching...nobody special. No reason why we need to commentate on that. How about we wait til someone brings something worth while to the table.

Rivers: They're in a ring.

Double S: I'll ring you.

Rivers: Oooooohhhh kayy.

Tyro Kraven Vs. Eddie Allen


*As Turmoil has just begun, scene fades to the backstage area. Vincent Valmont walks out of the lockeroom, already in his wrestling gear. His expression on his face isn't too happy, as he has a cut across his head, but no bandage from the brutal match that took place between him, and Parker Stevens at Wrestlelution last Sunday. As we walks forward to the ring curtain entrance for his match up next, he stops to look at the camerman*

Vincent: like your job?

Cameraman: Yes....

Vincent: Well, good. If you plan on keeping it, then do what I understand me? *crowd boos*

Camerman: Yes, sir.

*Vincent rubs his cut across his head. He grins a bit, then looks at the camera. Staring deeply into it, as if he was looking at someone in their face*

Vincent: Last sunday....Well, last Sunday was a dream I once had always dreamed of having. A match where all of my limits were pushed to it's limits. I shouldn't even be wrestling tonight, as my match was the most brutal that was witnessed at Wrestlelution. Although, since I'm a star athlete, and a real wrestler I will go out there tonight in my booked match on CCW, the land of the local benchwarmers. *Crowd boos* Val basically has a free match gave to him, with the exception of it's against me, and even with being banged up, and hurt, I will not let him beat me. Not now, not ever!

*Vincent pushes his way past the cameraman, as he leaves towards the ring, while the scene fades*




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