Live At The Nassau Colliseium. Its Tuesday Night Turmoil!

Rivers: We are back to kick off one hell of a weekend here in CCW!

Double S: April 1st CCW crowned its first ever CCW Champion. And this Thursday CCW expands with the debut of Crisis!

Rivers: This week is going to be expolsive, but let's not forget about tonight! We have some great matches including Malu competing in his first match since Wrestlution against Chris Ryder in the Main Event!

Double S: Nathan Gaines is in the clear now and will take on a red hot Vincent Valmont. Both men looking for that first crack at Malu for the Title, you know it will be a good one. Brian Enigma and Tony Crass look to steal the show and catch some attention coming up very soon.

Rivers: But before we get to the action here tonight, the CCW Champion Malu Polamalu has requested time in the ring to speak his mind.

Double S: LARD HO!

**The scene opens with the CCW world Champion Malu Polamalu standing in the ring.  He is in his usual high-fashioned street clothes, and is proudly displaying the CCW World Title on his shoulder.  He has a microphone in hand, and looks ready to speak**

Malu: Ah Long Island...The Shithole of the five boroughs.

**Crowd Boos Loudly**

Malu: You see as CCW Champion I stand before you as the only man ever to hold this title.   Like I told you all last week I went into Wrestlution with a goal, and I accomplished my mission.  Speaking about last week, it seems that not even me beating up Nathan's former tag team partner could bring him out to the ring.  You see at Lution I not only defeated Nathan in the ring yet again, I embarassed him to the point where he can't even show his face anymore.  Since Nathan has gone AWOL and doesn't even appear to be in the arena tonight, I've decided to do a little bit of investigative work to see where exactly our friend Nathan is.

Malu: According to sources, Nathan has apparently taken time off to attend to "personal matters".  He's run away to take care of his old washed up has been of a mentor Recon.  The very man who made a drunken fool of himself at the very event that I made history at.  Nathan has decided that his heart isn't in wrestling. That just goes to show you all, Nathan Gaines never cared about any of you.  He was never the leader you all saw him as.  He is NOTHING!! I'm the champion, I'm the face of CCW, I'm the one that all of you should look at and admire.  Nathan Gaines is exactly what I thought he was...The King of Mediocrity.  A man who never had the heart he proclaimed to have.  Nathan Gaines is a coward, and as of tonight, he is a former wrestler.

Malu: You see during my investigative report, I realized that Nathan Gaines is in direct violation of his own contract.  He has missed two consecutive shows, and according to his own clause, is now eligable to be realized from his contract.  Nathan you knew you couldn't face me, and you tonight I'll do the right thing, I'll give you a proper send off.  Tonight marks the end of Nathan Gaines' career.  So if we could all have a moment of silence

**Just then the Titontron flashes a picture of Nathan Gaines with the insignia of 2002-2007 underneath it.  Just then "Born of A Broken Man" by Rage Against the Machine plays, as the crowd goes into a frenzy.  There is a HUGE pop, and the crowd can't wait to see Nathan Gaines.  Malu in the ring looks shocked, he sets himself ready for a fight, but then breaks down laughing**

Malu: Did you really think your "hero" was going to come down? You fools are just bad as everyone says you are.  The Guttershit of New York City.  Nathan it was nice to know you and even better to see you run away and give up.

**Just as Malu is about to walk away, the new General Manager of Turmoil, Mr. Gabe Richards comes out to the ring in a nicely tailored suit and with a microphone in hand.**

Richards: Well Malu, Mr. Detective, just like you I too have been doing some investigative work.  I've been on the phone with countless people trying to track down our very own Nathan Gaines, and just like that the guy seems to have vanished off the face of the earth.  Unfortunately, you are correct in reviewing Nathan's contract.  The clause is out of my hands, and if Nathan does not show up at next week's Turmoil, I will have no other option but to release him from CCW. 

Malu: Don't expect much from him Richards, the guy has always been the type to run when he loses

Richards: It's Mr. Richards to you, tubby.

Malu: We'll see about that..

**Malu's music begins to play as he leaves the ring to a chorus of boos. **

Double S: OH NO HE DIDN'T!

Rivers: I don't know who should be more careful? The most dangerous man in CCW, or the most powerful? Well folks it's time for the first match of the night! Dirty McGirty takes on Justin Time!



Double S: I thought he was a good ol' boy, who meant no harm?

Rivers: If you saw a white man wearing MC Hammer pants, wouldn't you want to take him to the cleaners?


Rivers: ....

*Camera shows a CCW announcer trying to catch up to Justin Time as Justin Time storms through the halls angered by his loss.*

Announcer: Justin! Justin Time!

*Justin Time quickly stops walking fast, and the announcer slowly walks up to Justin Time. Justin then turns around with a pissed off look on his face.*

Justin Time: What in the hell do you want!?

Announcer: I just wanted to get your thoughts on your match tonight against Dirty McGrity.

Justin Time: My want my thoughts?*Justin Time laughs*. Tonight I got my ass handed to me by Dirty as everyone clearly saw. I walked down that ramp trying to put on a show for these people like I do every week. And where did that get me? This is my second straight loss and I will not stand for this.

Justin Time: After tonight, I am done playing to the crowd. I am done "putting on a show". After tonight, my goal in a match is only one....and that is to win. No matter what I have to do to get the win, I will due it. Let it be "accidentally" knocking out the ref, using the ropes or tights, low blows, I will do it all because the only thing that matters is the business is the win. I realized that people chanting your name means SHIT. I used to go out of my way to please everyone of these no good ***** and what do I get? A loss! NO more!

*Justin Time then smacks away.*