**The scene opens with Trisha Waltrip standing inside of the CCW Locker Room. The camera man gives her the que to start, and she begins to speak**

Trisha: Hello Ladies and Gentleman, and welcome to a Trisha Waltrip exclusive interview.  In just a few moments we hope to get a word with the newest member of the CCW roster, Chris Callhoun.  A former Virginian Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion, and the very man who was beaten down by Malu Polamalu last week. 

**Just then the door opens and Chris Callhoun is standing behind Trisha.  He has his black trench coat on, and his signature sunglasses.  He looks at Trisha and then takes the microphone from her. ***


Chris:  You see three weeks ago I came out of hiding.  After a 3 year, count them 1...2...3..year hiatus from wrestling, I returned at the beheist of a man who I thought was right.  David Jackson tried to convince me that I needed to come back and end the career of the man who I blamed for ending mine.  I thought that Nathan was the one to blame.  I was wrong; all these years I was wrong. Nathan wasn't the one who ended my career.  Believe it or not he was the one who kept me going.  Even when I thought everything was over.  Tonight I mark the beginning of the old era. The time where the Thrill Seekers rainned supreme.  Tonight I fly high, lie, and get by with the old ways that made me famous.  Tonight the fans of CCW get to experience the one half of the greatest tag team of all time. 

Trisha: Speaking about Nathan, he has been AWOL since Wrestlution and earlier tonight we learned that if he doesn't show up next week he will be realeased from CCW.  Have you talked to Nathan?

Chris: Nathan will show...I have never doubted that man in my life.  He is taking care of someone who is very dear to him. Recon, the living legend is experiencing some tough times right now and Nathan has gone to take care of him.  That's the best thing about Nathan, his loyalty.  He's doing the right thing, and I wish him all the best.  Tonight I cover Nathan's back, and I wrestle a great up and comer tonight in Vincent Valmont.  I know that Vincent things that he's the next superstar in the wings, and you know what he very may well be; but tonight I stiffle his growth and show him why you never mess with the Ragin' Cajun Chris Callhoun.

**Just then Chris puts his sunglasses back on and walks down the hall..He lets out a very loud "WOOO!!!!!" and then the camera pans back to Trisha**

Trisha: Back to you guys at ....

Cutting off Trisha walks in Gabe Richards who stands next to Trisha looking concerned.

Trisha: Mr. Richards! What a surprise, may I add what an honor it is to be working under your wing. I have seen much of your work and I am a huge fan.

Gabe: Thanks Trisha but let's save the kiss assing for someone else. It seems since I got here everyone is puckering up instead of manning up! But I don't blame them, it is hard to get a break in the business today and even harder to get through with the crowd.

Trisha: Well Mr. Richards a question I am sure the press and everyone in the wrestling world is wanting to get the anwser to is who will get the first shot at Malu and the CCW Title?

Gabe: A never ending question with an anwser that has yet to be determined. But I will say after last week and hopefully by the end of the night, I will have a more clear look at who is worthy of facing Malu. But I can say this, I said last week my name is Mr. Richards to everyone in this federation and Malu seems to forget who has the iron fist around here. I am looking for someone who will win or lose, give Malu the fight of his life. Everyone in CCW holds skills from Power and Aggression, to Technical wits, and the ever so entertaining High Fliers! But I promise you, Malu will be in for one hell of a fight....no matter who it will be.

Gabe then walks off as Trisha watches him walk away leading to a commercial break.